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2013 Previews

Now Available for Download: 2013 Research Preview from 451 Research


Webinar Alert: 2013 Research Preview

February 26 @ 11am ET– 2013 Research Preview, Part 2 https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/995590056
Andy Lawrence, Research Vice President, Datacenter Technologies and Eco-Efficient IT, will lead lead the second of two webinar installments. The webinar will include contributions from several 451 Research Practices, including Datacenter Technologies and Eco-Efficient IT, Multi-Tenant Datacenters, IT Services, and Systems.

February 20 @ 11am ET– 2013 Research Preview, Part 1
William Fellows, Research Vice President, Cloudscape and Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst, led the first of two webinar installments, covering 451 Research's 2013 Research Preview. The webinar included contributions from several 451 Research Practices, including Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise Networking, Enterprise Security, Storage, and Information Management.

451 Research Clients can access the report here.

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The wide-ranging 2013 Preview highlights the most disruptive and significant trends that we expect to dominate and drive the enterprise IT industry agenda over the next year.

The report offers an outlook and assessment across all 451 Research technology sectors and practice areas – including software infrastructure, cloud enablement, hosting, security, datacenter technologies, hardware, information management, mobility, networking and eco-efficient IT – with input from our entire team of analysts.

Key findings from the report include:

Private cloud in the driver's seat: When it comes to the impact of cloud computing, the most popular approach in 2013 will remain the development of private cloud delivery because it makes data governance easier to manage than in the public cloud.

Public cloud: security speed bump – data protection is the wall: Cloud management hubs should have a strong adoption rate in 2013 and beyond. If they can support business-user self-provisioned access to cloud services, while retaining IT department security and cost policies for the enterprise, they will be well received.

New datacenter technologies are market-ready: In 2013, the biggest single trend will be the most welcome to suppliers: deployment. Some of the most important datacenter technologies have only become fully market-ready in the past 12-24 months, and some have required a big investment in educative marketing.

Enterprise Mobility – the year of maturation: While previous years have been volatile for enterprise mobility, with rapid growth in the number of vendors and tools that they are bringing to market, we see 2013 as a year of maturation -- not only for vendors, but for the tools themselves. BYOD and tablets are not going away, so vendors will need to provide a greater set of products to deal with mobility.

Enterprise Networking: In 2013, we will see advances in software-defined network (SDN) deployments and storage and data network convergence.

Enterprise Security: Two trends – BYOD and Cloud – are forcing abstraction onto both sides of the client-server relationship, and while we see more authentication options for the cloud, and more use of the mobile device in the authentication process, we haven't seen anyone completely embracing the inevitable 'anytime, anywhere, any device' yet.

Information Management: Content, process, integration, compliance and analytics are converging, albeit slowly, to bring intelligent platforms, products and services that can truly meet the needs of today and tomorrow. It is not going too far to describe this as the early stages of a wholesale industry revolution – one in which startups are challenging the establishment and traditional ways of working.

IT Services goes remote: From the remote management of infrastructure for clients from a 'single pane of glass' to assisting them with the enablement and management of end-user remote access to support enterprise mobility, or embedding analytics in software used in BPO services to provide remote metrics for process improvement, remote control is the overarching theme.

Infrastructure Software and Cloud Enablement: For operations teams, the big news going forward is likely to be the impact of cloud services on application performance management, service management and IT business management. For desktop systems administrators, comparably large changes are afoot, as the existing patchwork of desktop support services and technologies must be unified into a coherent delivery model that steers users from their client to the riches stored in the cloud.

Multi-Tenant Datacenters: The global multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) market remains as dynamic as ever, with continued M&A activity, and continued expansion in response to strong demand and customers pushing providers to expand into new geographies.

Systems: There are fundamental changes in play at the chip, board and interconnect levels that will have a significant effect on server efficiency in terms of energy consumption, datacenter footprint and processing capabilities.



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