2016 Enterprise IT Spending Benchmarks

The IT industry is undergoing a period of tremendous change as enterprise customers virtualize their business processes to adapt to the digital economy. Enterprises are not only tapping their IT organizations to drive cost and operational efficiencies while speeding time to market – IT is increasingly becoming embedded as a critical element in the very products and services they sell.

As spending shifts to new markets and away from traditional technologies, understanding adoption drivers is critical for monitoring how quickly and how far these changes will evolve.

This report synthesizes and summarizes key spending and budget allocation trends for 2016 that we have identified across our collective 2015 Voice of the Enterprise quarterly studies, and provides our outlook for 2016 spending across seven technology sectors:

- Cloud
- Servers and Converged Infrastructure
- Datacenter Transformation
- Information Security
- Software-Defined Infrastructure
- Storage
- Internet of Things

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