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Chris Hazelton
Research Director, Enterprise Mobility

As part of 451 Research's Mobility team, Chris runs the Enterprise Mobility Channel, which covers hardware, software, and services for the enterprise mobility market. Chris' research focuses on enterprise mobility management and mobile productivity tools for smartphones and tablets in business. He is primarily interested in the shift in enterprise computing from desktop to mobile.

Prior to joining 451 Research, Chris covered worldwide smartphone trends for IDC. He focused on the convergence of mobile air interface technologies and advances in device component technologies which impacted the designs and capabilities of smartphones in both consumer and enterprise markets.

Chris has been quoted on mobile technology issues by publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CBS, ComputerWorld, Fox Business, InformationWeek, Investors Business Daily, MacWorld, TheStreet, Reuters and Wired. He sits on the Editorial Advisory Board for Mobile Enterprise Magazine. Chris has presented and moderated panels at numerous events such as CES, CTIA, venture capital tech days, as well as serving as director for 451?s Client Conference.

Chris earned his MBA and MS in Information Systems from Boston University. During his graduate course work, Chris conducted market research for Lucent Technologies, leading a team in the development of a demand creation strategy for 3G data services. Chris also received a BS in business from University of Richmond with a concentration in finance.

Reports by this Analyst

Google wants Android for Work to bring consistency to the mobile enterprise
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company is putting in place a common management framework for device vendors and enterprise mobility management to support Android devices in the enterprise. We explore Android for Work and what it means for IT, EMM vendors and the mobile market.
Kaspersky Lab's big announcements presage its strategy shift
MIS Impact Report - February, 2015
They say only Nixon could go to China, and only Kaspersky Lab could position itself as the counterbalance to North American-based security research. It's walking a careful line between using its research to advance its marketing message and backing that up with technical and intelligence expertise.
Microsoft's move to mobile with Windows 10
MIS Impact Report - January, 2015
We explore Microsoft's latest operating system and its impact on the mobile enterprise as it seeks to retain its place in the enterprise and drive consumer adoption of Windows devices. Can it motivate ISVs and enterprise developers to build for all Windows devices?
BlackBerry goes back to its roots with BlackBerry Classic smartphone
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
We detail what we consider BlackBerry's best smartphone to date, discuss what it means for the company as a device and enterprise mobility management provider, and assess its potential impact on the market. Could the Classic be what holdouts have been waiting for?
Microsoft acquires mobile messaging vendor Acompli to provide a more Focused Inbox
TDM Deal Analysis - December, 2014
Microsoft has picked up mobile email container vendor Acompli, whose app provides a more user-focused approach to messaging. We detail the drivers for why this company will help drive Microsoft's mobile strategy in the enterprise.
Webalo inks its first OEM deal with GE Intelligent Platforms
MIS Impact Report - November, 2014
GE Intelligent Platforms has leveraged Webalo to develop GE Proficy Scorecard, a mobile application that generates real-time views of information from multiple data sources to provide actionable 'scorecards' for all departments in an organization.
BlackBerry builds ecosystem with Samsung, and gets serious about business with BES12
MIS Impact Report - November, 2014
Is BlackBerry back? The company has announced a large number of offerings and partnerships to build an ecosystem around its new BES12 enterprise mobility management offering, signaling the company's return to its roots with a focus on the enterprise.
Lessons learned at 451 Research Enterprise IT Mobility Summit
MIS Spotlight - October, 2014
451 Research recently hosted 60 IT decision-makers at an Executive IT Mobility Summit in New York. The focus of the event was on driving mobile productivity in the enterprise, and identifying key areas of innovation that IT leaders will encounter in the coming years.
TITUS injects some color into the black-and-white world of mobile email security
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
As more corporate data sits alongside personal data on mobile devices, user awareness about data sensitivity will only become more important. Here we explore TITUS' offering for securing corporate data on consumer-centric devices.
Symantec splits to grow security and data management businesses
MIS Impact Report - October, 2014
