451 Firestarters

Recognizing exceptional innovation and disruption in the technology industry

What is 451 Firestarters?

The technology industry runs on innovation. The 451 Firestarters award program was created by our expert analyst team to recognize exceptional innovation from across the entire IT industry. Winners are selected quarterly and are drawn from the entire ecosystem of companies that we interact with - the only criteria for selection is that the company’s product or approach impresses our analysts with its potential to disrupt the market. There are no quotas to fill, and selections are made regardless of client status. So, if you think you have a good story to tell, make sure you speak to one of our analysts!

Find out more about the program in our FAQ document.

Meet Our 451 Firestarter Awardees
Q4 2018

Introducing the Q4 2018 451 Firestarters

Meet our inaugural group of 451 Firestarter Awardees and what makes them so innovative! Learn some background about why our analysts launched the program.