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When might telepresence emerge from the doldrums?
MIS Spotlight - October, 2011
After many year of broken promises, lost opportunities and costly errors, the time has come to look over the obstacles and poor choices leading up to today's videoconferencing and telepresence offerings.
F5 picks up Crescendo's IP in asset purchase
TDM Deal Analysis - August, 2011
Given enough time, pure software can always beat pure hardware. That was shown in the demise of Crescendo Networks, a hardware vendor that was in the process of being liquidated before F5 Networks stepped in to buy some parts of the company.
Array Networks exploits geographical as well as product line tactics
MIS Market Development - August, 2011
The company firms up the underpinnings of its business by addressing needed features in the product line as well as geographical expansion, where there remains low-hanging fruit for resellers.
ExtraHop Networks aims to find the right mix for addressing application performance
MIS Market Development - August, 2011
The company started with a handful of tools for assessing application performance by passively inspecting and analyzing network performance. As it forms a community of interest among customers and partners, ExtraHop could become an attractive prospect.
Riverbed picks up the pace following acquisitions of Aptimize and Zeus Technology
TDM Post-Merger IQ - July, 2011
Riverbed has been on a buying binge, picking up Aptimize and Zeus Technology, apparently in order to compete with some of its erstwhile partners in content delivery, datacenter communications acceleration and virtualization.
SolarWinds continues to thrive as marketing model and new products gain attention
MIS Market Development - July, 2011
With built-in management tools originally designed for physical machines, the task of managing multiple virtual machines has been disproportionately difficult. Now SolarWinds addresses cross-vendor virtualization.
AppNeta deploys monitoring devices in cloud and boosts its efficiency for analysis
MIS Impact Report - July, 2011
Can the company parlay its strengths in packet interpretation and cloud instrumentation into rapid deployment and quick revenue growth?
Citrix introduces cloud-centric gateway and bridging connections
MIS Market Development - June, 2011
The company has expanded its networking repertoire with new products that support cloud environments as well as Windows, SaaS and Web-based applications.
Blue Coat Systems adapts to changes in the network with new products and architecture
MIS Market Development - June, 2011
The company is returning to its roots, using cache technology to increase the performance of network traffic and reduce latency. As virtualization and cloud-based practices become dominant, others are likely to follow in Blue Coat's steps.
With Polycom's $89m pickup of HP's Halo, competition in telepresence takes a hit
TDM Deal Analysis - June, 2011
And then there were three. With the divestiture of HP's visual collaboration business to Polycom, the number of pure telepresence system providers on the market drops to three main vendors.
Spiceworks cooks up power management tools
MIS Impact Report - May, 2011
Network management supplier Spiceworks has deals with Intel and Eaton to provide its user base of SMBs with desktop and UPS power management tools.
NetScout services architecture incorporates both application and network management
MIS Market Development - May, 2011
The company has long had a penchant for parallel development, with NetFlow used to generate summary statistics, and Sniffer and its adaptations providing more details for further analysis.
Riverbed enhances support for public cloud services and virtual desktop infrastructure
MIS Market Development - May, 2011
With new support for public cloud providers and lightweight clients across the WAN, Riverbed rounds out the features of state-of-the-art WAN traffic optimizers.
Gigamon touts high-availability data access for monitoring and management
MIS Market Development - April, 2011
The company has announced two new always-on products in the G-TAP A Series of access TAPs.
KEMP Technologies delivers software-only datacenter communications accelerator
MIS Market Development - April, 2011
Many of the leading DCCA vendors have refrained from distributing their software except when it was installed on a commodity server with an OS. KEMP's efforts at virtualization could change the pecking order.
Array Networks introduces high-end DCCAs and a modified market strategy
MIS Market Development - March, 2011
The vendor has mainly sold its datacenter communications accelerators to Chinese and Japanese customers, but its new products may improve Array's reception in India and North America.
Extreme Networks stakes a claim in the mobile backhaul market
MIS Market Development - March, 2011
It appears that the energy and resources Extreme Networks has deployed in the service-provider space are paying off nicely, particularly as 4G networks are seen to be most advantageous when the option exists to match them with 3G and 2G elements.
Juniper Networks announces QFabric architecture for maximizing scale and efficiency
MIS Market Development - March, 2011
The company has clearly begun to capitalize on its long-promised development undertakings, and we'd be surprised not to see fireworks and feuds in switching and routing over the next few years.
Meraki Networks has high hopes for cloud-based control and management
MIS Impact Report - March, 2011
The company says installing its cloud-based controller can simplify provisioning, minimize the time it takes to perform management tasks and cut administrative costs.
Vidyo strikes an alliance to extend the value of mobile video clients
MIS Market Development - February, 2011
With solid funding and video technology that appears to be achieving wide acceptance, the vendor is finding itself with numerous options, from acquiring other companies to selling at a premium.
