451 Research Announces Q2 2019 451 Firestarter Awardees

Leading technology analyst and advisory firm recognizes IT leaders for innovation and vision in the technology industry

New York, NY, June 27, 2019451 Research, a leading technology research and advisory firm, today announced the recipients of its 451 Firestarter award for the second quarter of 2019. Eleven companies have been recognized by the 451 Research analyst team as delivering exceptional innovation within the information technology industry.

Introduced in 2018, and awarded quarterly, the exclusively analyst-led Firestarters program allows its team of technology and market experts to recognize exceptional innovation, regardless of its origin, and based on the simple, yet rigorous, criterion of impressing its team of analysts. Awards are made on the basis of a company’s potential to disrupt a new or existing market as a result of its technology innovation and vision.

“With award recipients representing all four of the 4SIGHT ‘megatrends,’ we have a particularly exciting blend of winners this quarter. This quarter’s winners highlight both the pace of innovation industry-wide and the diversity of its origin, from relatively new startups to some of the world’s most established technology giants. Congratulations to all of this quarter’s 451 Firestarters awardees,” said Simon Robinson, Senior Vice President – Research at 451 Research.

Each 451 Firestarter awardee falls into one of the four ‘megatrends’ outlined in the 4SIGHT research framework: Contextual Experience, Invisible Infrastructure, Pervasive Intelligence and Universal Risk. The Q2 2019 451 Firestarter awardees include:

AntWorks – Invisible Infrastructure
AntWorks is in the ‘RPA’ space but will arguably be able to address a wider problem set due to its differentiated approach (fractal/recognition v neural network). ANTStein does not require customers use separate OCR, RPA and AI tools and is therefore able to take about an ‘intelligent platform.’

Atomation – Contextual Experience
Atomation is tackling the enormous brownfield IIoT opportunity in manufacturing and energy (electric grids) with inexpensive sensors, battery power, cloud services and distributed intelligence.

Concentra – Contextual Experience
Concentra aims to help customers with workforce alignment and making sure that the right employees are assigned the right work to drive efficiency and productivity.

Conga – Pervasive Intelligence
Conga helps businesses by putting digital tools to work in a transformative way by ensuring that data and insights connect people with information and processes that ultimately lead to a better experience for customers.

Equinix (ECX Fabric) – Invisible Infrastructure
By combining the assets of interconnection, the ECX platform, and globally-connected facilities, Equinix has created a fabric that allows its customers to connect from any location, to any resource within its sphere, all through a software driven platform.

IBM (Watson OpenScale) – Pervasive Intelligence
IBM Watson OpenScale, borne out of IBM research efforts, provides mechanisms to provide prescriptive rules around AI and machine learning, and is targeted at business end users who are best suited to taking remediation action.

Intel (Optane DC Persistent Memory Modules) – Invisible Infrastructure
Intel’s Optane DCPMM qualifies as a storage-class memory (SCM) that helps to deliver the performance needed for emerging data-intensive applications such as machine learning and analytics.

JupiterOne – Universal Risk
JupiterOne helps cloud-based organizations manage compliance with security frameworks and requirements, creating an API-based platform that enables organizations to significantly reduce the time and effort required to demonstrate compliance and remediate gaps.

Microsoft (HoloLens 2) – Contextual Experience
Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 is an enterprise focussed Mixed Reality headset (its term for Augmented Reality AR) that was created to help members of the workforce use the device for extended periods of time, with a better field of view, additional user interaction with eye tracking and improved gesture recognition.

NVIDIA (Enterprise AI-enabling Ecosystem) – Invisible Infrastructure
NVIDIA has built a highly optimized and purpose-built analytics ecosystem, based on a full lineup of extremely high-performance hardware, industry-tested software, and design services that now span practically any AI/ML use case. 

Pluralsight – Contextual Experience
Pluralsight gives managers a better view into how their employees are being utilized and provide insights into where upskilling could yield the greatest ROI.


About 451 Research
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