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Reports by this Analyst

X1's e-discovery spinoff brings forensics to Facebook with X1 Social Discovery
MIS Market Development - December, 2011
X1 Discovery was spun off from X1 Technologies earlier this year to focus on e-discovery. Now it's hoping X1 Social Discovery, its social media application for e-discovery, will give it a leg up as big players in e-discovery jump into social media.
HP unveils first fruits of Autonomy acquisition: appliances, services and IDOL 10
MIS Market Development - December, 2011
The first announcement since the acquisition of Autonomy is very Autonomy-esque – great on vision but short on details of product integration. There's some new hardware and services, but what is IDOL 10 exactly?
StoredIQ sets out product stall for information-governance opportunity
MIS Market Development - November, 2011
The shift from purely reactive e-discovery to proactive information governance is a slow one, but it is happening. Can StoredIQ take advantage of it while being surrounded by market consolidation?
Lateral Data continues shift from e-discovery services to software with Viewpoint 5.2
MIS Market Development - November, 2011
With partners handling the e-discovery services side, and its recently released update adding social media connectors and automated review batching, Lateral Data continues its shift to a focus on e-discovery software.
Attivio focuses on total-data opportunity with AIE 3.0
MIS Market Development - November, 2011
With the acquisitions of Autonomy and Endeca in the past few months, the market in which Attivio operates has altered dramatically. Can it take advantage of much larger, but slower-moving, rivals?
Kroll Ontrack enters the do-it-yourself e-discovery market with Verve
MIS Market Development - November, 2011
The release of Verve, a Web-based e-discovery platform, marks a strategy shift for Kroll Ontrack. Known for its large-scale e-discovery services, consulting and software, Kroll is now targeting the lower-priced do-it-yourself market.
Startup 26-F uses technology to tame lawyers' meet and confer contretemps
MIS Impact Report - October, 2011
The company's Web-based software application, MEETandCONFER.com, is an attempt to get lawyers, litigants and judges working collaboratively instead of contentiously as it automates the Rule 26(f) meet and confer process.
After mocking HP, Oracle buys Endeca in a 'me too' deal
TDM Deal Analysis - October, 2011
Does its acquisition of Endeca mean that Oracle is finally taking unstructured data seriously? And that maybe HP wasn't so crazy after all?
FTI boosted by Acuity e-discovery offering while avoiding sticker shock for customers
MIS Market Development - October, 2011
The company's revenue is up in 2011, and a major reason is its 2010 release of Acuity. Can packaging FTI Consulting services with e-discovery software end the sticker shock of the billable hour?
Management, market and e-discovery platform all change in busy 2011 for CaseCentral
MIS Market Development - October, 2011
It has been a year of change for CaseCentral: It launched a new release of its eDiscovery Platform and changed CEOs, and key business partner Symantec acquired CaseCentral competitor Clearwell Systems, turning a partner into a potential rival.
Will an autonomous Autonomy work within HP?
TDM Post-Merger IQ - October, 2011
A lot has changed since HP announced its acquisition of Autonomy on August 18. Can Autonomy really be run as a separate unit within the IT giant, as Autonomy claimed it would be?
Lucid Imagination looks for product revenue boost with LucidWorks 2.0
MIS Market Development - September, 2011
The open source enterprise search company hopes that the second version of its certified and supported version of Lucene/Solr will be enough to get it perceived as a product vendor rather than just an open source support provider.
Orange goes for an open source, mid-level e-discovery niche with PurpleBox
MIS Impact Report - September, 2011
The e-discovery market has been slow to embrace open source, but Orange Legal Technologies is using open source software applications as building blocks for the PurpleBox, its recently released e-discovery tool for collection, ECA and processing of data.
Q-Sensei launches into enterprise search market
MIS Impact Report - September, 2011
It is looking to break into the enterprise search market, providing intranet search as well as an OEM offering. But does it have enough differentiation in a market that's changing rapidly?
Search by another name: enterprise search starts to mature into 'application era'
MIS Spotlight - September, 2011
Enterprise search, as a concept, has always been a tough sell. Now a variety of factors, including those as diverse as open source and SharePoint, have forced vendors in the market to change their stories and, more importantly, their products.
IBM buys i2 as fraud and security threat awareness spreads beyond spooks and cops
TDM Deal Analysis - September, 2011
Big Blue inks another analytics deal, this time aiming to provide government intelligence analysts and police officers with better tools to help them do their jobs more effectively.
BA-Insight rides SharePoint's coattails with new search-based apps
MIS Market Development - August, 2011
The legal market has become a large part of the company's business – can it apply what it's learned there to additional markets, while maintaining its differentiation from close partner Microsoft?
Microsoft plans for future of enterprise search and SharePoint
MIS Impact Report - August, 2011
Having bought its way into the enterprise search market in early 2008 with FAST, Microsoft is getting close to making it the search engine within SharePoint. How far has it come, and how far is there to go?
Equivio adds Applied Discovery as new predictive-coding partner – patent or no patent
MIS Market Development - August, 2011
Equivio's partnership with LexisNexis Applied Discovery is another sign that Recommind's June 2011 patent won't deter Equivio from expanding its predictive-coding business.
