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2011 preview – Applications (Part 2)
HITS Insight - January, 2011
2011 preview – Applications (Part 1)
HITS Insight - January, 2011
With latest buy, Lawson hopes to further Enwisen itself about HCM and SaaS
TDM Deal Analysis - December, 2010
The ERP software vendor is acquiring its human resources service delivery partner. Besides getting deeper into HR, buying Enwisen also nets Lawson, a largely on-premises apps player, some added SaaS firepower.
Teradata reaches for Aprimo, plans to marry analytics to marketing
TDM Deal Analysis - December, 2010
Looking to build on its data-warehousing origins, Teradata has announced its first major acquisition. The $525m purchase of Aprimo should help Teradata stay competitive with IBM, which has been buying up businesses with a similar strategy in mind.
Spreading the appeal: xTuple aims its ERP apps at both smaller and larger user targets
MIS Impact Report - December, 2010
The commercial open source ERP apps vendor has traditionally focused on SMBs. With an increased emphasis on usability and tighter integration, xTuple now looks to widen its audience at both the low and high ends of the apps market.
A smaller fish in large applications pond, OpenERP swims to SMB waters with open source
MIS Impact Report - December, 2010
OpenERP believes its modular, commercial open source software approach can drive traction in the business applications market, particularly among small and midsized organizations.
2011 preview – Applications
MIS Reviews / Previews - December, 2010
Here we highlight the major areas in applications that we expect to be driving industry innovation in 2011.
salesforce.com pays diamond price for Ruby: Does Heroku give it developer street cred?
TDM Deal Analysis - December, 2010
In its largest deal to date, the SaaS CRM player buys into the Ruby on Rails arena. Salesforce.com had already forged a Java partnership and now, with Heroku, owns a second cloud PaaS alongside Force.com. How will this openness play with developers?
Xactly OEMs Force.com to expand SMB sales compensation usage
MIS Market Development - December, 2010
The SaaS player is aiming to push sales compensation management into more mainstream use. With the second release of its low-end Express app, Xactly is reselling the platform it's built on, Force.com, to also target non-salesforce CRM users.
NetSuite's big services bet: acquired OpenAir now part and parcel of ERP player's cloud
TDM Post-Merger IQ - November, 2010
The SaaS apps suite player has made two purchases in its 12 years in business, both in the area of professional services automation. We look at how those buys have settled at NetSuite and assess the importance of the PSA business to the ERP vendor.
Apps player Zoho seeks an extra Support-ive role as it debuts helpdesk software
MIS Market Development - November, 2010
The online desktop and business apps player has added another member to its growing product family: Zoho Support, a customer-support helpdesk. The software comes in a variety of editions, and Zoho also intends to showcase it on Google Apps Marketplace.
Call centers in the cloud: inContact finishes up its cumulative transition
MIS Impact Report - November, 2010
Through a combination of in-house development, M&A and partnerships, the public company has built out and grown its SaaS call-center software business. InContact is now poised to add further channel capabilities and expand its geographic presence.
Oracle aims for CRM, retail and e-commerce unity with purchase of Art Technology Group
TDM Deal Analysis - November, 2010
The enterprise vendor has turned its M&A focus toward e-commerce in a bid to better marry those technologies with its own CRM software. Oracle sees the acquisition of ATG as a way to provide its customers with more cross-channel commerce capabilities.
Prepare the on-ramps? Apps vendors still struggle with how to reach small businesses
MIS Spotlight - October, 2010
CRM and ERP software vendors that gradually scale their businesses upmarket may face tough decisions about the fate of their initial smaller-sized customers. We take a look at some ways apps players have tried (and sometimes failed) to retain such users.
Oracle stresses current CRM, ERP coexistence as it readies first Fusion Applications
MIS Impact Report - October, 2010
As the enterprise software player prepares to make new apps available in Q1 2011, it's changed aspects of their positioning. We look at Oracle's promises for the debut of Fusion Applications, its largest-ever development project, lasting five-plus years.
Speedier by design? SAP takes more packaged approach to on-premises apps deployment
MIS Market Development - September, 2010
The business software player has a new take on bundling its on-premises apps and services – Rapid Deployment Solutions. By getting users up and running more quickly than in the past, SAP hopes to counter some of the appeal of SaaS apps pure plays.
Workday flexes its competitive muscle and works toward a full-blown ERP suite
MIS Impact Report - September, 2010
The SaaS HCM startup is ready to rumble with its on-premises and on-demand apps rivals. Workday highlights embedded analytics and integration along with in-memory databases and multi-tenancy as part of a more aggressive approach to its competition.
As the talent management market consolidates, SumTotal adds Softscape to complete suite
TDM Deal Analysis - September, 2010
The learning management player has acquired a sometime rival with a wider product portfolio to try to develop a broader talent management suite. SumTotal hopes the addition of Softscape's software will increase its appeal to current and future users.
Got Moxie? SaaSy nGenera plays name-changing game in bid to unify apps, raise profile
MIS Market Development - September, 2010
The collaboration and service automation software vendor is rebranding again to garner more attention for its rationalized product set and its company. As Moxie Software, nGenera hopes to be more focused on the engagement arena.
M&A prospects in the world of open source content management
TDM Sector IQ - September, 2010
There was an open source angle to Adobe's recent pickup of Day Software, but it wasn't the primary driver and Adobe clearly didn't choose a pure open source target. Who will?
