Our Research Channels

451 Research analyzes the technologies, services and companies that disrupt and evolve information technology. Utilizing a proven research methodology and a team of 100+ analysts, we create actionable data and insight to help you implement, invent and invest in digital infrastructure, from edge to core. Our research is organized into 9 'Channels' that align with the prevailing issues driving IT innovation.

The Applied Infrastructure & DevOps Channel is organized to foster this perspective and provide guidance to clients on how this new environment will operate and how they can win within it. Broader thinking is required across tangential technologies and markets that will help leaders understand the ways they interoperate and/or converge to support new IT goals.

The worlds of cloud hosting, outsourcing, systems integration, telco, distribution and technology vendors are converging on this opportunity, and in the process these market participants must reinvent themselves. The Cloud Transformation Channel also tracks how the industry is itself being transformed by cloud technologies, how this opportunity can be addressed, and what investment opportunities will be presented as part of these transformations.

The Customer Experience & Commerce Channel covers the many aspects of digital transformation that impact business outcomes. We provide insight into the technologies and applications having a profound effect on employees, customers and partners as businesses transition from digitization to true transformation.

The Data, AI & Analytics Channel provides a clear perspective on the trends driving innovation and disruption in human decision-making and artificial intelligence, as well as the technologies enterprises are adopting to drive competitive advantage and generate new business opportunities. These include data science and analytics, machine learning and deep learning; data platforms such as relational and non-relational databases (including NoSQL and NewSQL); data warehousing.

The Datacenter Services & Infrastructure Channel focuses on the global datacenter market with research covering critical metrics such as capacity and utilization as well as products, technologies, strategies and trends used by companies building and managing advanced, resilient and efficient datacenters.

The Information Security Channel covers technologies that organizations deploy to protect themselves against an ever-increasing array of threats, with emphasis on areas including advanced threat defense, endpoint protection, cloud security, security analytics and intelligence, data protection and emerging trends in identity and access management. Aimed at senior security practitioners as well as vendors and investors.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Channel focuses on the emerging technology paradigm in which sensors, 'connected' machines and other smart devices create and then disseminate data over the Internet and private enterprise networks. It provides an enterprise-centric perspective on the early adoption and demonstrable benefit of IoT, incorporating insights from throughout 451 Research, including enterprise platforms, data and analytics, mobility, security, datacenter and cloud technologies.

The Managed Services & Hosting Channel focuses on the global managed services and hosting markets. It tracks IT managed services providers, web and applications hosting firms, and content delivery networks. This includes coverage of services, market sizing, M&A activity, and factors that affect the strategies for these competitors. The Managed Services & Hosting Channel is designed to provide...

The Workforce Productivity and Compliance Channel delivers market insight and strategic counsel to those deploying, providing and investing in the technologies shaping the future of collaborative work. A key theme for our research agenda is how workforce tools are becoming more integrated, intelligent, social, self-organizing, automated and secure, which in turn is redefining how businesses think of their workflows and business processes.