451 Research Introduces the Automation Effectiveness Framework™

AEF represents a precise and succinct evaluation program and methodology that enables rapid and accurate assessment of the quality and effectiveness of enterprise digital operations.

New York, NY, January 16, 2019 – 451 Research, a leading technology analyst and advisory firm, today announced the general availability of a new enterprise process analysis program, The Automaton Effectiveness FrameworkTM (AEF). The AEF transforms the way firms evaluate and automate critical business and IT processes. The program – developed with Founding AEF Automation Partner DRYiCE of HCL Technologies, a leading global technology company – has a unique hierarchical series of automation maturity levels and evaluation criteria that assess the effectiveness of individual processes used within and across enterprises, revealing how they can be improved through automation.

Hyper-competition and change are forcing enterprises in all industries to create new competitive advantage. Digital transformation has emerged as means to craft engaging customer experiences, improve business efficiencies, and fend off threats from rivals. A common approach to nearly all digital transformation initiatives is to automate, effectively, the business and IT processes used to create and deliver customer value. Until today, there was not an independent, unbiased, and complete evaluation program designed specifically around process automation.

The AEF was developed by 451 Research in consultation with founding AEF Automation Partner DRYiCE of HCL Technologies, an established leader focused on building AI-powered products and platforms for the digital world. To facilitate thoughtful discussion, evaluation and adoption of quality improvement and productivity gains through automation across the business and IT processes, 451 Research had consulted with enterprise architects and systems integration experts from DRYiCE for developing AEF.

“The challenge that enterprises face today is knowing whether their attempts at automating business and IT processes do indeed enable competitive advantage,” said Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst, Architecture, Automation & Integration at 451 Research. “The Automation Effectiveness Framework helps enterprises improve ‘how’ and ‘how well’ they deliver value to customers through automation.”

AEF defines the key elements of automation, evaluates the current level of automation, and reveals how process effectiveness and outcomes can be achieved through automation. It exposes different facets of automation such as orchestration, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive capabilities, integration, and advanced analytics and provides a comprehensive solution roadmap to achieve effective automation within specific business and IT processes. It shows organizations how they can adopt a range of automation capabilities to streamline and optimize business and IT processes, thereby enabling competitive advantage and allowing organizations to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their users.

“Although there is a strong and popular movement in the industry for automation, there is no standard method to measure how well the objectives of automations are achieved. The AEF framework will fill in the gap and enable enterprises to create a feedback system for continual improvement in automation strategy,” said Kalyan Kumar, Corporate Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at HCL Technologies.

For systems integrators and professional services firms interested in becoming an AEF Automation Partner, the AEF is available under license agreement from 451 Research.

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