451 Research Announces Q3 2019 451 Firestarter Awardees

Leading technology analyst and advisory firm recognizes IT leaders for innovation and vision in the technology industry

New York, NY, September 26, 2019 451 Research, a leading technology research and advisory firm, today announced the recipients of its 451 Firestarter award for the third quarter of 2019. Thirteen companies have been recognized by the 451 Research analyst team this quarter – 52 total companies for the program’s first year – as delivering exceptional innovation within the information technology industry.

Introduced in 2018, and awarded quarterly, the exclusively analyst-led Firestarters program allows its team of technology and market experts to recognize exceptional innovation, regardless of its origin, and based on the simple, yet rigorous, criterion of impressing its team of analysts. Awards are made on the basis of a company’s potential to disrupt a new or existing market as a result of its technology innovation and vision.

“The success – and industry-wide recognition - of the 451 Firestarters program during its first year has been both an exciting and rewarding experience for the 451 Research analyst team,” said Simon Robinson, Senior Vice President – Research at 451 Research. “Innovation continues to be the lifeblood of the Information Technology industry, and we are delighted to recognize this innovation with the latest cohort of 451 Firestarter award recipients; congratulations to them all.”

Each 451 Firestarter awardee falls into one of the four ‘megatrends’ outlined in the 4SIGHT research framework: Contextual Experience, Invisible Infrastructure, Pervasive Intelligence and Universal Risk. The Q3 2019 451 Firestarter awardees include:

Cisco (Collaboration) – Contextual Experience

Cisco Collaboration approaches Cognitive Collaboration with AI-enabled capabilities that build intelligence and context awareness across its portfolio including its unified communications as a service, contact center, devices and cloud-connected offerings.

K2View (Fabric) – Invisible Infrastructure

K2Viewtackles the challenge of real-time data integration and exposure at scale, with the K2View Fabric offering that exists as an invisible layer that seamlessly delivers data to the applications that need it.

Masters of Pie (Radical) – Contextual Experience

Masters of Pie’s spatial computing platform, Radical, provides a way to access existing Computer Aided Design/Engineering (CAD/CAE) data as a shared experience across multiple forms of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR), tablets and mobile devices.

NGD Systems – Invisible Infrastructure

NGD is pioneering the use of computational flash drives that process data within the devices themselves, in order to boost application performance by eliminating data movements between drives and server CPUs.

Nintex – Invisible Infrastructure

Nintex has weaved the acquisitions made earlier this year into its Nintex Process Platform, positioning Nintex as the only process automation vendor to manage overall enterprise business processes as a portfolio of strategic assets.

Nubeva – Pervasive Intelligence

Nubeva is approaching packet capture from a cloud-native direction and elegantly solving the thorny issue of passively decrypting TLS 1.3 encrypted traffic.

People.AI – Contextual Experience

People.ai seeks to solve B2B issue by using machine learning and natural language processing to capture data from existing sources in the hopes of reducing inefficient manual data entry.

Rancher Labs – Contextual Experience

Rancher Labs’ support of Kubernetes and work to reduce the toil of launching and managing clusters have won it an enthusiastic following in the developer community for making containers easy to use and accessible.

Salesforce.com (myTrailhead) – Contextual Experience

By providing a customizable learning model that promotes continuous upskilling through gamification and badging, myTrailhead more broadly tackles the contextualization challenges enterprises face with traditional learning management system (LMS) software.

Signal Sciences – Universal Risk

Signal Sciences has adapted the web application firewall (WAF) for a hybrid IT world, creating a software based onsite and SaaS based delivery of web application protection with a variety of implementation options.

Silverfort – Universal Risk

Silverfort delivers strong authentication to any application, user, device, resource or system without installing an agent or in-line gateway, and without modifying applications or user behavior.

Syntiant – Pervasive Intelligence

Rather than scale down general-purpose architectures such as CPUs and GPUs, Syntiant designed its parts from scratch to support new levels of intelligence within battery powered and energy harvesting edge devices.

Turbot – Universal Risk

Turbot’s governance platform for cloud deployments integrates into different cloud environments and other SaaS offerings to unify management and maintain multiple compliance standards.


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