451 Research - Biography

William Fellows
Research Vice President

William is a cofounder of The 451 Group. As VP of Research, he is responsible for the Cloud & IT Service Markets channel at 451 Research. This channel provides a point of intellectual convergence for 451 Research around cloud computing, in much the same way that the industry is converging on cloud from all points. In addition to keeping tabs on players entering the cloud and IT services space with disruptive business models, new technology and innovations in service delivery, William has also created 451's Digital Economics unit. This is currently focused on helping end users, vendors and investors understand complex and confusing cloud pricing mechanisms in order to compare the cost of services (hosted, hybrid and on-premises), the cost of entry and price of participation in new markets.

William also created 451 Research's early-adopter research program, working with enterprise end users and innovators. Currently focused on cloud computing, he has identified and tracked other early-adopter markets, including grid computing and virtualization, since the company was formed in 2000. William also leads 451 Research's participation within the European Commission and numerous other EC research projects. William is a member of the EC Cloud Expert Group, coauthor of The Future of Cloud Computing ? Opportunities for European Cloud Computing Beyond 2010, and a regular speaker at industry and 451 conferences, He participates in numerous advisory boards and planning committees for UK and international industry bodies.

Reports by this Analyst

Alternative Networks reaches for role as IT and telecom MSP
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
The company sees its future as an IT and telecom managed service provider that can integrate end-to-end devices across public clouds.
Fujitsu brings IaaS and PaaS together in K5, rolls out internationally
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
K5 is the underpinning of MetaArc, a framework that sits on K5 services to enable digital transformation by making use of advanced technologies in the mobile, IoT, analytics, AI and security spaces.
HPE delivers Helion Cloud Suite to achieve 'right mix' of cloud services
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
The vendor's Helion Cloud Suite 1.0 was among the key cloud announcements at its recent HPE Discover event. In HCS, HPE has combined several previously separate products and capabilities that can now be harnessed in a cohesive manner.
Avanade: the critical link between Accenture and Microsoft
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Years before Accenture's partnership with AWS, it put money behind Microsoft's enterprise ambitions by setting up Avanade with Microsoft. Now majority-owned by Accenture, how is this business faring as Microsoft shifts gears with its Cloud First and Mobile First strategies?
CenturyLink's Runner provides multi-cloud automation and orchestration
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Embracing the multi-service and multi-vendor capabilities that customers seek, CenturyLink has created a free-to-use configuration management and orchestration tool for use on its Cloud Platform and across third-party cloud providers and on-premises infrastructure.
Machine learning is trending - but what is it driving?
MIS Spotlight - June, 2016
Training machines instead of programming them is delivering all kinds of opportunities for automation and autonomous behavior. It is not only in telecom, service provision and security that machine learning is falling into use, but these are emerging as bellwether use cases.
Skyscape doubles its business as UK public sector embraces IaaS
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Coming off a year in which its revenue doubled, Skyscape says it will further sharpen its approach via new branding, messages and positioning.
Cloud28+: the cloud that 'Europe wants' and the channel-transformation engine HPE needs?
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
HPE's Cloud28+ European 'dating agency' is evolving beyond a device to promote Helion OpenStack in the market - it's a channel transformation engine.
Cloud Technology Partners ready to scale to meet enterprise cloud adoption opportunity
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
The company is now a services shop seeking funding to create a scale business around enterprise cloud adoption.
Container drivers: UberCloud is containerizing HPC - and more
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Bringing the worlds of HPC and cloud together has been a longtime goal of grid computing pioneer Wolfgang Gentzsch. This may have been achieved with UberCloud.
Blue Planet is driving Ciena's network virtualization ambitions
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company's focus areas for 2016 are all linked directly or indirectly to the cloud. Its organizing principle is to maintain its leadership position in packet optical products and grow market share.
Rackspace expands Fanatical Support and the reseller model in Europe
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company is expanding its Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure across its European regions: the UK, Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Westcon-Comstor expands its BlueSky approach to cloud distribution
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company is ramping up its cloud investment as the IT distribution sector begins to come alive to the overall opportunity.
VMTurbo's control of application performance is driving revenue and IPO plans
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company positions its Operations Manager as giving customers control over the performance of their applications to achieve a desired state. VMTurbo enables users to operationalize BEV strategies and can act as a broker.
Now software-only, Fedr8 targets assessment tool at cloud and digital transformation
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
Fedr8 has codified the application-migration model it has been using in its professional services business to create the Application Assessment Software Suite with integration, efficiency, security and cloud compatibility functions.
Cloud and the global opportunity
MIS Spotlight - May, 2016
Imagine you decided to launch a cloud service today. You face no restrictions on geography and no restrictions on what IaaS you would offer. Where would you host your services, and what services would you offer to that market? The Cloud Price Index provides clues as to your best choices.
Will cloud + distributors = 'Uberification'?
MIS Spotlight - May, 2016
It's clear that cloud distributors' revenue is shifting, and that they are now starting to come to life. In this report, we look at the arrival of logistics giant HNA Group into this market. Is it a touchstone for cloud distribution – the 'Uberification' of cloud?
UiPath seeks investment to accelerate its RPA business
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The provider of robotic-process-automation software is seeking a $5m investment to fund an aggressive growth plan in a market where there are four key players.
