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Reports by this Analyst

Mi3 Security looks to visually identify mobile app risk for enterprises
MIS Impact Report - December, 2015
Is there a better way to see the risk that mobile apps pose to enterprises, and where those risks come from? In this report, we explore Mi3's approach to help IT identify risky mobile apps, as well as the relationships between apps, data sources and developers.
Graphite launches downloadable system ROM with 'Hidden Spaces' to expand BYOD support
MIS Impact Report - November, 2015
Graphite Software announced the launch of its Secure Spaces system ROM for Android. The company seeks to receive feedback from advanced users and identify new use cases to expand support for BYOD policies in the enterprise.
AirWatch buys Boxer to build workflows from mobile email
TDM Deal Analysis - October, 2015
Looking to expand its productivity software for mobile, AirWatch has grabbed mobile email container Boxer. In this report, we detail why the consumer-grade email client is important to AirWatch's roadmap.
In massive play for storage and more, Dell bets $63.1bn on EMC to reshape IT landscape
TDM Deal Analysis - October, 2015
Even as rival IT vendors are slimming down, Dell has bulked up with the massive $63.1bn purchase of EMC – the largest pure 'tech' deal of the past 15 years. The combination will create a behemoth, with multibillion-dollar businesses selling infrastructure and services even as many IT buyers are shifting their spending to the cloud.
Citrix emphasizes security for mobile apps with a MAM-first approach
MIS Impact Report - October, 2015
Citrix is looking to redefine its enterprise mobility management offering by focusing on securing and managing mobile apps. Citrix's XenMobile team is taking a 'MAM-first' strategy in terms of focus and technology.
GroundControl's automation tool aimed at ending IT pain in re-enrolling mobile devices
MIS Impact Report - October, 2015
Designed to solve what is increasingly becoming a nightmare of a problem for some mobile deployments, this automation tool could help prevent a significant drain on IT resources.
Apple partners with Cisco to push iPad deeper into the enterprise
MIS Impact Report - September, 2015
The partnership will optimize the performance and functionality available on iOS devices on Cisco-powered enterprise networks and in the hands of employees. It's part of Apple's strategy to win over the enterprise and Cisco's strategy to assure the ongoing relevance of the enterprise network.
BlackBerry picks up mobile email and apps provider Good Technology
TDM Deal Analysis - September, 2015
This deal is a strong signal that BlackBerry is back from the brink and continuing to expand its role as a mobile software vendor for enterprises. In this report, we detail how the combination of two security-focused mobile management providers will impact the market.
Nubo Software's UX over IP brings network efficiency to virtual mobile infrastructure
MIS Impact Report - August, 2015
Virtual mobile infrastructure is network dependent by design, but Nubo Software is determined to provide a near-native experience for users in highly secure deployments. We detail the technology and what makes the VMI vendor different.
Movius reinvents itself to address BYOD challenges in the enterprise
MIS Impact Report - August, 2015
The company is expanding its product strategy and reaching beyond its traditional customer base of wireline and wireless carriers. We look at how Movius' market trajectory and product innovation will affect its efforts to target the enterprise segment.
Graphite Software secures mobile banking and payments in China with Coolpad
MIS Impact Report - August, 2015
Coolpad will pre-install Graphite Software's Secure Spaces to provide a Coolpad Secure Banking Space on its Coolpad Tip-top Pro smartphones. This isolated virtualized environment will be dedicated to mobile banking and mobile payment applications.
BlackBerry's turnaround strategy for the mobile enterprise and Internet of Things
MIS Impact Report - July, 2015
At its recent Security Summit in New York, company execs were on hand to talk with analysts about its future. We detail BlackBerry's emphasis on mobility management and the Internet of Things.
Lua tackles enterprise mobile messaging with a streamlined approach
MIS Impact Report - July, 2015
The startup has developed a mobile application for secure enterprise messaging and is quickly expanding its user base. There is huge potential for enterprise mobile messaging applications, which has attracted the attention of new competitors and incumbent players.
