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Six Degrees continues its spending spree, buying UK firm Aurora Networks
HITS Insight - September, 2012
In its sixth acquisition of the year, Six Degrees acquired Aurora Networks, a unified communications integrator based in London.
Savvis announces Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem program
HITS Insight - September, 2012
An ecosystem, to a customer, represents a one-stop shop for needs, and at its crux are solid partnerships, deep integration and easy and automatic implementation.This is what Savvis is looking to accomplish with the program.
Rackspace acquires Mailgun; shoots for hosted app dev appeal
HITS Insight - August, 2012
Another small acquisition for a big value-added service. Rackspace enhances the product portfolio, bringing in email integration for apps through Mailgun.
Cloud wins for Fogo, Immedion, Online Tech
HITS Insight - August, 2012
Three local wins for providers wearing many hats: colocation, cloud and managed services.
Endurance Intl makes another huge splash; acquires Intuit's Web hosting business
HITS Insight - August, 2012
Endurance makes another big acquisition, picking up Intuit's Web hosting business. Intuit's Web hosting is believed to be above $70m; combined with the HostGator acquisition, Endurance has added significant scale in short order.
iomart continues acquisition spree with managed hoster Melbourne Server Hosting
HITS Insight - August, 2012
The summer of acquisitions continues, with iomart picking up a managed hoster in the north of England.
A closer look at GreenButton
HITS Insight - August, 2012
GreenButton has acted as mission control for a variety of massive cloud jobs in the entertainment industry and is looking to further productize its offering. The company's novel approach to job cost prediction is the lead arrow in its quiver.
Layered Tech acquires NEW WORLD APPS; federal game upped considerably
HITS Insight - August, 2012
The compliance-focused hoster brings in a key FISMA leg to join its HIPAA and PCI legs. NEW WORLD APPS gives it an instant Federal Business Unit, and synergies are already there.
Web Drive acquires two rivals in New Zealand: FlexiHost and part of Hosting Direct
HITS Insight - August, 2012
There's been a lot of M&A activity among hosting firms recently. New Zealand has not been left out - host Web Drive bought two firms there in July, FlexiHost and Open Host.
XBT Holding/WEBZILLA continues international hosting push with 8 to Infinity acquisition
HITS Insight - August, 2012
XBT, which recently bought in Luxembourg, now has a key hosting piece in Singapore's 8 to Infinity. We don't expect the international expansion to stop any time soon.
Weather Investments II acquires cloud aggregator intY
HITS Insight - August, 2012
Weather Investments II sounds like an appropriate firm to invest in the cloud, and so it has, buying cloud aggregator intY. Cloud aggregation has been drawing attention from providers; now investors are interested as well.
Cloud wins: Windstream Hosted Solutions, EasyStreet, Parallels and Dell
HITS Insight - August, 2012
A win from a vertical-specific cloud, a win demonstrating how important IaaS is in the portfolio and a win for Parallels Automation in Dell.
Apptix Q2 earnings; has a shift in strategy shown up in the numbers yet?
HITS Insight - August, 2012
Apptix reports Q2 earnings: the company has been focused on a channel-first strategy as well as a move upmarket. Is it working? Q2 earnings: enjoying the benefits of its Network Solutions buy
HITS Insight - August, 2012 continues to have a spring in its step following its purchase of Network Solutions. Net subscribers are up, ARPU is up and churn is down; a sea change from a couple of quarters ago.
ProfitBricks looks to be a new generation of IaaS provider
HITS Insight - July, 2012
German firm ProfitBricks may turn out to be a new generation of IaaS provider.
Hosting wins for Easyspace, SoftLayer, Terremark
HITS Insight - July, 2012
A win in Brazil for Terremark, SoftLayer nabs three, Easyspace eases brand protection with domain hosting.
AppDirect powers Rackspace's marketplace; also lands $8.5m funding
HITS Insight - July, 2012
AppDirect lands a big fish, helping Rackspace power its marketplace. It also has a fresh $8.5m to help power its growth.
