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Jim Davis
Senior Analyst, Service Providers

Jim Davis is a Senior Analyst with 451 Research whose coverage includes content delivery networks and cloud computing services. Jim consults with service providers, investors and vendors on emerging technologies and trends in digital content distribution and cloud services. Jim has spoken at industry events such as 451 Research's Hosting Transformation Summit, CDN Strategies Summit, Streaming Media West, and Canadian Venture Capital Association's annual meeting. Jim has been cited in publications ranging from the San Jose Mercury News to Wired. Jim has served as a Senior Analyst at 451 Research since 2000.

Previously, he tracked PC manufacturers such as Apple and covered developments in interactive television for CNET He received recognition for his work at CNET from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Computer Press Association.

Jim has a BA in English from the University of California and an MA in American Studies from the University of Wyoming.

Reports by this Analyst

Limelight adds new DDoS-protection service, enhances CDN in bid for growth
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company is taking an important step forward with the introduction of a new DDoS detection and mitigation service at a time where there is growing demand for cloud-based security services.
Instart Logic adds more smarts to accelerate Web app delivery
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The app delivery company has introduced a new technology for streaming JavaScript based on user behavior. This and other enhancements, including revisions to its HTML streaming technology, can deliver Web pages 20% faster than existing CDNs, Instart Logic claims.
Akamai's growth in 2014 might result in more acquisitions in 2015
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company's FY 2014 revenue was up as it nears the $2bn mark for annual revenue. There's plenty of organic growth to come in the performance and security segment, but acquisitions are a strong possibility as the company seeks to continue double-digit growth in 2015.
Limelight Networks expects modest growth for CDN in 2015
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company puts a rocky year in the books with revenues of $162.3m in 2014. However, Limelight expressed optimism that it could come closer to matching the overall CDN market growth rate in 2015.
Rev Software tackles mobile acceleration problem
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The startup is aiming to speed up content and application delivery by focusing on continuously and automatically retuning networking protocols. It has launched a CDN service, but has broader goals in mind.
ChinaCache banks on CDN growth in Q3 2014, datacenter facilities take shape
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The company's CDN business performed well in Q3 2014, and should provide a solid platform for growth in 2015, even as the company attempts to further diversify revenue streams with its move into MTDC services.
Akamai adds APIs and pricing options for SaaS providers
HITS Insight - November, 2014
Akamai, which already claims to have 18 of the top 20 SaaS providers as customers, wants to deepen its relationship with the SaaS market by offering up a tailor-made set of APIs, features and a new option for pricing its services.
Limelight Networks' Q3 continues to show signs of modest turnaround for CDN services
HITS Insight - November, 2014
After posting revenue of $39m for the quarter, management raised 2014 revenue guidance and expressed optimism that the company could come closer to matching the overall CDN market growth rate.
IIX acquires Allegro Networks to move faster into Europe with interconnection services
HITS Insight - November, 2014
International Internet Exchange (IIX) wanted to use the funding it secured earlier this year for business development activities. The provider of peering and interconnection services has done just that with the acquisition of UK-based Allegro Networks.
Akamai taps into media traffic growth, security services to again top quarterly targets
HITS Insight - October, 2014
On the 15th anniversary of its IPO, Akamai delivered another quarter of robust revenue and earnings growth. The company managed to exceed the top range of guidance by posting sales of $498m, an increase of 26% Y/Y.
NetScout's big play: Combine with Danaher's communications business to triple in size
TDM Post-Merger IQ - October, 2014
Network performance management vendor NetScout recently announced the acquisition of the much-larger Danaher's communications business. The all-stock transaction will create a billion-dollar APM/NPM/security powerhouse.
