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Simon Robinson
Research Vice President - Storage

Simon runs the Storage and Information Management practice at 451 Research. He manages a team of analysts that help 451 clients understand the impact of information growth and management on organizations, and identify the emerging trends and technologies that are helping organizations optimize and take advantage of their data and information, as well as meet ever-evolving governance requirements.

Based in London, Simon joined 451 Research in 2000, and has played an instrumental role in developing the firm's storage industry practice, as well as pioneering research efforts in areas such as storage virtualization, data de-duplication technologies and cloud storage.

Prior to joining 451 Research, Simon was a senior reporter and editor at UK tech publications house VNU, and also worked on the City Desk at the UK's Press Association. He has a degree in Economics.

Reports by this Analyst

NetApp's Data Fabric strategy begins coming together
MIS Impact Report - October, 2016
It's been two years since NetApp unveiled its Data Fabric, and the vendor continues to stitch new features and partnerships into its strategy. Will NetApp's partners and product direction keep the vendor relevant in the fast-changing cloud storage market?
Outlining a path to recovery, NetApp's back on the offensive
MIS Impact Report - October, 2016
Change has been a constant at NetApp for the year-and-a-half George Kurian has been at the helm. Can his new leadership team and the bold acquisition of SolidFire put NetApp on the path to growth?
Freshly merged, Dell Technologies unveils plan to enable 'the next industrial revolution'
MIS Spotlight - September, 2016
The merger of Dell and EMC was finally completed on September 7 for $60bn, making it the largest merger in IT history. As the IT world continues to change at a breathtaking pace, can Dell achieve its goal of leading the 'next industrial revolution'?
SUSE signs a tier one storage partner in HPE, refreshes Ceph-based software
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The latest edition comes as SUSE unveiled a partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which the company believes will open a new chapter in the market adoption and acceptance of its storage software. Under the deal, SUSE says it and HPE will deliver a Scalable Object Storage Solution running SUSE Enterprise Storage on a range of HPE servers.
451 Research gathers IT decision-makers to examine future of on-premises infrastructure
MIS Spotlight - April, 2016
Reports of the death of on-premises IT may be greatly exaggerated, but critical questions remain: How fast and how completely should we embrace off-premises - especially public - infrastructure? What role will hybrid architectures play, and what are the implications for on-premises IT? An audience of senior IT leaders will examine these and other issues on May 24 in New York.
Nutanix eyes a $100bn market opportunity with IPO filing
TDM Debut IQ - January, 2016
The well-funded hyperconverged infrastructure pioneer revealed rapid customer growth in its IPO filing. Will its growing momentum translate into a meaningful infrastructure transformation?
Flash, convergence and cloud take center stage at 451 Research Executive Storage Summit
MIS Spotlight - November, 2015
451 Research recently held its third annual Storage Executive Summit at the Harvard Club in New York City. The Summit provides a forum for senior IT and storage decision-makers, representing a range of enterprises, to hear from and interact with the 451 Research analyst team and event sponsors in an intimate venue.
SUSE flexes storage muscles with SES 2.0
MIS Impact Report - November, 2015
A year after it announced that it would be moving directly into the software-defined-storage market with a Ceph-based offering, Linux specialist SUSE has announced the first major update of SUSE Enterprise Storage.
Can Dell safeguard the VMware 'crown jewel' in its record-breaking purchase of EMC?
TDM Post-Merger IQ - October, 2015
Within the EMC federation that Dell is acquiring, some businesses are more valuable than others. But none is more valuable than VMware. However, to fully realize that value, Dell is going to have to overcome a distinctly bearish view of its pending ownership of the virtualization kingpin.
Proposed Dell-EMC merger leaves customers divided
MIS Spotlight - October, 2015
Almost all of the attention paid to the record-setting $63bn deal by Dell to acquire EMC focused on financial details. But what really matters is how their customers react to this news, and whether they believe Dell can meet their organizational needs long-term.
In massive play for storage and more, Dell bets $63.1bn on EMC to reshape IT landscape
TDM Deal Analysis - October, 2015
Even as rival IT vendors are slimming down, Dell has bulked up with the massive $63.1bn purchase of EMC – the largest pure 'tech' deal of the past 15 years. The combination will create a behemoth, with multibillion-dollar businesses selling infrastructure and services even as many IT buyers are shifting their spending to the cloud.
IBM moves into object storage with Cleversafe acquisition
TDM Deal Analysis - October, 2015
Big Blue has inked its first deal in the next-generation object storage space. The pickup of Cleversafe fills a gap in IBM's storage portfolio, allowing it to cater to customers looking to store large data volumes, a market it says is increasing rapidly as data volumes continue to explode.