Taleo buys partner Learn.com to widen the scope of its talent management suite
TDM Deal Analysis - September, 2010
The SaaS talent management firm has turned to M&A again to help it enter a new market, a year since its last purchase won it a foothold in compensation management. Taleo sees its Learn.com buy as providing the fourth missing piece of its TM suite.
ReachForce expands its focus to become a more complete data-as-a-service player
MIS Impact Report - August, 2010
A good deal has changed at the SaaS B2B lead-generation startup since we profiled it last. ReachForce now describes itself as a DaaS wannabe, and is filling in a contact management lifecycle strategy with new apps like relationship management.
Will the need for more flexible billing drive M&A in subscription management?
TDM Sector IQ - August, 2010
Google's recent acquisition of Jambool may cause other vendors to reexamine their own infrastructure. We expect to see a series of deals in the subscription management arena as players open their wallets to bring more expertise in-house.
Is WEM the new WCM?
MIS Spotlight - August, 2010
Vendors like IBM and Adobe are jumping on the 'Web experience' bandwagon, and this has us wondering: Is WCM growing up to be something more, or is WEM just a lot of marketing for marketers?
IBM plants Big Blue kiss on marketing automation space as it nabs EMM veteran Unica
TDM Deal Analysis - August, 2010
Big Blue becomes the latest large software vendor to embrace marketing automation and the one to make the biggest investment by far into that still-emerging market. How might IBM's purchase of Unica impact the MA sector as well as the overall CRM space?
New day to dawn at Adobe as it acquires Web content management player Day Software
TDM Deal Analysis - July, 2010
As the content creation tools giant builds out a customer experience management platform, one gaping hole has been obvious – the lack of its own WCM. With the purchase of Day, Adobe will fill that gap and gain a lot more open source expertise.
workstreamer aims to tune multitude of business data channels into a single signal
MIS Impact Report - July, 2010
With the amount of information assailing users continuing to rise dramatically, it\'s no surprise to see startups try to tackle head-on how to keep up-to-date with data. Workstreamer is one such new outfit with its own particular take on the issue.
Parature is a Facebook fan: SaaS service firm views social network as support channel
MIS Impact Report - July, 2010
The service automation vendor is rolling out software so firms can assist customers via their company or product Facebook fan page. Parature sees the social network as a natural additional support channel, potentially becoming more significant in time.
Jive strikes a balance between flash and substance as it takes on rivals new and old
MIS Impact Report - June, 2010
The hype and hyperbole from Jive Software has been notable lately – no small feat for a vendor in the much-hyped world of social software. Is it justified?
The year of living vertically? NetSuite moves deeper into manufacturing, e-commerce
MIS Impact Report - June, 2010
One core focus for the SaaS apps suite vendor in 2010 is providing more sophisticated industry-specific versions of its software. In order to expand its manufacturing and e-commerce capabilities, NetSuite has worked closely with several of its partners.
Are all of the M&A deals in WCM done?
TDM Sector IQ - June, 2010
We haven\'t seen a WCM-related deal since Open Text picked up Vignette in May 2009, yet there are still a number of independents in this space. Is no one shopping?
IBM buys into marketing optimization with purchase of Web analytics firm Coremetrics
TDM Deal Analysis - June, 2010
Big Blue\'s latest purchase provides yet another boost for the emerging marketing automation software sector, specifically in online analytics. IBM sees Coremetrics as the missing piece in its ongoing so-called \'dynamic business networks\' M&A strategy.
Heading skyward? Consona buys open source firm Compiere to move ERP into the cloud
TDM Deal Analysis - June, 2010
The business apps vendor has already laid out cloud plans for its CRM software, but has lacked any road map for its ERP apps. Consona sees commercial open source ERP player Compiere as its ticket into the clouds, particularly its purchase\'s platform.
The Jigsaw effect: Does salesforce.com\'s DaaS buy put other data providers in play?
TDM Sector IQ - May, 2010
The recent pickup of business directory player Jigsaw Data is the SaaS CRM vendor\'s largest deal to date. We wonder if other apps firms will seek to emulate salesforce.com\'s example and use M&A to gain their own entrées into the data-as-a-service arena.
Taking CRM to court? War of words escalates between rivals Microsoft, salesforce.com
MIS Market Development - May, 2010
The two vendors butt heads more often as salesforce.com expands into areas already occupied by the software giant and Microsoft grows more aggressive about CRM, the SaaS pure play\'s core business. Now, a patent lawsuit is stoking the competitive fires.
Oracle puts seal of approval on marketing automation sector with Market2Lead assets buy
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2010
The enterprise apps player is among the first CRM vendors to pick up marketing automation software. Will the acquisition of Market2Lead\'s IP assets spur Oracle\'s CRM rivals to go shopping in the bustling marketing automation arena?
On the hunt for social-media monitoring and analytics, Lithium lands Scout Labs
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2010
If the recession has taught companies anything, it\'s that they need to engage with their customers as much as possible. Community builder Lithium Technologies aims to improve its ability to tap into user opinion by buying social-media player Scout Labs.
SAP makes multibillion-dollar bet on mobility with acquisition of Sybase
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2010
SAP is buying Sybase to obtain in-memory database technology, and to control the mobilization of its software offerings. We discuss the financial, database, mobile, apps and historical details of this deal.
Building social bridges: nGenera CIM 9.0 hooks into parent\'s collaboration software
MIS Impact Report - May, 2010
The SaaS apps and consultancy vendor has tended to run its customer interaction management business at arm\'s length from the rest of its operations. For the first time, it is forging links between its CIM software and its core collaboration platform.