Could the long-running problems of application management succumb to the cloud?
MIS Spotlight - February, 2011
Application performance management based on the network is ripe for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as historic large ones, with cloud-based innovations and downward pricing pressure.
Looking to longevity, ManageEngine adds APM features
MIS Market Development - January, 2011
The company's management product has been enhanced with features to outdistance open source management platform products and to compete with commercial platforms that lose their focus.
Talari Networks pools high-speed, medium-reliability network links for low-cost WANs
MIS Market Development - January, 2011
Speed and availability are often the key considerations for operating WANs. Talari aims to make slight sacrifices on the availability front in order to get high throughput at a low price.
2011 M&A Outlook – Security and networks
TDM Others - January, 2011
As part of our sector-by-sector M&A analysis, we look at the deals that mattered in 2010 and assess the prospects for dealmaking in the coming year in the security and networking sectors. Where will we see deals, and which companies might be involved?
PowerCloud Systems finds out if advanced add-on software can outperform hardware
MIS Impact Report - January, 2011
Can a startup company based on developing software to run on specialty OEM hardware add sufficient value to the hardware to thrive, even if it leverages the cloud?
Ipanema adapts to the cloud and promotes WAN transformation
MIS Market Development - January, 2011
With its Autonomic Networking System, its WAN governance for cloud environments and its Hybrid Network Unification, Ipanema has delivered a set of tools for addressing the adoption of complex networking for service providers and enterprises.
If F5 Networks is looking to acquire, the pickings are ripe
TDM Acquirer IQ - January, 2011
The company has backed away from M&A for years, but now may be a good time for action. F5 is growing faster than the market, has lots of cash and may be close to constraining itself with its own success.
2011 preview – Enterprise networks
MIS Reviews / Previews - December, 2010
Here we highlight the major areas in enterprise networking that we expect to be driving industry innovation in 2011.
2011 preview – Enterprise infrastructure computing
MIS Reviews / Previews - December, 2010
Here we highlight the major areas in infrastructure computing for the enterprise that we expect to be driving industry innovation in 2011.
Blue Coat Systems combines PacketShaper appliance with WebPulse community
MIS Market Development - November, 2010
By adapting the WebPulse cloud-based community to the PacketShaper QoS systems, Blue Coat demonstrates originality in solving the problem of identifying Web applications.
Certeon delivers WAN traffic optimization for the virtualization arena
MIS Market Development - November, 2010
While the company has made a name for itself in WTO, it would be hard to maintain that it had an area of dominance until it developed software-based virtualization that gives its products the flexibility and extensibility hardware appliances lack.
ShoreTel acquires Agito Networks to extend mobile functionality of enterprise users
TDM Deal Analysis - November, 2010
The combination of Agito, which is best known as a supporter of fixed-mobile convergence, and ShoreTel creates an ecosystem that interoperates with networks, private branch exchanges and smartphones to broaden the capabilities of unified communications.
Riverbed acquires CACE Technologies and shakes up the management sphere
TDM Deal Analysis - October, 2010
The buyer wanted to broaden its product line and gain preferential access to millions of Wireshark downloaders. The target needed to obtain exposure in order to compete with commercial network analyzers. Those were the elements of a match.
Conceivium monitors RIM's BlackBerry unified communications offering for IBM
MIS Market Development - October, 2010
We detail the testing of Conceivium's recently announced monitoring product for the BlackBerry MVS server.
NetScout Systems rounds out its line of network instrumentation
MIS Market Development - October, 2010
No one really does computer network capture and analysis like NetScout does. Now the new nGenius Integrated Agent for HP supports yet another microclimate of data capture.
Mu Dynamics aims to simplify and accelerate the transition to IPv6
MIS Market Development - October, 2010
The young company is surrounded by large, experienced network test suppliers. Yet its employment of genuine customer data for creating tests and its ability to work with one of the key compliance facilities gives Mu Dynamics a fighting chance.
Aryaka Networks emerges from stealth, ready to take on clients
MIS Impact Report - October, 2010
What do you get if you put a proprietary global network in place with proprietary networking software that can be scaled up or down, and with easy-to-deploy management tools for customers as well as service providers?
'Unified' communications? Hardly – is the entire category doomed?
MIS Spotlight - October, 2010
Unification appears not to be the killer app for UC. Despite the vast number of telephony systems that support mobility, presence and video plus sophisticated audio and multiple forms of collaboration, the level of IT adoption is surprisingly low.
Juniper pursues profits and prominence with new perception of network software
MIS Market Development - September, 2010
While most networking companies – even most companies in general – are content to compete against market-share leaders by trying to emulate them, Juniper Networks has begun to apply unexpected innovation to pressure Cisco and its allies.