451 Mobility Perspectives: Apple, the iPad and the Enterprise
MIS Spotlight - July, 2015
As a variety of players – from operators and device makers to over-the-top companies and more – battle for their share of the ever-evolving mobile market, we continue to focus on the key events and strategies that shape the future of the sector. In these 451 Mobility Perspectives reports, our analysis encompasses several key areas within Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Telecom.
Avast enters virtual mobile infrastructure market with acquisition of Remotium
TDM Deal Analysis - July, 2015
Looking to expand its reach into the mobile security space, Avast Software has acquired virtual mobile infrastructure provider Remotium. Avast has several desktop antivirus products, as well as mobile security offerings for consumers, yet it lacked a mobile enterprise play.
Red Hat takes aim at IoT, mobile and cloud to grow beyond Linux
MIS Spotlight - July, 2015
At Red Hat's annual summit in Boston, the company highlighted a new product built upon its FeedHenry buy, a new mobile partnership, and updated products and traction for its cloud business. Its enterprise Linux distribution remains the core moneymaker, but it is enjoying growing success with its efforts up the stack in middleware, cloud and storage.
BlackBerry spurs software revenue with mobile management and IoT
MIS Impact Report - June, 2015
We examine BlackBerry's latest earnings with particular focus on its software business that is driven by enterprise mobility management and the Internet of Things. 451 Research expects both the EMM and IoT markets to grow significantly, further powering BlackBerry's software business.
VMware expands its reach into the mobile enterprise
MIS Impact Report - June, 2015
The company's CEO and head of its End-User Computing division recently detailed at an event in San Francisco new partners and products for the mobile enterprise. Can VMware be the key partner for Apple in the enterprise?
MobileIron unveils its Mobile First strategy to support Windows 10, iOS and Android
MIS Impact Report - June, 2015
At its recent Mobile First customer conference, the company made several product and partnership announcements aimed at having its EMM offering remain a key mobility tool for IT to manage devices, content and applications.
Enterprises are looking for BETTER Mobile Security for apps
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
The mobile security vendor has taken mobile app reputation to the device, in terms of both detection and enforcement. Instead of relying on MDM vendors to enforce app usage policies, BETTER Mobile Security is able to interrupt the installation of apps before they end up on an employee's device.
Citrix wants to push the boundaries of mobile app management
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
At its annual Synergy conference, Citrix demonstrated its Dynamic Containerization technology for managing mobile apps. We discuss how it is done, the benefits and what it means for the enterprise mobility management market.
SAP SAPPHIRE NOW - simplicity now?
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
SAP's annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando is its main customer event. What was in store for the 20,000 attendees this year? The company said it was delivering a 'roadmap to simple.' Product announcements were a bit thin, but that's understandable when the biggest launch in the last 20-plus years came three months prior to the conference.
Veracode expands its MDM integration to identify and blacklist bad app(le)s
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
While one bad apple won't spoil the whole bunch, it's one you'd rather not have on your users' devices. Veracode has announced its mobile security intelligence offerings to automate blacklisting for the enterprise.
BlackBerry buys WatchDox - the start of a file-sync consolidation?
TDM Deal Analysis - April, 2015
BlackBerry has been reinventing itself as a software firm since its mobile device business hit the skids. The pickup of WatchDox is an interesting move by the company, and one that may presage more consolidation in the file-sharing space.
The top five enterprise mobility management vendors: product focus and financials
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
Enterprise mobility management is becoming a big business, but who are the biggest vendors in this space when it comes to revenue? This report details the top five largest EMM vendors by 2014 GAAP revenue according to 451 Research's EMM Market Monitor service.
Hypori raises $13.8m in venture funding to deliver virtual mobile infrastructure
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
Virtual mobile infrastructure is emerging as a tool for enterprise mobility - companies want to give access to corporate data without any footprint on the device. We discuss Hypori's approach to this market, its products and the use cases for VMI in the enterprise.