AT&T continues to adapt corporate structure, services for cloud era
HITS Insight - October, 2014
At AT&T's annual conference for industry analysts, executives outlined the company's efforts to reshape its corporate structure and development process as it seeks to become a more nimble supplier of information and communications technology for enterprises.
Fastly accelerates growth with $40m funding round
MIS Impact Report - September, 2014
The CDN service provider is aiming to accelerate its already fast-paced growth with a $40m series C round, boosting its total financing to date to $54m. Fastly has announced that some of the funding will be earmarked for product partnerships with enterprises.
ChinaCache's core CDN performance strong as it seeks to boost mobile, datacenter business
HITS Insight - August, 2014
The company plans to eventually diversify into the platform licensing and datacenter markets, but in Q2 2014, revenue growth came from its main CDN business. ChinaCache posted sales of $55.8m, an increase of 34% year over year.
Fireblade leverages hosting, cloud providers to tap market for security services
HITS Insight - August, 2014
Fireblade offers services that secure sites from DDoS and other harmful attacks. The company is aiming to accelerate growth via a fresh round of funding that will help it enlist more Web application hosting and cloud providers in its efforts to secure websites.
Level 3 works on expanding security, cloud networking services
HITS Insight - August, 2014
The company has decided to expand into new geographies by buying tw telecom. But what services might help it to expand wallet share with customers beyond core IP services while growing a streak of reporting profitable quarters?
Limelight Networks' Q2 offers glimpse of turnaround for core CDN services
HITS Insight - August, 2014
The company's revenue was up slightly compared with Q1, and its net loss narrowed with some improvement in core CDN services, but there's plenty of room for improvement in other offerings, such as storage.
Akamai Q2 earnings show long-term tilt toward performance and security solutions
HITS Insight - July, 2014
The World Cup was among the events we expected would help Q2 performance for Akamai, but its results were actually solid across multiple products. Strong growth in all product areas helped the company report revenue near the high end of guidance at $476m, up 25.9% YoY and 5% sequentially.
IIX hopes to interconnect cloud and enterprise more closely with new take on peering
HITS Insight - July, 2014
The young company wants to offer a new model of enterprise-to-enterprise and enterprise-to-cloud connectivity by adding a dose of virtualization to the process of peering. It now has another $10.4m in funding to do so.
Verizon's CDN adds a Web application firewall to its arsenal
HITS Insight - July, 2014
Verizon Digital Media Services, the home to the CDN formerly known as EdgeCast, is introducing a beta version of a Web application firewall (WAF) service that aims to extend Verizon's security offerings from the datacenter to the network edge.
Service Providers: Research agenda 2014-2015
MIS Spotlight - July, 2014
This report defines and describes key trends driving change within the 451 Service Provider channel and presents a list of relevant vendors – private and public cloud providers, Web and application infrastructure providers, and content delivery network providers. It sets the stage for research that will alert enterprises, vendors and investors to critical developments across these markets and the vendors offering technologies and services within them.
Neustar looks to boost capacity, offerings for DDoS protection in 2014 and beyond
HITS Insight - June, 2014
With moves by companies like Akamai, F5 and others to accelerate their growth in the DDoS mitigation market via M&A, Neustar is responding by building out its capacity and ramping up development efforts. What does Neustar have in store for DDoS and DNS services in 2014?
Instart Logic gets funding, adds features to its acceleration service
HITS Insight - June, 2014
The company is looking to highlight just how different its approach to performance services is from those of other CDNs by describing itself as having a software-defined application-delivery architecture.
6Scan gets funding, aims site vulnerability scanning service upmarket
HITS Insight - June, 2014
With a fresh round of venture capital, 6Scan – a provider of website vulnerability scanning and remediation services – is now aiming to move upmarket from its roots in the SMB market. How far it goes depends on what kind of partners it can sign on to help resell its services.
Akamai loses Supreme Court case – does the rest of tech win?
HITS Insight - June, 2014
