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Advisory Services

The 451 Research Advisory team delivers bespoke market and industry research and prescriptive guidance to technology vendors, service providers, investors, and enterprises. 

Leveraging and extending our unparalleled emerging enterprise IT industry research, we provide unbiased guidance and critical decision support, answering key questions for your organization.

  • TechServProvider Services

    Our advisory services align to the full business lifecycle: strategy, planning, corporate development, product development, marketing, go-to-market, and sales. Key questions we can address include:

    • What are the key trends driving the direction of the market?
    • How big is the market, and what is the forecast?
    • What is your market opportunity / total addressable market?
    • Should I acquire or build?
    • What candidates should I consider for acquisition or partnership?
    • What are the pain points, demand drivers, inhibitors, and buying behaviors of my target customers?
    • What is the supply chain ecosystem in this segment, and which companies should I partner with?
    • Who are my competitors and how do I stack up?

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    Are you looking to educate your market with critical insights into buying behavior or technology adoption trends? Support your content marketing strategy with a commissioned paper, infographic, webinar, speaking engagement or video
  • Our advisory team helps enterprise IT executives in the strategy and planning of IT infrastructure investments and changes, answering questions such as:

    • Will IT as a Service methodologies benefit my organization?
    • How do we align our digital infrastructure planning states based on changing business demand?
    • What are the decision drivers for “best execution venues” and how do we decide where to place application workloads?
    • How can disparate infrastructures (on-prem vs. off-prem vs. cloud) be compared in a meaningful cost vs. capability manner?
    • How do we make decisions regarding build/buy/colo/cloud (public and private) digital infrastructure options?

    Not ready for a full-blown consulting engagement? Take one day to future-proof your digital infrastructure with a one-day Advisory workshop.

    ITaaS Prog 10 2015

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  • Our advisory team offers market and industry analysis and insight to support early consideration of market segments for investment, identification of prospects, and due diligence on targets. Key questions we can address include:

    • What is the market for this technology product/service?
    • Who are the potential buyers and what is the market opportunity?
    • What is the ecosystem of suppliers / providers in this segment?
    • What are the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats facing a particular investment target?

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