451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence

For over 20 years, 451 Research has provided essential insight for leaders of the digital economy. We are excited to continue our journey as part of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Why we joined S&P Global Market Intelligence

Over 20 years ago – our founders started our humble mission to write analysis of the technology industry that people actually want to read, rather than thought they had to. Today, we provide a 360° view of the information technology industry through our Research Dashboard.

With a similar goal, S&P Global has delivered essential intelligence to help their customers make decisions with conviction for over a hundred years. The S&P Global Market Intelligence division brings together broad data, powerful analytics, and deep sector intelligence to offer clients unrivaled insight into the companies and markets they follow.

By joining S&P Global Market Intelligence, we can accelerate the expansion of our highly differentiated and proprietary research into high-growth emerging technologies and support our mission to provide essential intelligence to help clients make decisions with conviction. Together, we will strengthen our ability to help our customers understand the digital transformation that’s impacting the market today.

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