Caringo brings FileFly management software to Swarm object store
MIS Impact Report - September, 2015
Lifecycle management software enables users to combine the performance of native NAS filers (NetApp and Windows only) with the scalability and low-cost advantages of object storage.
SwiftStack turns attention to building market presence; erasure codes in the wings
MIS Impact Report - September, 2015
The object-storage specialist believes its prospects continue to improve as market interest in object-based approaches grows. It has raised $16m in series B funding and appointed a new CEO, and support for erasure codes should also improve its appeal in larger environments.
Scality reels in $45m in series D funding as it eyes 2017 IPO
MIS Impact Report - September, 2015
The storage software specialist claims continued momentum in the market in anticipation of an IPO in 2017. The latest round brings the total raised by the company to $81m. The announcement came shortly after Scality said that Dell would be offering its software running on Dell PowerEdge servers.
X-IO widens reach, hooks data services into its storage
MIS Impact Report - September, 2015
For the past five years, storage vendor X-IO has said that customers prefer functions such as snapshots to be provided by third-party application or virtualization software, in the process creating what some might call software-defined storage. Now X-IO has launched a version of its product that includes those services, and admits that perhaps its previous view was ahead of its time.
ClearSky emerges with bold new take on storage as a service for tier one apps
MIS Impact Report - August, 2015
The startup has emerged from stealth with an unusual take on delivering enterprise storage as a service. It says its service offers an optimal blend of on-premises storage combined with off-premises, multi-tenant storage located at both third-party PoPs and hyperscale cloud providers, all connected over high-performance network links.
Seagate expands storage systems play with Dot Hill purchase
TDM Deal Analysis - August, 2015
Dot who? The SAN system specialist may not be the best-known name in the storage circle, and has a checkered history, but it seems to have turned a corner with a solid and growing business developing exactly the type of SAN storage systems and software that Seagate has been missing of late.
Pure Storage reveals solid growth in its IPO filing
TDM Debut IQ - August, 2015
Glamour is rare in data storage, but Pure comes close to it. The well-funded pioneer of all-flash storage has an exceptionally strong profile among buyers. Now, the company has laid the groundwork for a stock debut, and answered the frequently asked question: just how good is its business?
Virtual Instruments' latest update expands infrastructure performance management smarts
MIS Impact Report - August, 2015
The IPM specialist has unveiled the latest additions to its core VirtualWisdom offering, including a range of enhancements across virtual platform support, as well as improved analytics. The company's product roadmap includes support for NAS and FCoE, and the ability to run some of its services in public cloud environments.
ATS fleshes out cloud-based infrastructure performance management play
MIS Impact Report - August, 2015
ATS Group is putting more emphasis on its software business. The company initially developed its Galileo Performance Explorer for its own consultants, but in the last year it has invested to develop the platform as a stand-alone commercial offering; it positions Galileo as the industry's first SaaS/cloud-based IPM offering.
EMC closes ranks as reality bites in storage
MIS Impact Report - July, 2015
The company said it will instigate a $850m cost-cutting program, and accelerate plans to take advantage of its 'federation' structure as it continues to adjust to the new realities of a fast-changing IT spending climate. It also reduced its full-year revenue expectations by $400m.
The rebirth of Veritas: a sleeping giant stirs
MIS Impact Report - July, 2015
With the separation of the sales and marketing forces now complete and detachment of engineering and back-office operations in process, Veritas says it's on track to be 'operationally' separate from Symantec by October 3, ahead of a full spinoff in the New Year.
DataDirect Networks steps up object storage push with WOS refresh
MIS Impact Report - July, 2015
Next month, DataDirect Networks will release the latest version of its Web Object Scalar product as the HPC specialist continues in its quest to grow its business among large enterprises that struggle with the large-scale requirements of their storage environments.
Verilume wants to put your 'dark IT' to work as cloud services
MIS Impact Report - June, 2015
Startup Verilume is the latest entrant in the cloud infrastructure market. The company is developing a broad platform – the Verilume Cloud Service – that is designed for developers to deploy next-generation applications and workloads without the hassle.
NetApp: surprise change of CEO, but direction as yet unchanged
MIS Impact Report - June, 2015
Troubled storage giant NetApp has replaced its CEO. Out goes Tom Georgens, who held the post for the last six years, and in comes his provisional replacement, George Kurian, previously a senior executive at NetApp. Is this enough to reverse the company's fortunes?
CTERA unveils the 'complete enterprise data services platform' with 5.0 release
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
