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Simon Robinson
Research Vice President - Storage

Simon runs the Storage and Information Management practice at 451 Research. He manages a team of analysts that help 451 clients understand the impact of information growth and management on organizations, and identify the emerging trends and technologies that are helping organizations optimize and take advantage of their data and information, as well as meet ever-evolving governance requirements.

Based in London, Simon joined 451 Research in 2000, and has played an instrumental role in developing the firm's storage industry practice, as well as pioneering research efforts in areas such as storage virtualization, data de-duplication technologies and cloud storage.

Prior to joining 451 Research, Simon was a senior reporter and editor at UK tech publications house VNU, and also worked on the City Desk at the UK's Press Association. He has a degree in Economics.

Reports by this Analyst

Rozo Systems marries scale-out NAS with erasure coding
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
Software specialist Rozo Systems has become the latest player to throw its hat into the scale-out NAS software space. The company, spun off from Nantes University in 2010, is selling a scale-out NAS capability that, unusually for a file system, utilizes erasure-coding technology.
Qumulo is latest to pitch 'data awareness' with new take on scale-out NAS
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
Does the world really need another scale-out NAS platform? Absolutely, says the team that built – and successfully sold – scale-out NAS pioneer Isilon. The company's core platform is already shipping.
Google puts the heat on Amazon Glacier with Google Cloud Storage Nearline
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company is matching Amazon's penny-per-GB-per-month pricing for Glacier, but touts retrieval times of seconds rather than hours. In the hyperscale cloud backup/archiving arena, the 'race to zero' has begun.
IBM sees the light in software-defined storage, makes $1bn commitment to Spectrum
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
Big Blue will be putting $1bn into software-defined storage over the next five years, and has announced a comprehensive rebranding of many of its storage assets, along with a promise to improve integration between products.
SolidFire: hot in flash, still cozy in the cloud, eyeing enterprises as bigger prize
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company has always had good prospects of exploiting the disruption caused by flash and challenging OEM dominance of the storage sector. With around two years on the market, it says sales are growing each quarter, and that enterprises are set to outnumber service providers as buyers of its cloud-style flash storage.
Western Digital makes 'cheap and deep' cloud storage play with Amplidata pickup
TDM Deal Analysis - March, 2015
WD has inked its second deal in three months as part of a broader plan to begin entering higher-value storage segments. But while its Skyera buy was all about the performance side of storage, Amplidata is focused on the other end of the spectrum: so-called 'cheap and deep' storage.
Springpath is latest startup to attack hyperconvergence opportunity
MIS Impact Report - February, 2015
The company has raised $34m in funding, and will initially aim at the emerging 'hyperconverged' opportunity. However, it's ultimately focusing on a broader range of virtualized and non-virtualized applications and workloads with a pure-software approach it calls the Springpath Data Platform.
SUSE deepens storage focus with first Ceph-based offering
MIS Impact Report - February, 2015
SUSE this month will announce general availability of SUSE Enterprise Storage, an integrated storage software package based on the open source Ceph platform. As such, the announcement marks the Linux distributor's commitment to start building a more visible storage business. And it's priced to be disruptive.
Software-defined storage: a proxy for storage transformation
MIS Spotlight - February, 2015
Love it or hate it, software-defined storage will dominate the storage industry narrative this year and beyond. Although it lacks definition, initial evidence suggests that IT decision-makers are starting to buy into SDS as a something that can transform enterprise storage infrastructure.
Nexenta looks to expand TAM with scale-out object storage play, IPO on horizon
MIS Impact Report - February, 2015
The company that lives and breathes 'software defined storage' is planning a major product expansion this year in a bid to expand its addressable market and eventually go public. It next major development, NexentaEdge, will take it into the object storage arena.
Data Dynamics plans for the second coming of StorageX for file storage management
MIS Impact Report - January, 2015
The three-year-old startup is looking to help large organizations manage their file-based storage more effectively with its core product, StorageX. If this offering sounds familiar, that's because it is.
Storage still a prime market for investors as 2014 funding reaches $1.79bn
MIS Spotlight - January, 2015
Last year proved to be another strong one for venture capital flowing into storage technology vendors. Total disclosed investments in the storage space totaled $1.79bn for 2014, up substantially from almost $1.2bn in 2013, and about $1bn in both 2012 and 2011.
