451 Research - Biography

William Fellows
Research Vice President

William is a cofounder of The 451 Group. As VP of Research, he is responsible for the Cloud & IT Service Markets channel at 451 Research. This channel provides a point of intellectual convergence for 451 Research around cloud computing, in much the same way that the industry is converging on cloud from all points. In addition to keeping tabs on players entering the cloud and IT services space with disruptive business models, new technology and innovations in service delivery, William has also created 451's Digital Economics unit. This is currently focused on helping end users, vendors and investors understand complex and confusing cloud pricing mechanisms in order to compare the cost of services (hosted, hybrid and on-premises), the cost of entry and price of participation in new markets.

William also created 451 Research's early-adopter research program, working with enterprise end users and innovators. Currently focused on cloud computing, he has identified and tracked other early-adopter markets, including grid computing and virtualization, since the company was formed in 2000. William also leads 451 Research's participation within the European Commission and numerous other EC research projects. William is a member of the EC Cloud Expert Group, coauthor of The Future of Cloud Computing ? Opportunities for European Cloud Computing Beyond 2010, and a regular speaker at industry and 451 conferences, He participates in numerous advisory boards and planning committees for UK and international industry bodies.

Reports by this Analyst

Tech Data snaps up Avnet's Technology Solutions business
TDM Deal Analysis - September, 2016
The $2.6bn deal transforms Tech Data from a company that primarily sells general technoloy products to one that generates almost half of its revenue from datacenter services and the distribution of offerings such as servers, storage and networking.
What next for Dell's cloud strategy in a post-EMC world?
MIS Impact Report - September, 2016
Has the company gone back into the business of being a cloud service provider? To gain the lead, Dell will need to integrate what are now considerable assets behind its stated direction of travel: hybrid cloud.
Teradici packages PCoIP for migrating desktops, applications and workloads to the cloud
MIS Impact Report - September, 2016
The company is repackaging its PCoIP software and platform as Cloud Access Software and Cloud Access Platform in order to target new opportunities and expand its addressable market.
ParkMyCloud funded to ensure pay-per-use of AWS resources
MIS Impact Report - September, 2016
One-year-old ParkMyCloud has landed a $1.65m seed round. The funding will be used to expand and scale its cloud consumption management and optimization software, as well as beef up its marketing efforts.
Freshly merged, Dell Technologies unveils plan to enable 'the next industrial revolution'
MIS Spotlight - September, 2016
The merger of Dell and EMC was finally completed on September 7 for $60bn, making it the largest merger in IT history. As the IT world continues to change at a breathtaking pace, can Dell achieve its goal of leading the 'next industrial revolution'?
Ciena's Blue Planet is driving the promise of SDN/NFV
MIS Impact Report - September, 2016
Blue Planet is targeted at provisioning virtualized applications such as software-based managed services - routers, encryption, firewalls and WAN optimization services - as virtual network functions onto any resource and across any network or domain.
The shape of Huawei: devices, pipes and cloud
MIS Impact Report - September, 2016
The company believes that 85% of all workloads will be executed in the cloud and all businesses will be cloud-enabled. Huawei is now aiming to supply the infrastructure and bring the ecosystem of partners required for this second phase of cloud computing.
Arago shifts gears for growth, brands its artificial intelligence software HIRO
MIS Impact Report - September, 2016
To set itself up for what it hopes will be a step change in its rate of growth, Arago has converged its products into a single portfolio offering branded Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized, in addition to some personnel moves.
Not only DevOps: Cloudsoft targets business and operations roles with AMP V4
MIS Impact Report - August, 2016
Application management platform play Cloudsoft has put a UI onto its software, and can now target additional roles inside organizations.
Appcara targets new markets with App360 v4 cloud management
MIS Impact Report - August, 2016
With the success of its OpenStack-based cloud application deployment software in the Asian telco market, Appcara is now also targeting server manufacturers that seek to offer pre-installed turnkey cloud capabilities to customers.
AirVM seeking to create a globally federated VMware service provider network
MIS Impact Report - August, 2016
The company has tuned its VMware cloud management suite to deliver service provider partners the 'network effect.' AirVM is using the channel as a sales arm as resellers and distributors reposition for the cloud, expecting that many will become cloud-oriented managed service providers.
Datapipe Adapts further to the UK market with local acquisition
TDM Deal Analysis - August, 2016
The buyer has been transitioning from an integrator of technology to a software-led integrator of services, including public cloud. Meanwhile, Adapt has been undergoing a similar transition but in the UK. Datapipe hopes to leverage Adapt's strong local brand to gain traction in Europe.
Deutsche Telekom delivers new managed cloud services, transitions to 'telco plus' provider
MIS Impact Report - August, 2016
Using cloud as a pivot point, Deutsche Telekom is diversifying from being a telco to become a 'telco plus' provider - rather than just being a reseller of clouds like other managed service providers, it wants to create and manage ecosystems of services for and with customers.
CustomerLink takes CenturyLink deeper into digital transformation for enterprises
MIS Impact Report - August, 2016
CenturyLink has created a new CustomerLink program to deepen engagement with its largest customers around cloud and digital transformation and to develop its own expertise and method for supporting cloud and digital transformation.
Big Blue's strategic initiatives depend on the IBM Cloud
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
IBM's 'strategic imperatives' are positioned as the engine that will see lead the company back to growth, but can its strategic initiatives grow fast enough to offset traditional business decline?
Ormuco seeks partners for its global Connected Cloud
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The company is seeking regional partners that will use its white-label cloud platform to deliver cloud services under their own brand, providing the basis of a consistent, globally federated cloud.
Bracket Computing offers on-site license version of its software
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The company has created a private cloud (on-premises) version of its software, extending its opportunity considerably because the addressable market for hybrid operation now includes on-premises.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise highlights security at Discover, could say a lot more