We detail the drivers, mechanics and impact of Symantec's split into two independent public companies in order to take on the security and data management markets.
Pulse Secure invests in enterprise mobility future with acquisition of MobileSpaces
TDM Deal Analysis - October, 2014
After completing the acquisition of the Junos Pulse assets from Juniper Networks, Siris Capital announced that it has rebranded the business as Pulse Secure. Signaling continued investment, Pulse Secure announced the acquisition of MobileSpaces
Centrify powers identity and mobile management for tiered Samsung KNOX offerings
MIS Impact Report - September, 2014
Samsung has added three tiers for its enterprise mobility management offering – targeting users, SMBs and large enterprises. With Centrify's IAM technology, the company is looking to expand its presence in the mobile enterprise segment.
Enterprise IT Spotlight: enterprise mobility management
MIS Spotlight - September, 2014
To thrive in today's always connected world, you need to evolve your company's mobile strategy from one that is opportunistic and decentralized to one that is strategic – targeting a range of employee and customer use cases across your organization. Assembling the right set of management tools and effectively delivering mobile capabilities should be a top priority for IT leaders.
Apperian makes employees the new front line of user acceptance testing
MIS Impact Report - August, 2014
Testing has always been a pain point for mobilizing enterprises, but even more so in a mobile world where user expectations are so high. Mobile app management provider Apperian is looking to address challenges by driving a new vision for user acceptance testing for mobile applications.
JAMF wants to power self-service for Apple devices in the enterprise
MIS Impact Report - August, 2014
As Mac OS and iOS gain traction in the enterprise, JAMF is looking to be the key management platform for all things Apple with its Casper Suite endpoint management tools. JAMF has focused on this once-niche market and is experiencing significant revenue growth as Apple devices take on a larger share of enterprise computing -- both mobile and desktop.
BlackBerry enhances its mobile security capabilities with Secusmart acquisition
TDM Deal Analysis - July, 2014
In an age of rampant government espionage targeting mobile communications, BlackBerry has acquired the company behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel's secure smartphone. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but we estimate that the target had revenue of $5-10m.
Sprint's managed collaboration play: Google Apps for the SMB masses
MIS Impact Report - July, 2014
Struggling to find its business mobility footing, Sprint is making a big bet that it can carve out a niche among medium-sized businesses wanting cloud collaboration services coupled with big doses of 4G and customer support handholding.
Apple turns Blue with global IBM enterprise mobility partnership
MIS Impact Report - July, 2014
In a deal that could drive enterprise mobility into mainstream IT organizations, IBM will provide key enterprise infrastructure and services to support iOS devices. The partnership will cover the entire lifecycle for mobile: delivery, support and repair for Apple hardware, and management and security for iOS devices.
Mocana launches next stage of mobile app management with Atlas
MIS Impact Report - July, 2014
The company wants to provide a consumer-grade user experience while still addressing the security needs for IT. In this report, we detail how it is seeking to address this paradox with the Mocana Atlas Extended Enterprise Platform.
Enterprise Mobility: Research agenda 2014-2015
MIS Spotlight - July, 2014
The tools employees and customers use to access and interact with corporate data are increasingly mobile, and organizations are under pressure to transform their architectures and business models to address the growing mobilization of B2B and B2C processes. We detail the trends, technologies and vendors that make up the enterprise mobility market that 451 Research, in combination with Yankee Group, will cover in 2014.
Symantec locks down mobile email container with acquisition of NitroDesk TouchDown
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2014
NitroDesk is the third mobile email vendor to be acquired in the past two weeks. We detail this latest deal and estimate the target's revenue, as well as examine what the move means for the enterprise mobility market.
Citrix focuses on mobile productivity with mobile workspaces
MIS Impact Report - May, 2014
We detail the new features of Citrix's latest mobile workspace offerings, including the latest version of its XenMobile Enterprise Mobility Management, and examine what it means for future enterprise mobility deployments.
Google looks to Divide personal and work data on mobile devices
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2014
We deliver the deal details as well as our estimates for the total cash deal value, and Divide's TTM revenue. Google believes it's getting some key IP and staff to add to its Android team.