Egenera adds cloud migration to Xterity
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company has added cloud migration from RiverMeadow to its Xterity wholesale managed cloud to increase its attractiveness to partners' target customers.
Orbitera's Cloud Commerce Platform targeted at 'ProOps'
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company's cloud commerce software targets ISVs, resellers and enterprises. Orbitera's aim is helping customers move from traditional per-user per-seat software licensing to SaaS.
How do you make money reselling cloud? BitTitan's got some answers
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
BitTitan's primary business is to enable its customers, mainly IT service providers, to build cloud revenue streams, thereby transforming them from glorified VARs to MSPs with recurring revenue from managed services.
ParkMyCloud will offer additional parking policy for AWS storage and Azure
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company recently introduced version 2.0 of its software that optimizes AWS use by starting and stopping instances (or 'parking' them). It plans to add support for AWS storage and roll out on Azure.
Cloud 66 positions itself as the Main Street for simplified DevOps
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company is looking to simplify DevOps by reducing the complexity of application deployment through a scalable management tool that automates much of the heavy lifting.
Cloud is the agent for HOOPP's IT transformation
MIS User Deployment Report - April, 2016
HOOPP is looking to the cloud to better enable its investment business and has begun an IT transformation program to accomplish this. It took a line-of-business requirement to meet a client need to break the inertia around cloud.
Game on as Accelerite delivers its first CloudPlatform release
MIS Impact Report - April, 2016
The company recently introduced CloudPlatform 4.7, the first release of the OpenStack variant under its ownership. It includes deeper NetScaler integration, improved bare-metal support and support for CoreOS for deploying and managing Docker workloads.
HAS 2016: Huawei is in 'all cloud' mode
MIS Impact Report - April, 2016
The narrative of Huawei's 13th Global Analyst Summit 2016 held in Shenzhen earlier this month centered on the journey to digital transformation using information and communications technology products and services.
Cloud and digital transformation: UK government experience at Cloud Executive Summit
MIS Spotlight - April, 2016
At 451 Research's Cloud Computing Executive Summit in London on April 5, we hosted 60 enterprise IT decision-makers who met to debate and discuss cloud transformation and the role of cloud in supporting broader digital transformation strategies.
Infonova R6 'weaponizes' BT Cloud of Clouds in its bid for accelerated growth
MIS Impact Report - April, 2016
In the year since 'Cloud of Clouds' became the organizing principle for BT Global Services, the firm says its cloud business has grown by 10% and is approaching 10% of the division's overall revenue.
Infonova is the key device for BearingPoint's digital-transformation growth strategy
MIS Impact Report - April, 2016
The company's R6 software has been placed at the forefront of parent BearingPoint's digital-transformation initiative, where it's positioned as the key device for enabling and managing digital platforms and ecosystems, and not only for telcos.
Virtustream now seated at the head table in managed services
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
Now an EMC Federation company, Virtustream was acquired for $1.2bn in July 2015 with 400 employees and a run rate of $100m. It has some 2,000 employees and 20 datacenters today.
Universal Compute Xchange goes live, wins funding and paying traders
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
With the UCX fully launched, it hopes partnerships with Tech Mahindra and Plante Moran, together with Cloud Security Alliance certification, will give the exchange enterprise-grade capability.
451 Cloud Executive Summit London: 'cloud first' - an agent for digital transformation
MIS Spotlight - March, 2016
Deployed as a means of production, as it is by many industry disruptors, cloud acts as an agent for and enabler of digital transformation strategies. This is the organizing principal of 451 Research's sixth annual Cloud Executive Summit in London on April 5.
Ensim expects to triple in size to meet Microsoft CSP program demand
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider partner program, particularly the Office 365 and Azure services, continues to be the core driver of new business for Ensim. The company expects to triple its headcount to take advantage of the Microsoft program's momentum.
CloudCheckr foresees fast growth for its cloud security, asset and cost management
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
The company is focused on building new automation features into its cloud asset management, security and cost service. It has an ambitious growth plan for 2016.
Cloud transformation: Enterprises share experience at Cloud Executive Summit
MIS Spotlight - March, 2016
At the recent 451 Research Cloud Computing Executive Summit in New York City, we hosted 60 enterprise IT decision-makers who met to debate and discuss cloud transformation and the role of cloud in supporting broader digital transformation strategies.
CloudGenera aims to ease broker enablement with new SaaS offerings
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
Cloud brokerage enablement firm CloudGenera provides decision analytics for IT supply chains that can be used by enterprises and suppliers alike. Its goal is to improve ROI and help IT suppliers transition from providers to brokers of technology.
Cisco's cloud consumption tools address 'shadow IT'
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
The company has announced Cloud Consumption as a Service for midsized and large organizations to find, monitor and manage 'shadow IT' use. Initially targeted at public cloud and the rise of cloud-first strategies, it will also be aimed at on-premises applications.
Trimble's TPaaS is the agent for digital transformation
MIS User Deployment Report - March, 2016
Originally an internal skunkworks project going back some three or four years, Trimble PaaS is an open source platform using WSO2's private PaaS, as well as some of Trimble's own commercial code, which has been developed in-house.
Cisco nabs CliQr to bolster its cloud and hybrid IT management capabilities
TDM Deal Analysis - March, 2016
Cisco has shelled out $260m for cloud orchestration firm CliQr to enhance its enterprise management portfolio. CliQr claims that its CloudCenter platform can move, manage and secure any application onto any private, public or hybrid cloud, without modification.
With Software Defined Cloud, Avni targets multi-cloud application deployment
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
Avni Networks aims to allow users to set up businesses without having to worry about infrastructure and operational aspects. Avni SDC enables companies to deploy and manage existing or new applications on any cloud.