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Jeff Paschke
Research Director, Multi-Tenant Datacenters

Jeff Paschke joined 451 Research in July 2008 as a Senior Research Analyst covering datacenters. Prior to joining Tier1, Jeff spent more than 15 years managing datacenters and overseeing IT operations for diverse Fortune 500 companies.

For more than five years, Jeff managed datacenters for Capital One Financial. Before Capital One, he spent more than 10 years as a consultant advising Fortune 500 clients on re-architecting and redesigning datacenter infrastructures, processes, tools and organizations. Jeff started his career in the defense industry, deploying and managing computer networks for General Dynamics.

Jeff holds a BS in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Reports by this Analyst

European datacenter roundup: NGD in Wales, FASTWEB in Italy, DataPro in Russia
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
Multi-tenant datacenter build activity in emerging European markets looks to be picking up, with the latest activity by Next Generation Data in Wales, FASTWEB in Italy and DataPro in Russia.
Teraco to build $41.2m datacenter in Johannesburg in response to demand
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
MTDC provider Teraco Data Environments is building a 53,820-square-foot datacenter in Johannesburg, which is the company's second datacenter in the city and fourth in South Africa. The company recently raised $32.9m to help fund the new datacenter, which is planned to open in 2017.
AT&T and Verizon turn in Q1 results with growth in wireless and triple-play
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
In Q1, both AT&T and Verizon continued to see wireless and triple-play services as growth engines. AT&T continues to experience more growth than Verizon in strategic services, which includes colocation, hosting and cloud services.
Netmagic building its fifth datacenter in Mumbai
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
In response to continued demand for datacenter and cloud services from customers, Netmagic is building its ninth datacenter in India, to open in Q3. The new Mumbai datacenter will provide the entire range of Netmagic services.
LDeX building its second datacenter in Manchester
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
The company is adding a 20,000-square-foot datacenter in Manchester based on an uptick in demand for colocation services. The new datacenter will be the company's second in the UK.
MTDC provider capex trends and guidance: 2009-2015
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
Total capex spending at eight public datacenter providers is expected to decrease only 0.7% in 2015 compared to last year, with guidance from the Q4 earnings reports showing capex spending remaining nearly flat compared to last year.
Pi Data Centers building $96m datacenter in Mangalagiri, India
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The startup is building a new greenfield datacenter in Mangalagiri to open by Q2 2016, which will offer colocation and cloud services. The location of the facility is near the planned new capital city of Andhra Pradesh.
Colt's revised business strategy positions the company for a return to growth
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company was challenged in 2014, with an overall 5.1% decline in revenue. Colt now has a revised business strategy dividing the company into new lines of business, with a goal of returning to revenue growth.
Philippines new datacenter roundup: PLDT and Globe Telecom
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
Both firms are expanding their datacenter footprints in the fledgling market in the Philippines, driven by solid demand from customers. PLDT is building its seventh datacenter to open in late 2015 with plans to add an eighth facility in 2016, while Globe recently opened a datacenter in Cavite.
The mega-datacenter battle update: Internet giants increased capex in 2014
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft continue to invest heavily in building out mega-datacenters globally, with capital spending at the four companies in 2014 increasing 31% over 2013. We expect a higher level of capex spending to continue over the few years for these companies.
Alestra encounters IT success in Mexico; adding datacenter in Querétaro
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The provider continues to have success in growing its IT services business in Mexico. Continued solid demand in Mexico is driving the company to build a second datacenter in Querétaro, which is planned to open in January 2016 with an initial phase of 19,375 square feet.
Videotron acquires Quebec-based datacenter provider 4Degrees
TDM Deal Analysis - March, 2015
The Quebec-based telco is acquiring 4Degrees Colocation with a single datacenter in Quebec City. With the acquisition, the company is looking to offer bundled services including datacenter services to its business customers.