Another chapter in the Limelight Networks v. Akamai Technologies patent battle has come to a close. The US Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision holding that Limelight Networks could be held liable for infringing on Akamai's patent. The decision has broader implications for the tech industry.
Fastly adds engineering talent, customers for its CDN offering
HITS Insight - June, 2014
The startup hasn't been prone to making a splash in the press. It will be a bit harder to fly under the radar now that it has continued on a solid growth trajectory and made some high-profile hires.
F5 adds more to its portfolio for cloud-based DDoS protection
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2014
F5 has a full lineup of on-premises DDoS appliances, but the addition of will allow it to enter the growing market for securing cloud-based applications and datacenters. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Dyn adds Renesys to the fold for Internet performance monitoring
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2014
It's a Dyn deal: Internet performance monitoring firm Renesys' products will be added to Dyn's portfolio as the acquirer seeks to help its customers optimize application performance across multiple clouds and datacenters.
ChinaCache talks up plans to build, sell datacenter space in Beijing
HITS Insight - May, 2014
The company posted strong results in its core CDN business, but wants to take a valuable asset – land in the Beijing Tianzhu free trade zone – and turn it into datacenters for its customers.
Limelight Networks has slight progress on turnaround attempt in Q1
HITS Insight - May, 2014
The company reported revenue of $41.2m, which was down 10% Y/Y and down 2.4% compared with the prior quarter. Limelight is still working to stem employee and customer churn, but there was an upturn in the pricing for its core delivery service.
Akamai Q1 exceeds targets thanks to traffic from media delivery
HITS Insight - May, 2014
The Olympics and NCAA Finals contributed to the growth in media and software delivery that helped drive revenue growth for Akamai's first-quarter 2014 results.
Octoshape's multicasting technology gains momentum
HITS Insight - May, 2014
As service providers continue to grapple with a wave of traffic from OTT video services, Octoshape's technology for enabling multicast over best-effort networks is gaining ground with pay-TV providers.
Hibernia Networks now offers CDN to go along with video transport
HITS Insight - April, 2014
The company has joined a growing list of telcos and carriers with a content-delivery network offering. How will it fare against a broad field of competitors?
Verizon shows off EdgeCast, upLynk acquisitions at broadcaster's confab
HITS Insight - April, 2014
Verizon Digital Media Systems Group is where the EdgeCast CDN services reside now. Executives say they are getting good reception from broadcasters that want a simpler, less expensive means for delivering their content to consumers.
Cedexis sees more customers measuring and moving between cloud providers
HITS Insight - April, 2014
The company is claiming 100% revenue growth as enterprises continue to look for ways to ensure application performance across an increasingly complicated mix of private datacenter, public cloud and mobile environments.
Dyn helps consolidate in DNS again with Nettica acquisition
HITS Insight - April, 2014
The company has made its first acquisition of 2014, marking a return of sorts to its ongoing role in the consolidation of DNS service providers, with a deal to buy Nettica.
Akamai dials up deal with Telefónica for range of CDN services
HITS Insight - March, 2014
Akamai and Telefónica have signed a deal that will have Europe's second largest telecom firm (after Vodafone) offering the entire suite of Akamai's content delivery, acceleration and security services.
CloudEndure unveils DR for public cloud
HITS Insight - March, 2014
CloudEndure has been working on building a DR service that is aimed at SMBs using Amazon Web Services' public cloud. Can it build a business when the old guard of DR and a gaggle of newcomers are looming nearby?
DreamHost equips cloud storage product with Fastly-powered CDN
HITS Insight - March, 2014
Web and application hosting provider DreamHost launched a CDN service this week as a core feature of its DreamObjects cloud storage service. The CDN is powered by Fastly, and strengthens the appeal of the storage product.
ChinaCache closes out 2013 strong, looks to carrier deals and cloud to grow CDN in 2014
HITS Insight - March, 2014
ChinaCache leveraged its position as a key CDN player in China to grow revenue 35% in 2013. Carrier deals and fast growth in cloud use will be drivers in 2014, so now the question becomes whether the company can grow profitably.


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