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Covering the rapid evolution of customer experience applications and how they drive business outcomes in a digitally transformed world.

The Customer Experience & Commerce research channel covers the many aspects of digital transformation that impact business outcomes. We provide insight into the technologies and applications having a profound effect on employees, customers and partners as businesses transition from digitization to true transformation. Advertising and marketing technology research explores how businesses are creating richer, more personalized (even one-to-one) experiences that enhance the customer relationship. Research into commerce and payments tech explores how optimizing transactional experiences also increases revenue and reduces friction for customers. Coverage of sales and customer service technology tracks the essential tools that allow for tighter integration of internal processes and the reduction of data silos that impede progress. Key vertical markets that lead this transformation form the heart of our coverage, including telecommunications, financial services and retail.

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Customer Experience & Commerce
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Journey Management Software Provides Insight Into Customer Behavior

In this report we discuss the journey mapping and how it is changing how companies look at customer experience by examining their behaviors.

Customer Experience & Commerce
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Critical for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Contextual Commerce is Convenience, Context and Control

As the pace of technology, innovation and competitive pressures accelerates, business leaders that ignore this new reality do so at their own risk – even during the holiday season.

Customer Experience & Commerce
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Customer Experience: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation

We are witnessing a dramatic shift in the balance of power between many organizations and their customers across virtually all industries. Price and products are no longer enough; customers value experiences.