HP buys Autonomy as software gets bolstered and hardware goes begging
TDM Deal Analysis - August, 2011
In the largest acquisition in the software industry in seven years, HP says it will pay $11.7bn for information management vendor Autonomy. The purchase is part of a larger overhaul of the ailing tech giant, which could also shed its PC business.
GGO goes for e-discovery big and small with revamped Digital WarRoom line
MIS Market Development - August, 2011
The e-discovery software and services provider has added a new midmarket offering to its arsenal as it attempts to cover the gamut from individual users to law firms and corporations.
Attensity sees social CRM at turning point toward mainstream adoption
MIS Market Development - August, 2011
The customer experience management company appears to have most of its product-integration challenges behind it, and is now doing some product rationalizations. Is this all preparation for some sort of exit?
Symantec's Data Insight harbinger of information management and security convergence?
MIS Impact Report - August, 2011
Since the acquisition of Veritas some seven years ago, Symantec has been in the wilderness with its position that storage and security have logical affinities. With its Data Insight proving pivotal, is Symantec proving the tide has turned?
Endeca aims to bring Latitude to BI, straddling the BI-search divide
MIS Impact Report - July, 2011
The 12-year-old company is best known in the enterprise search space, but it is seeking to make more of a mark in BI with Latitude. Can it marry the two?
Unify is now Daegis, as e-discovery becomes main focus
MIS Market Development - July, 2011
The veteran tools and database company is making itself over as Daegis, giving the market another publicly traded e-discovery play. Can it negotiate such a dramatic transition smoothly?
AccessData overhauls product line, bringing Summation to the fore
MIS Impact Report - June, 2011
Following its acquisition of the Summation e-discovery software business in 2010, AccessData has moved to integrate the iBlaze review tool in particular, and rationalize its newly expanded product line. Can it do that and grow its marketing presence too?
iCONECT goes direct for early-case assessment in e-discovery
MIS Market Development - June, 2011
iCONECT has relied on its legal service-provider network for a majority of its business so far, but that's changing with a newly expanded sales team. It's also hoping a new early-case assessment tool will be enough to fend off its rivals.
VirtualWorks takes channel-focused approach to universal indexing
MIS Impact Report - June, 2011
Citrix founder Ed Iacobucci has a new startup that aims to abstract content from application silos, record the metadata in a single index and federate the results so that users can securely access the information from anywhere.
Exterro aims to handle e-discovery from A to Zeta with new tools
MIS Impact Report - June, 2011
Having focused on workflow and other less obvious aspects of e-discovery, the vendor is now jumping into the market with both feet. It will face increased competition as a result.
Symantec emphasizes search and classification with new version of Enterprise Vault
MIS Market Development - June, 2011
A long-awaited new search engine is added to the market-leading email archiving product, as well as social media archiving.
Nuix raises funds for next stage of e-discovery campaign
MIS Impact Report - May, 2011
Version 3.4 of Nuix's e-discovery software will add support for Exchange 2010 and new near-de-duplication functionality. The company is also mapping out the next major release and eyeing a wider opportunity in information governance.
Symantec picks up Clearwell to get the e-discovery credentials it needs
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2011
In buying Clearwell Systems, Symantec has scooped up one of the most rapidly growing vendors in the e-discovery market. Can Big Yellow execute the integration as well as Clearwell executed its rapid growth?
Autonomy removes another rival with $380m pickup of Iron Mountain's digital assets
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2011
Iron Mountain has quickly found a buyer for its unwanted digital assets in the form of Autonomy, which it will now rely on as a reseller. It's back to physical archiving and records management for Iron Mountain, then.
Recommind takes search engine to the cloud, sees e-discovery business surge
MIS Market Development - May, 2011
As it revs its core enterprise search engine with new connectors to cloud-based repositories, the company is looking to the cloud in the e-discovery part of its business, too – and liking what it sees.
Zapproved sees legal hold as stepping-stone to wider governance market
MIS Impact Report - May, 2011
The company's legal hold product does one thing and does it well. Will it be enough of a leg-up to the wider opportunities in information governance?
Where to next for Iron Mountain's digital assets?
TDM Target IQ - May, 2011
The physical records management giant is looking to divest its digital information assets as part of a plan to appease shareholders. Our attention now turns to who may be interested in acquiring its backup, archive and e-discovery assets.
Digital Reasoning positions military-tested text analysis tools for commercial market
MIS Impact Report - May, 2011
Having spent a decade selling text analysis software to US government intelligence markets, the company is trying its hand at selling to the commercial space. Will it find customers as easily as its software finds needles in proverbial haystacks?
Iron Mountain to sell most of its software business and focus solely on services
MIS Market Development - April, 2011
A dissident shareholder group has forced the company to jettison its software business and give a lot of money back to shareholders. Is the future really in storing cardboard boxes?
Epiq wants more e-discovery, so it buys an Encore for $100m
TDM Deal Analysis - April, 2011
In an act of consolidation in the e-discovery service-provider market, Epiq buys Encore to make e-discovery the main focus of its business.
Guidance benefits as legal becomes more involved in purchasing e-discovery tools
MIS Market Development - March, 2011
Having flirted with a pay-per-use pricing model for its EnCase eDiscovery product, Guidance has seen legal departments make more of the purchasing decisions and opt for different license models. It is also set to launch version 4.2.