Virtual Instruments eyes broader performance management opportunity
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
The self-styled 'infrastructure performance management' specialist says it continues to gain market traction with 350 enterprises now utilizing its portfolio of storage-centric IPM tools. VI believes the growing adoption of virtual infrastructure continues to create opportunities for growth.
Storage Made Easy shifts its cloud storage focus to governance
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
The software specialist aims to help organizations embrace low-cost, cloud-style storage for a wide variety of file-oriented tasks. It plans to enhance its profile in 2015 as it doubles down on what it believes is a major opportunity in the compliance and governance arena.
Armed with series C funding, CTERA girds for expansion in cloud services
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
The company closed a $25m series C funding round earlier this year, bringing its total financing to $45m. New investor Bessemer Venture joined the round, with existing backers Benchmark Capital, Venrock and Cisco also participating.
StorPool is latest hyperconvergence startup to emerge, focused on Linux and OpenStack
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
The company has emerged as the latest software specialist focused on offering cost-effective storage based on hyperconverged and server SAN software. The three-year-old Bulgarian startup is primarily targeting its scale-out software at the emerging OpenStack platform.
Exablox claiming momentum as it prepares foray into primary storage
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
The storage specialist says it is experiencing strong take-up of its products as organizations look to get a better handle on storage costs. Exablox is readying a major update for early 2015 that will take it deeper into the primary storage arena.
NetApp joins VMware's EVO program for another take on hyperconvergence
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
With the release of its NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution, NetApp has become the latest storage company to join VMware's EVO:RAIL program. It designed the offering with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use to appeal to enterprise departments and branch offices with limited IT skills.
Cloudian aims upstream as it takes object storage into the enterprise
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
The object storage specialist is claiming solid momentum in large enterprise accounts as organizations increasingly look to get their arms around storing vast quantities of unstructured content. Cloudian has an ambitious roadmap to maximize its appeal in 2015.
Primary Data exits stealth with vision of 'data virtualization'
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
David Flynn and Rick White, the technology entrepreneurs who founded Fusion-io and, as a result, helped bring flash-based storage to the mainstream datacenter, are back with their next startup, Primary Data. The company has exited stealth mode with a mission to do for data and storage what VMware did for compute, through what it calls software-centric 'data virtualization.'
Private Dell says strategy 'translating into results'
MIS Spotlight - November, 2014
Dell used its annual customer and partner gathering – Dell World – at its home in Austin, Texas, to announce that, one year after privatization, its strategy is yielding strong results. The company believes it is the fastest-growing large-scale integrated IT company in the industry.
Gridstore pivots into hyperconvergence
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
The company specializes in storage systems optimized for Microsoft-centric SMEs and service providers. Although Gridstore is retaining that focus, it's also hoping to tap into the nascent but fast-emerging hyperconvergence trend with the new Gridstore HyperConverged Appliance.
EMC doubles down on hybrid cloud, makes a pair of acquisitions
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
The company has followed its recent purchase of Cloudscaling with a pair of tactical acquisitions. EMC also announced a broader set of services-led hybrid cloud 'solutions' designed to help customers deploy a full hybrid cloud environment in as little as 28 days.
End users to discuss the evolution of enterprise storage at 451 Storage Executive Summit
MIS Spotlight - October, 2014
451 Research will host its Storage Executive Summit in New York on November 18. The event provides a forum for IT storage and infrastructure decision-makers to get access to the latest trends and forecasts in enterprise storage from 451 Research analysts, hear from technology innovators and network.
VCE becomes part of EMC Federation, Cisco stake reduced to 10%: what are the implications?
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
VCE is now a $2bn business, and its sales account for around one-third of all Cisco UCS sales by revenue – so why is Cisco distancing itself from the joint venture? Common sense says it will remain committed, but politics and competitive tensions have clearly played a part.