Despite the bad IPO market, Good looks to go public
TDM Debut IQ - May, 2014
We detail the company's M&A strategy, financials and prospects for its upcoming IPO. The challenge for Good will be to convince the public markets of the future value of its enterprise mobility management products and services.
Symantec's Vision for enterprise mobility and the Internet of Things
MIS Impact Report - May, 2014
The company continues to evolve its mobility strategy. In this report, we discuss its announcements and strategy for the management of current and future mobile devices as it looks to streamline its large list of products.
Zebra buys Motorola Solutions' enterprise mobility division in $3.45bn play for IoT
TDM Deal Analysis - April, 2014
We discuss the details and drivers for this deal, which will likely have an impact on both the enterprise mobility and Internet of Things markets.
MobileIron preps IPO amid MDM consolidation
TDM Debut IQ - April, 2014
In another step of many that it has taken toward its initial public offering, the enterprise mobility management vendor has filed its S1 with the SEC. This has been a longtime goal for MobileIron, which undoubtedly rebuffed acquisition offers.
Appthority drills down into groups with mobile app risk management
MIS Impact Report - April, 2014
As the use of mobile apps in enterprises grows, we detail the company's tools designed to keep IT aware of rogue app behaviors. With the explosion of file share/sync, Appthority also has added specific tools to detect the use of cloud-based sync services.
Microsoft's CEO puts new emphasis on the cloud for iPad and enterprise mobility
MIS Impact Report - March, 2014
We detail the company's latest announcements about Office for iPad and its Enterprise Mobility Suite, the most strategic piece of infrastructure Microsoft is doing in support of the enterprise.
StarMobile transforms enterprise apps into mobile apps
MIS Impact Report - March, 2014
The company, which emerged from stealth last October, is looking to replace integrated mobile offerings with a simple and low-cost approach – we detail the advantages of its mobile app development tool.
LetMobile secures corporate email in BYOD environments
MIS Impact Report - March, 2014
We detail the startup's lightweight but secure approach to enterprise mobile computing – its product integrates with iOS's native email client so that users don't have to learn or install new email software.
Mobile World Congress 2014: enterprise mobility wrap-up
MIS Spotlight - March, 2014
With 85,000 attendees, Mobile World Congress continues to be a significant draw for vendors of all sizes targeting the enterprise. We detail the key announcements targeting the enterprise made at the 2014 Mobile World Congress.
BoxTone acquired for Good visibility into enterprise mobility infrastructure
TDM Deal Analysis - February, 2014
After discussions with executives involved in the deal, we detail the drivers and opportunities for Good Technology going forward as it looks to expand its enterprise mobility management capabilities.
Divide looks to contain enterprise data on smartphones and tablets
MIS Impact Report - February, 2014
We detail the company's efforts to carve out enterprise workspace real estate on employee-liable smartphones and tablets.
Aerohive expands network access and mobile device control options with Mobility Suite
MIS Impact Report - February, 2014
The company launches its Mobility Suite offering, which features two new applications and tighter integration with mobile device management vendors.
Lenovo acquires a mobile brand as Google shifts focus to the Internet of Things
TDM Deal Analysis - January, 2014
With the pickup of Motorola Mobility, Lenovo looks to repeat its past success with a US hardware brand. Meanwhile, Google offloads some hardware while strengthening its focus on the IoT market.
2014 M&A Outlook – Enterprise mobility
TDM Others - January, 2014
As part of our end-of-year series of M&A analysis, we look at the deals that mattered in 2013 and assess the prospects for the next 12 months in the enterprise mobility sector. Where will we see acquisitions, and who might be involved?
VMware acquires AirWatch in $1.54bn bid to expand end-user computing
TDM Deal Analysis - January, 2014
We dive into the details and drivers of the biggest EMM deal to date, which is also the largest of VMware's 37 acquisitions.
MobileSpaces secures Google apps for the mobile enterprise
MIS Impact Report - January, 2014
Building on its ability to wrap and secure any third-party mobile application, MobileSpaces is offering version 2.1 of its eponymous product, which is now able to do this for Google applications on Android devices.
Citrix acquires Framehawk to build out secure application delivery and BYOD capabilities
TDM Deal Analysis - January, 2014
When you can't rewrite that GUI application as a native mobile or tablet application, you need an alternative for securely delivering it to BYOD-giddy employees. Citrix believes Framehawk is just what the doctor ordered.


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