Virtual mobile infrastructure: What it's about, and why it's important to the enterprise
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
Virtual mobile infrastructure is emerging as a tool for enterprise mobility as companies want to give access to corporate data without any footprint on the device. In this report, we detail the market segment and players, and provide an objective analysis of the technology.
Check Point picks up the bill for Lacoon Mobile Security
TDM Deal Analysis - April, 2015
With mobile devices in the enterprise being integrated into business processes, there is a need to understand the relevance, validity and lack of maliciousness of the mobile apps that are being installed on employees' devices.
VMware end-user computing analyst event: management and security for desktop and mobile
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
With significant growth goals for its end-user computing (EUC) division, VMware shared its future desktop virtualization and mobility management product roadmap in its pursuit to manage and secure all devices in the enterprise.
Apperian powers mobile app management and security for SecuTABLET
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
We detail the latest partnership for the mobile management vendor. Under NDA, Apperian shared its GAAP financials with us; we discuss the company's performance and our own forecast for the growth of the mobile app management market.
MWC 2015: Enterprise mobility management
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
In this report, we detail key enterprise mobility management announcements at the recent Mobile World Congress that will impact the management of mobile users, as well as the deployment of software and services for enterprises.
Mobile World Congress wrap-up 2015: enterprise mobility
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
We detail the enterprise mobility trends at this year's Mobile World Congress, covering enterprise mobility management, mobile apps, Internet of Things, wearables, mobile payments and customer engagement.
Google wants Android for Work to bring consistency to the mobile enterprise
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company is putting in place a common management framework for device vendors and enterprise mobility management to support Android devices in the enterprise. We explore Android for Work and what it means for IT, EMM vendors and the mobile market.
Kaspersky Lab's big announcements presage its strategy shift
MIS Impact Report - February, 2015
They say only Nixon could go to China, and only Kaspersky Lab could position itself as the counterbalance to North American-based security research. It's walking a careful line between using its research to advance its marketing message and backing that up with technical and intelligence expertise.
Microsoft's move to mobile with Windows 10
MIS Impact Report - January, 2015
We explore Microsoft's latest operating system and its impact on the mobile enterprise as it seeks to retain its place in the enterprise and drive consumer adoption of Windows devices. Can it motivate ISVs and enterprise developers to build for all Windows devices?
BlackBerry goes back to its roots with BlackBerry Classic smartphone
MIS Impact Report - December, 2014
We detail what we consider BlackBerry's best smartphone to date, discuss what it means for the company as a device and enterprise mobility management provider, and assess its potential impact on the market. Could the Classic be what holdouts have been waiting for?
Microsoft acquires mobile messaging vendor Acompli to provide a more Focused Inbox
TDM Deal Analysis - December, 2014
Microsoft has picked up mobile email container vendor Acompli, whose app provides a more user-focused approach to messaging. We detail the drivers for why this company will help drive Microsoft's mobile strategy in the enterprise.
Webalo inks its first OEM deal with GE Intelligent Platforms
MIS Impact Report - November, 2014
GE Intelligent Platforms has leveraged Webalo to develop GE Proficy Scorecard, a mobile application that generates real-time views of information from multiple data sources to provide actionable 'scorecards' for all departments in an organization.
BlackBerry builds ecosystem with Samsung, and gets serious about business with BES12
MIS Impact Report - November, 2014
Is BlackBerry back? The company has announced a large number of offerings and partnerships to build an ecosystem around its new BES12 enterprise mobility management offering, signaling the company's return to its roots with a focus on the enterprise.
Lessons learned at 451 Research Enterprise IT Mobility Summit
MIS Spotlight - October, 2014
451 Research recently hosted 60 IT decision-makers at an Executive IT Mobility Summit in New York. The focus of the event was on driving mobile productivity in the enterprise, and identifying key areas of innovation that IT leaders will encounter in the coming years.