ALOG rebrands as Equinix in Brazil to emphasize global capabilities
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
ALOG will now operate its datacenters in Brazil under the Equinix brand. With the move, Equinix will be more heavily marketing to companies in Brazil its carrier neutrality as well as its global datacenter footprint and connectivity to 1,000+ network providers and 450+ cloud suppliers.
Colt Group turns in FY2014 results with continued revenue challenges
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
Challenges in voice services and underlying profitability remain - the pan-European managed services provider reported a drop in revenue and decline in EBITDA compared with 2013. Datacenter services were a bright spot, with revenue up 8% in the year.
TelecityGroup building its fourth datacenter in Dublin
HITS Insight - February, 2015
An increase in demand has driven TelecityGroup to build its fourth datacenter in Dublin, with a first phase opening in summer. The facility will support 2,500 square meters of datacenter space for customers.
Apple invests $1.9bn to build datacenters in Ireland and Denmark
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company is building two large datacenters with an investment of €1.7 ($1.9bn). Both of the new facilities, planned to open in 2017, will be powered by 100% renewable energy. They will be used to support Apple's online services for its customers in Europe.
Equinix reports solid Q4 results with 16 expansions underway
HITS Insight - February, 2015
Revenue in the quarter beat guidance, up 13% Y/Y. Equinix has 16 datacenter expansions underway globally, including six new expansions. With the company now operating as a REIT, Equinix will start paying is first dividend of $1.69 per share in Q1.
Apple invests $2bn to build datacenter in Arizona, plus $848m in solar farm
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company is building a new $2bn datacenter in a former 1.3-million-square-foot manufacturing plant in Phoenix, which originally was intended to produce sapphire screens for Apple products. Apple is also investing $848m for power from a solar farm in California.
Zayo reports solid Q4 2014 results, with Latisys acquisition pending
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company reported solid results in its CY Q4 2014 earnings, with revenue up 16.9% Y/Y. The pending Latisys acquisition is expected to close in Q1, which will increase the company's datacenter footprint by nearly 60%.
Vocus Communications buys two datacenters in Australia from Enterprise Data
HITS Insight - February, 2015
In a deal valued at $18.4m, Vocus Communications is buying two datacenters plus business-continuity operations in Australia from Enterprise Data Corporation. The two datacenters are located in Sydney and Melbourne and have capacity for additional growth, according to Vocus.
Digital Realty closes out 2014 with leasing success and construction in 10 markets
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company's Q4 results showed total revenue up 8.2% Y/Y. Digital Realty continues to have leasing success, signing leases in Q4 representing $45.9m in annualized revenue. It has datacenter construction under way in 10 markets.
Level 3 Communications turns in Q4 results with solid CNS revenue growth
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The firm reported Q4 results with pro forma total revenue (including tw telecom) up 0.7% Q/Q and up 3.3% Y/Y. Pro forma enterprise CNS revenue was up 7.6% Y/Y. Colocation and datacenter services revenue in Q4 was down 1.9% Q/Q and down 5.5% Y/Y due to some large customer churn as well as foreign currency exchange impacts.
SUNeVision (iAdvantage) reports calendar Q4 2014 results with Q/Q revenue decline
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The Hong Kong-based datacenter provider reported calendar Q4 results, with revenue down 0.9% Q/Q but up 5.6% Y/Y. Construction of SUNeVision's newest datacenter facility in Tseung Kwan O continues with a planned opening in 2017.
T-Systems encounters IT services success in Brazil
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The company has been experiencing rapid growth in Brazil, with a focus on the manufacturing, automotive, finance, retail, health, energy and transportation sectors. In 2013, T-Systems experienced revenue growth of approximately 30% in Brazil.
AT&T and Verizon turn in Q4 results with continued growth in wireless
HITS Insight - January, 2015
In Q4, both AT&T and Verizon continued to see wireless and triple-play services as growth engines. AT&T is experiencing more growth than Verizon in strategic services, which includes colocation, hosting and cloud services. AT&T also is expanding to Mexico with two recent acquisitions.
ESDS Software Solution building five datacenters in India and the UK
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The company plans to aggressively expand by building five new datacenters over the next two years: three in India and two in the UK. The company is experiencing solid demand for datacenter, hosting and cloud services, which drove the decision to add datacenter capacity.