Go Daddy outright adds hosted accounting with Outright acquisition
HITS Insight - July, 2012
What is the next logical area for mass-market hosters to expand? Hosted accounting services is right at the top, and Go Daddy addresses it through acquisition.
HostingCon: M&A trends and advice for hosting companies
HITS Insight - July, 2012
HostingCon is happening this week in Boston so we will be looking at some of the latest trends and announcements noted there. First up, the M&A panel.
Peak 10 looking to boost its channel partner revenue
HITS Insight - July, 2012
The partner channel is as important as ever, especially as providers move up the stack.
Cloud win roundup: Rackspace, ViaWest, Latisys
HITS Insight - July, 2012
Wins from Rackspace, ViaWest, Latisys for all three companies' cloud ambitions.
eNovance cloud expands into Montreal; colocation in Montreal
HITS Insight - June, 2012
eNovance has a solid cloud story built on open source foundations. Looking to expand into North America, its needs were met on all but one front. Montreal, France wants you to get your colocation game together.
Parallels Plesk 11 more of a centerpiece to hosted business enablement
HITS Insight - June, 2012
Plesk 11 looks to not only be a hosting control panel, but a hosting business control panel.
Two high-growth hosters beef up their talent - SingleHop and Media Temple
HITS Insight - June, 2012
Media Temple and SingleHop both have beefed up their executive muscle in preparation for growth.
The great gTLD (virtual) landgrab is afoot, and it's .bonkers
HITS Insight - June, 2012
ICANN's new generic top level domain program is accepting applications. What are the benefits and issues? What are some notable early bids?
Future Hosting sees diverse, healthy uptake of dedicated hosting services
HITS Insight - June, 2012
Future Hosting has had success in the dedicated hosting and virtual server markets by establishing geographic diversity. The company is adding more automation into its platform and working to formalize a cloud offering to keep up with competition.
Hosting win roundup: PEER 1, NaviSite, Online Tech
HITS Insight - June, 2012
Three wins from PEER 1 Hosting, NaviSite and Online Tech show continued demand not just for cloud, but for services above and beyond what a public cloud provides.
GoGrid launches private cloud service in Amsterdam; big win with Orange
HITS Insight - June, 2012
GoGrid launches its private cloud service in Amsterdam with a nice win in Orange to kick it off. Its international business continues to be a bright spot for the company.
ServerCentral launches 'high-performance' cloud
HITS Insight - June, 2012
Chicago-based datacenter services provider ServerCentral has opened a new line of cloud computing infrastructure services built on the company's own IP and hardware that ServerCentral says can outperform public cloud environments and offer 100% uptime.
Parallels Automation 5.4 in general availability; hosted PBX and Lync big adds
HITS Insight - June, 2012
Parallels Automation 5.4 adds Hosted PBX and Lync as part of service providers' potential arsenal in moving into complementary services.
Endurance International selects Open-Xchange for 2m customers; 10m email accounts
HITS Insight - June, 2012
Open-Xchange lands yet another top 20 mass-market hosting global provider in terms of market share. Open-Xchange continues a long string of sales to big players in the hosting and telecommunications sectors.
Standing Cloud offers app marketplace 'in a box' for IaaS providers
MIS Impact Report - May, 2012
As the dash to PaaS gathers pace, app marketplaces are where the action is, and Standing Cloud has launched a ready-built application marketplace for cloud service providers.
Intermedia update: 470,000 Exchange users, broader services strategy working
HITS Insight - May, 2012
Intermedia is growing at a significant clip, and is exemplifying how hosted Exchange can fit into a provider's larger strategy.
Nirvanix doubles down on innovation as it raises fresh funds
MIS Impact Report - May, 2012
The fast-growing cloud storage specialist believes it has a significant technology lead on rivals, and is hoping to keep ahead by continuing to invest in new capabilities for managing data at scale.


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