The cloud storage gateway specialist has unveiled the latest update to its core product, claiming the new 5.0 release is the most significant in its seven-year history. CTERA has added features and functions, as well as some new interfaces designed to make navigation easier.
SAN Sentinel takes storage resource management into the cloud
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
The five-year-old software company focuses on providing storage resource management software as a service for multivendor storage environments. But the France-based company has higher ambitions, and is looking to raise funding for an expansion that it says will take it into infrastructure resource management.
ECS and ScaleIO are driving EMC's software-defined object and block storage agenda
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
The past few months have seen some changes in the way EMC positions the products in its Advanced Software Division. The recent EMC World conference presented an opportunity for us to get an update on some of the technologies in this portfolio.
EMC embraces open source software: Why?
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
In a bid to catch the latest wave of next-generation IT infrastructure and software, the company unveiled at its annual EMC World conference what it says is a new era of open software development. Its first move will be to release the source code for its ViPR Controller product to the open source community.
Atlantis completes transition to hyper-convergence with All-Flash HyperScale
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
The erstwhile VDI specialist has unveiled HyperScale, a 'turnkey appliance' offering hyper-convergence that will involve channel partners bundling its USX software with server hardware. The announcement essentially completes Atlantis' transition into a storage and hyper-converged specialist.
EMC's VCE aims to take hyperconvergence into hyperscale with VxRack
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
Barely six months have passed since VCE officially moved into the EMC Federation mothership, but already there has been significant evolution of the converged infrastructure specialist's portfolio. VxRack is a hyperconverged offering that bundles EMC's ScaleIO with commodity hardware.
HDS tilts at midmarket with latest core storage refresh
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
The company used its Connect conference to unleash what it says is its 'biggest ever' set of new product announcements. At the top of the bill is an entirely refreshed block-storage portfolio, running from the entry level to the upper end of the midmarket.
Zadara sees strong momentum for enterprise storage as a service
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
The company positions itself as offering enterprise-grade storage in a pure as-a-service model, and says it has garnered strong momentum over the last year. It says recent moves from other major players – including AWS and NetApp – are both validating the market and creating further business opportunities.
EMC outlines its mission as enabling the digital enterprise, experiences blip in Q1
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
An uncharacteristic misstep in execution contributed to a set of earnings that were slightly below expectations for EMC's first quarter of 2015. In a storage market that remains tough, the standout performer across the EMC Federation was once again VMware, although EMC noted strong performance by its emerging products division.
Amazon has enterprise NAS in its crosshairs with upcoming Elastic File System
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
The public cloud pioneer already dominates block and object storage as a service, and is now planning to add NAS as a service to its roster with the upcoming launch of the Amazon Elastic File System, which will be available this summer in three AWS regions.
Cleversafe, the tortoise of object storage, says it's poised for mainstream adoption
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
Most VC-backed startups don't get a decade to build out a product before they start building out their go-to-market operations. Yet Chicago-based Cleversafe, founded in 2004, is no ordinary startup. The company says its patience is finally beginning to pay off as deployments of its technology begin to take off.
Why data-centric storage is the next big thing for startups
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
The wheels of innovation continue to turn in the enterprise storage technology market. As often happens, many of the latest batch of storage startups are describing their approach in similar terms, even if it differs. The common approach in question this time around? 'Data centricity.'
Red Hat refines storage strategy with rebranding, hints at unified future
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
The company continues to refine its 'software defined' storage strategy, following its latest acquisition. The open source software specialist has announced the latest versions of its two core storage products, along with some rebranding that it hopes will clarify the relative positioning of each.
Hitachi Data Systems reimagines itself, offers vision to 'connect business with society'
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The storage arm of the Japanese giant - historically one of the most conservative in an already staid sector of the industry - is changing. Internal reorganizations and leftfield acquisitions suggest that it's more than just fancy talk.