StorMagic's SvSAN offers a twist on hyperconvergence for distributed enterprises
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
The storage software specialist has been playing in the nascent 'virtual storage appliance' space since 2006, and reports solid momentum in specific environments: organizations with a large number of distributed locations.
Freshly minted and IPO-bound, Nutanix adds all-flash, replication options
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
The hyperconvergence specialist believes it enables the 'revenge of the private cloud.' So far, over 800 customers have bought into its proposition. A recent series E means the company remains the darling of this fast-evolving space, but more robust competition is now emerging.
DDN takes GPFS-based appliance downstream with GS7K
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
HPC storage specialist DataDirect Networks has unveiled the latest addition to its portfolio. The new GS7K is an integrated parallel file system appliance powered by IBM's GPFS file system.
Symantec splits to grow security and data management businesses
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
We detail the drivers, mechanics and impact of Symantec's split into two independent public companies in order to take on the security and data management markets.
NetApp brings object storage out from the shadows with StorageGRID Webscale
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
The storage specialist has updated its StorageGRID object software, adding new levels of scale and compatibility with Amazon's S3 API, among other things, indicating that this space is poised to move mainstream.
Quantum embraces object as part of shift to scale-out storage
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
Quantum Corp may still be mostly a tape company, but it has been transitioning its business into more attractive markets. One key new vertical is object storage, where Quantum has been playing with its Lattus appliances, which run software from partner Amplidata.
HP is poised to be a disruptive force in storage
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
The vendor has made a series of announcements that add weight to its claims that it is becoming a major – and disruptive – force in enterprise storage. Built on the foundation of the 3PAR business, the company is branching out into multiple other storage areas with a 'polymorphic' strategy.
Red Hat adds critical enterprise features to Storage Server
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
The company has unveiled the latest version of Red Hat Storage Server, the open source scale-out file system platform based on the acquisition of Gluster a couple of years ago. The standout new feature in version 3 is support for snapshots.
Dell's evolving storage strategy turns to Blue Thunder to catch software-defined wave
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
Storage has been a big strategic bet in Dell's transformation. While results so far have been mixed, the company believes that the prevailing winds in software-defined and convergence are blowing in its favor.
Speed hurts? EMC says its painful XtremIO flash upgrade won't happen again
MIS Impact Report - September, 2014
An update to EMC's high-profile XtremIO flash storage is causing headaches for customers, but the company says their temporary pain will be outweighed by the update's value. This highlights the apparent pressure some OEMs have felt to quickly address the challenge from fast-growing flash startups.
Basho begins to deliver on its promise with Riak Enterprise 2.0 and Riak CS 1.5
MIS Impact Report - September, 2014
The distributed NoSQL and cloud storage vendor's new senior executive team accepts that it now has to deliver what it has long-promised – starting with updates to its two core products, Riak Enterprise 2.0 and Riak CS 1.5.
Formation Data Systems emerges from stealth with 'complete rethink' of enterprise storage
MIS Impact Report - September, 2014
The startup is the latest in the storage arena to reveal itself, at least partially. Formation Data Systems has revealed it is developing a next-generation storage architecture that it believes will form the blueprint for how enterprises will want to store their data in the future.
Atlantis doubles down on hyperconvergence with USX 2.0 as it eyes IPO
MIS Impact Report - September, 2014
The erstwhile VDI specialist says it continues to grow strongly and, with a new CEO on board, believes an IPO is a realistic near-term objective. It still needs to execute a transition into storage and hyperconvergence though; USX 2.0 is designed to hasten this process.
DataGravity emerges with bold but intriguing 'data aware' storage system
MIS Impact Report - August, 2014
The team that built iSCSI storage pioneer EqualLogic is back in the market with a new company – DataGravity. The two-year-old startup emerged from stealth this week with a bold take aimed at 'reimagining' storage.
Tarmin plots out vision around 'data-defined storage'
MIS Impact Report - August, 2014
The company recently unveiled the fourth version of its core GridBank platform, and says a new sales strategy that has focused on a direct approach is starting to pay off as it signed its first revenue-generating customers.


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