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GroupLogic extends mobile sync support with new activEcho product
MIS Impact Report - March, 2012
With the use of Macs and the rapid expansion of iOS devices in the enterprise, the twenty-year-old vendor is experiencing a surge in demand. Now it's focusing on the mobile file-sharing and -synchronization space.
Idera builds business on top of Microsoft SharePoint's growth
MIS Impact Report - March, 2012
This nine-year-old vendor is a specialist in the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem, with a focus on admin and security tools. The more sensitive data moves into SharePoint, the brighter the future looks for Idera.
Analyzing the Dropbox effect: Market for mobile file sharing and sync heats up
MIS Spotlight - March, 2012
With the bring-your-own-device trend accelerating faster than many IT departments can handle, the race is on to provide IT with 'Dropbox for the enterprise,' although models vary and winners are far from clear.
Huddle adds file sync as it ramps up in cloud collaboration
MIS Market Development - February, 2012
The startup is trying to take on Microsoft SharePoint, but with a cloud model. Its latest addition is file sync with some interesting intelligence built in, taking it into an area where Microsoft is weak.
TeamDrive – the latest 'enterprise Dropbox' pretender – emerges with security focus
MIS Impact Report - February, 2012
The German spinoff already claims more than 100,000 subscribers to its Dropbox alternative, and that is without any smartphone or tablet support. It believes its encryption-at-rest focus offers differentiation from the pack.
MetaVis gets behind Office365 with new backup product
MIS Market Development - February, 2012
This startup in the Microsoft SharePoint administration market adds products to its portfolio at an impressive rate. Its latest move takes it for the first time into the backup space – specifically for Microsoft Office 365.
BA Insight brings legal package to market, signaling shift to search-based apps
MIS Market Development - February, 2012
The vendor plays in the lively SharePoint ecosystem and has rolled out a search-based SharePoint extension meant to build on the widespread use of the ECM platform in the legal market. Where will it head next?
Open source content management goes to the cloud: Alfresco launches cloud service
MIS Market Development - February, 2012
The company, best known as a provider of open source content management software, has launched the beta version of its cloud file-sharing and content management service. Is it a shift in strategy?
Magus looks to make its mark in Web governance with ActiveStandards
MIS Impact Report - February, 2012
The company is attempting to help define a market for Web governance and quality monitoring. This isn't really a new area, but it does have obvious relevance in an increasingly multichannel world.
Mindjet visualizes collaboration on SharePoint and in the cloud
MIS Market Development - February, 2012
Known for its mind-mapping and visualization software, the provider is building a business in the cloud and with SharePoint-enhanced collaboration. Cloud collaboration is particularly hot at the moment – can Mindjet stand out?
SDL strengthens polyglot marketing-infused CEM strategy with Alterian
TDM Post-Merger IQ - February, 2012
The company has continually branched out from its language and content management roots and has now added multichannel marketing and social media analysis tools to its customer experience management portfolio.
Hippo focuses on standards, innovation as WCM shifts to WEM
MIS Impact Report - January, 2012
The vendor, with a business model tied to open source, has had a relatively low profile over its 13-year history, although market and technology changes may help with that.
Hyland sticks to vertical strategy as it finds success in ECM market
MIS Impact Report - January, 2012
This rare independent in the consolidated ECM sector has doubled down in a few key verticals, including healthcare and higher ed, a strategy that appears to be serving it well.
Proofpoint acquires NextPage to help govern distributed data
TDM Deal Analysis - January, 2012
As it readies its IPO, the cloud archiving and security play has made a small, but interesting, buy to add some information governance capabilities to its portfolio.
ISYS continues OEM momentum with deeper SAP integration
MIS Market Development - January, 2012
The search company is embedding its document-filtering tools into SAP's analytics and reporting suite. Are more huge OEM deals on the horizon as unstructured data invades the enterprise?
OpenText gets into the rhythm of mobile file sharing with new Tempo product
MIS Market Development - January, 2012
The ECM vendor is looking to help customers stem the tide of corporate files moving to consumer cloud file-sharing services with a useful add-on for its installed base. Could it be more?
Oxygen Cloud looks to breathe life into mobile access and sync for on-prem files
MIS Impact Report - January, 2012
Enterprise IT departments want an alternative to consumer-oriented file sync and sharing services. This startup has one approach, with support for on-premises data and an EMC partnership to boot.
Armed with $12m in new funding, Accellion doubles down on mobile file sharing
MIS Market Development - January, 2012
One of several providers looking to offer enterprise IT alternatives to consumer- and SMB-oriented cloud file-sharing services, Accellion has some interesting differentiators, which it will look to better exploit with more funds in the year ahead.
More M&A to come as WCM turns into WEM
TDM Sector IQ - January, 2012
SDL recently came to terms with target Alterian, bringing marketing-oriented analytics to the language and content tech company. Here we look at leading WEM players and the impact that M&A has had – and will continue to have – on their portfolios.