Rostelecom acquires majority stake in SAFEDATA
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The Russian telco has acquired a 50.1% stake in LLC Data Storage Centre (operating under the SAFEDATA brand) in a deal valued at $28m. SAFEDATA is a multi-tenant datacenter provider with two datacenters located in Moscow.
451 Research publishes Brazil MTDC Market Assessment report
HITS Insight - January, 2015
This new report represents our second look at the emerging multi-tenant datacenter market in Brazil, which is poised for rapid growth. The report spotlights various prominent MTDC providers in Brazil and provides a market outlook for each.
Expedient opening Memphis datacenter in July
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The company is on track for a July opening of its datacenter in Memphis, which is a new market for Expedient. The initial phase of the facility will support approximately 7,500 square feet of operational datacenter space for customers.
Google invests $66m to expand datacenter in Taiwan
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The company is expanding an existing datacenter in Taiwan in response to growing demand for services such as Internet searches, Gmail and YouTube. The $66m expansion is expected to open in 2015.
Digital Realty provides preliminary Q4 leasing results and 2015 guidance
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The company reported preliminary leasing results, with Q4 lease signings totaling over $45m in annualized revenue. In 2015, it expects core FFO per share to increase 1-4% over 2014, reflecting dilution from its capital-recycling program and headwinds from foreign currency translation.
MainOne opening Tier III-certified datacenter in Nigeria in January
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The telecommunications provider is opening a new $40m Tier III-certified datacenter, with capacity for 600 cabinets. MainOne built the facility to meet the growing demand it has been experiencing for colocation, managed services and network services in Nigeria.
BT opens Tier IV-certified datacenter in Colombia
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The company has opened the first Tier IV-certified datacenter in Colombia in response to solid demand from customers. The initial phase of the facility supports 700 square meters of operational datacenter space.
451 Research publishes Pacific Alliance MTDC Market Assessment report
HITS Insight - December, 2014
This new report represents our first look at the emerging multi-tenant datacenter markets in the Pacific Alliance region of Latin America, which includes Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
Telin building datacenter in Jurong Data Centre Park in Singapore
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The Telkom Indonesia subsidiary is building a new datacenter in Singapore that is planned to open in Q4 2016. The facility is being built to support Telkom Indonesia's regional growth and its international network expansion in response to customers' growing demand.
Ascenty closes $130m in financing to expand datacenter footprint in Brazil
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The provider is growing rapidly with new financing, which will be used to build three new datacenters. By the end of 2015, Ascenty plans to have five datacenters open in Brazil. We expect the company likely will quickly sell the initial phases of its new facilities.
C Spire opens $23m datacenter in northeast Mississippi
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The telecommunications provider has opened the first Tier-certified datacenter in Mississippi, located in the small town of Starkville. Considering the small size of the local market, C Spire is casting a wide net looking for customers for the new facility.
Keppel DC REIT is the first datacenter operator IPO of 2014
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The company went public in Singapore and is the first multi-tenant datacenter IPO of the year. Keppel also becomes the first public pure-play datacenter REIT in Asia. We expect to see more acquisition activity from the company post-IPO.
The colocation market – a $25bn juggernaut with a very long tail
MIS Spotlight - December, 2014
Data from 451 Research's Datacenter KnowledgeBase, a database tracking nearly 3,700 colocation and wholesale facilities globally, points to a $25bn colocation market generated by a diverse collection of 1,000+ providers operating an even more diverse set of datacenters.
Update on MTDC-provider capex trends and guidance: 2009-2014
HITS Insight - December, 2014
Total capex at eight public datacenter providers is now expected to increase 2.4% Y/Y, with guidance from the latest Q3 earnings reports showing capex remaining relatively steady compared with 2013.


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