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
At HPE's recent Discover event in Las Vegas, CEO Meg Whitman shined a spotlight on security during her opening keynote, reflecting the company's leadership in key security markets. What the company didn't say is at least as provocative as the security moves it has made thus far.
ClouDesire targets cloud resellers with white-label marketplace and new monetization
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
As telcos, service providers, distributors and hosting suppliers seek to tap the cloud opportunity, Italian firm ClouDesire is offering a white-label marketplace enabling them to get to market.
Cirba targets wider audience with Densify SaaS
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The company has introduced Densify, a SaaS version of its BEV software that automatically matches and provisions applications and workloads to the most appropriate on-premises, public cloud and hybrid resources.
RiverMeadow targets SIs and cloud migrations with recalibrated strategy
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The company has recalibrated and changed its goals, drawing down additional funding and targeting AWS and other cloud migrations with new versions of its software.
DevOps and cloud are now the focus for Quali
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
Version 7.0 of Quali's CloudShell is targeted specifically at automating the DevOps lifecycle, and will add capacity for more cloud deployment environments, including AWS, OpenStack and Azure.
For BMC, security is back atop the CIO priority list as EMEA tracks to $1bn
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
Europe continues to drive BMC's business - it now represents 40% of revenue (with only 15% of the staff) - and a $1bn EMEA business is in sight. Security has returned to the top of the CIO's priority list, overtaking time to market and agility.
Agility cloud management platform is key to CSC's strategy
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
CSC has put in place a cleaner cloud strategy and architecture. Hybrid cloud is the driver of its strategy, and Agility is the mechanism by which it enables customers to deploy the right cloud for the right workload, according to the desired policies.
Embotics raises funding to grow its cloud management platform opportunity
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The company recently raised funding from Arrowroot Capital to accelerate its growth plan, and is now building out a cloud management platform for cloud service brokering.
Cristie heads to cloud replication and virtualized backup with new CloneManager release
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The DR and business-continuity software company has introduced a real-time replication process to CloneManager that allows users to create hot standbys of live systems. Cristie is planning a virtualized backup service with the goal of it being a downloadable appliance.
Solinea's Goldstone manager targets enterprise OpenStack users
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
The company has introduced the enterprise version of it Goldstone software for monitoring and managing OpenStack environments.
Alternative Networks reaches for role as IT and telecom MSP
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
The company sees its future as an IT and telecom managed service provider that can integrate end-to-end devices across public clouds.
Fujitsu brings IaaS and PaaS together in K5, rolls out internationally
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
K5 is the underpinning of MetaArc, a framework that sits on K5 services to enable digital transformation by making use of advanced technologies in the mobile, IoT, analytics, AI and security spaces.
HPE delivers Helion Cloud Suite to achieve 'right mix' of cloud services
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
The vendor's Helion Cloud Suite 1.0 was among the key cloud announcements at its recent HPE Discover event. In HCS, HPE has combined several previously separate products and capabilities that can now be harnessed in a cohesive manner.
Avanade: the critical link between Accenture and Microsoft
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Years before Accenture's partnership with AWS, it put money behind Microsoft's enterprise ambitions by setting up Avanade with Microsoft. Now majority-owned by Accenture, how is this business faring as Microsoft shifts gears with its Cloud First and Mobile First strategies?
CenturyLink's Runner provides multi-cloud automation and orchestration
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Embracing the multi-service and multi-vendor capabilities that customers seek, CenturyLink has created a free-to-use configuration management and orchestration tool for use on its Cloud Platform and across third-party cloud providers and on-premises infrastructure.
Machine learning is trending - but what is it driving?
MIS Spotlight - June, 2016
Training machines instead of programming them is delivering all kinds of opportunities for automation and autonomous behavior. It is not only in telecom, service provision and security that machine learning is falling into use, but these are emerging as bellwether use cases.
Skyscape doubles its business as UK public sector embraces IaaS
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Coming off a year in which its revenue doubled, Skyscape says it will further sharpen its approach via new branding, messages and positioning.
Cloud28+: the cloud that 'Europe wants' and the channel-transformation engine HPE needs?
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
HPE's Cloud28+ European 'dating agency' is evolving beyond a device to promote Helion OpenStack in the market - it's a channel transformation engine.
Cloud Technology Partners ready to scale to meet enterprise cloud adoption opportunity
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
The company is now a services shop seeking funding to create a scale business around enterprise cloud adoption.
Container drivers: UberCloud is containerizing HPC - and more
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Bringing the worlds of HPC and cloud together has been a longtime goal of grid computing pioneer Wolfgang Gentzsch. This may have been achieved with UberCloud.
Blue Planet is driving Ciena's network virtualization ambitions
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company's focus areas for 2016 are all linked directly or indirectly to the cloud. Its organizing principle is to maintain its leadership position in packet optical products and grow market share.
Rackspace expands Fanatical Support and the reseller model in Europe
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company is expanding its Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure across its European regions: the UK, Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Westcon-Comstor expands its BlueSky approach to cloud distribution
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The company is ramping up its cloud investment as the IT distribution sector begins to come alive to the overall opportunity.