Cloud collaboration play Teambox looks to collaborate with file-sharing players
MIS Impact Report - December, 2011
Although increasingly crowded, the market for cloud file sharing and collaboration is hot. This startup has a different approach, looking to layer more collaboration features on top of Dropbox and other services.
2012 preview – Information Management, Part 1
MIS Reviews / Previews - December, 2011
Here we highlight the major areas in information management that we expect to be driving industry innovation in 2012.
From offline to the iPad, Colligo aims to extend SharePoint
MIS Impact Report - December, 2011
The Vancouver-based vendor has parlayed its expertise in offline SharePoint use to provide iPad access to SharePoint – something that has growing demand – and has invested in email integration as well.
Vendors are lining up to get into the cloud file-sharing 'box'
MIS Spotlight - December, 2011
While interest in cloud file sharing and sync is high, it isn't a one-size-fits-all market. Significant differences between providers, even high-profile ones, will dictate future directions and likely outcomes.
SkyDox takes collaboration from the cloud into files
MIS Impact Report - November, 2011
The startup is seeking differentiators in the cloud file-sharing arena with sophisticated plug-ins for Office apps, support for a wide variety of file formats and some features IT might like, as well.
Will well-funded Dropbox head into the enterprise?
MIS Impact Report - November, 2011
The online file-sharing and -synching company has raised a whopping $250m in funding, surged from four million users in early 2010 to more than 46 million today, and launched an offering for the SMB market. What will it do next?
Alfresco looks to the cloud and mobile to expand ECM market opportunity
MIS Impact Report - November, 2011
The open source player continues to grow its revenue and base of enterprise subscription customers; a planned cloud offering may further diversify its base.
Central Desktop looks to take SocialBridge to marketing organizations and agencies
MIS Impact Report - November, 2011
This six-year-old SaaS player is looking at how to capture some of the growing interest in cloud-based file sharing and collaboration – is its vertical focus the answer?
Nuxeo focuses on open source ECM platform while also moving to cloud
MIS Market Development - October, 2011
The 10-year-old vendor's ECM platform is particularly appealing to developers, so it's looking at how to best serve that audience – on-premises and in the cloud.
With Siteforce, salesforce.com steps into WCM
MIS Market Development - October, 2011
The SaaS CRM giant is at last making a play in the Web content management market, a seemingly natural fit, as WCM becomes more of a marketing function.
Metalogix builds SharePoint business with focus on migration and storage management
MIS Impact Report - October, 2011
Claiming 100% growth in its SharePoint business quarter-over-quarter, this 10-year-old vendor reports finding the market to be a 'SharePoint a palooza' at the moment.
Citrix enters online file-sharing and storage arena with ShareFile acquisition
TDM Deal Analysis - October, 2011
Making what it calls a 'cloud data investment,' Citrix picks up cloud-based file-sharing and storage vendor ShareFile.
With lots of money in the bank, Box takes aim at the enterprise
MIS Market Development - October, 2011
Its fourth funding round – a staggering $81m – is finally closed, and the darling of the cloud file-sharing world will continue its march into enterprises. Potential competitors abound, but can anyone stop Box's roll?
Adobe refines strategies for customer experience management
MIS Impact Report - September, 2011
While recent quarterly results weren't quite what Adobe had expected for its enterprise products, the company is otherwise moving ahead with customer experience offerings. Maybe tighter alignment with Omniture going forward will help.
Liferay updates popular open source portal, positions as broader platform
MIS Market Development - September, 2011
It appears that growth has started to accelerate for the seven-year-old company, which has started to solidify its business model on the back of its popular open source efforts. Will it now be more than a portal play?
Percussion sticks to its guns in WCM as market shifts around it
MIS Impact Report - September, 2011
An increasingly rare breed, Percussion is an independent WCM player with more than a decade of history in this sector. Rather than expanding to 'Web experience,' it wants to simplify WCM technology that it sees as still too complex.
Competitors fill the cloud with alternatives to SharePoint
MIS Spotlight - September, 2011
While on-premises adoption of Microsoft SharePoint appears to be continuing apace, there are several cloud-based alternatives, some of which seem to be seeing good growth. Does SharePoint's challenge come from the cloud?
Huddle draws a crowd as cloud-based alternative to SharePoint
MIS Impact Report - September, 2011
This UK-based startup shifted to content-based team collab and project management from its more social start. It is gaining some traction, particularly with government. Can it stand out from the crowd?
eZ Systems chooses personalization engine, as open source moves into 'Web experience'
MIS Market Development - August, 2011
The acquisition of the recommendations engine YOUCHOOSE by an open source WCM player is notable both for boosting eZ's 'enterprise' services – and for showing how open source is moving into Web experience management.
Enterprise social software player Jive Software files for $100m IPO
TDM Debut IQ - August, 2011
Other tech companies may be pulling their offerings, but Jive just put in its paperwork. And it should get a reasonably warm welcome when it does go out, at least as we look back on a somewhat comparable offering earlier this year.