Applied Infrastructure and DevOps

Covering the evolution of IT infrastructure to adapt to rapidly changing workloads born from emerging DevOps environments; guiding clients on how this environment will operate and how they can win within it.

Modern IT infrastructure must be designed and equipped to rapidly adapt to changing workloads as enterprises adopt DevOps tools, culture and processes. IT leaders increasingly understand that if they structure IT architecture and services similarly to successful commerce service providers (via building blocks/micro-services) they can rapidly adapt to unforeseen change, need or risk. The Applied Infrastructure & DevOps Channel is organized to foster this perspective and provide guidance to clients on how this new environment will operate and how they can win within it. Broader thinking is required across tangential technologies and markets that will help leaders understand the ways they interoperate and/or converge to support new IT goals. The Channel analyzes the future of IT in the context of larger market transitions under way, among them: the acceleration of automation; hybrid cloud computing; adaptive networking; redefined/optimized storage; functions as a service, containers and serverless; the coalescence of security, development and IT operations into ‘SecDevOps’; increasingly invisible infrastructure; and intelligent edge architectures.

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Applied Infrastructure & DevOps
Market Insight

Pivotal, VMware and Google come together on containers

All three vendors get closer to supporting a combination of on-premises and cloud containers as a service (CaaS), which, according to a recent survey of 201 enterprise IT decision-makers at container-using organizations, is what most companies want now.

Applied Infrastructure & DevOps
Market Insight

Supply and demand for API management acquisition targets

The need to control the design, deployment and use of APIs continues to grow exponentially.

Applied Infrastructure & DevOps
Technology & Business Insight

The Disruptive Role of Integration PaaS and APIs in the New Hybrid Integration Platform Market

Integrating all the technology needed to run a modern enterprise has dramatically changed in recent years. No longer are data and application integration the primary challenges, nor is business-to-business integration limited to mere document exchange.