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Sean Hackett
Managing Director, Advisory Services

Sean Hackett has over a decade of experience as an IT industry analyst and consultant. During his career, he has closely tracked the evolution of the IT services industry. Prior to joining 451 Research, Sean worked at CA Inc, where he worked in the company's Corporate Planning and Strategy organization as a Senior Principal. In this role, he supported the company's executive leadership team and board of directors in identifying and investigating new strategic opportunities.

Before CA, Sean directed IDC's IT Outsourcing and Utility Computing research program, where he was at the vanguard in identifying the disruptive potential of the cloud service-delivery model. While at IDC, Sean was a frequent industry speaker on the changing dynamics of IT service delivery.

Prior to IDC, Sean worked at Deloitte Consulting as a Senior Consultant in the firm's Outsourcing Advisory practice. Sean was also one of seven selected from several thousand applicants to participate in Fidelity Investments prestigious Associates Management Development Program.

Sean holds an MBA with a concentration in Corporate Finance from Bentley College.

Reports by this Analyst

Private Cloud Shows Maturity; Big Jump in Public Cloud Adoption
TIP Thursday / Cloud - December, 2012
Results from our most recent cloud computing study show that despite the weak economy, enterprises' internal cloud efforts are rapidly maturing. Meanwhile, enterprise use of public cloud services look like they are also gaining steam.
Shadow IT Remains the Dominant Model for Self-service
TIP Thursday / Cloud - November, 2012
Fresh off the press are the results from our most recent Wave 4 Cloud Computing Study. One interesting stat shows that shadow IT remains the dominant self-service model today for public cloud computing within the enterprise.
Internal Cloud Roadblocks Threaten to Disrupt the Pace of Public Cloud Adoption
TIP Thursday / Cloud - November, 2012
Public cloud offerings like those from Amazon Web Services are placing pressure on IT departments to decrease cost and increase speed and flexibility.
Internal Private Cloud Challenges Continue to Hamper Public Cloud Adoption
TIP Thursday / Cloud - October, 2012
Results from our Wave 3 Cloud Computing Study show that organizations that we speak to are first building out their internal private cloud before progressing to the public cloud.
Scared Cloud-less
TIP Thursday / Cloud - October, 2012
According to enterprise decision-makers, security continues to be the leading inhibitor of public cloud adoption. This is nothing new.
End Users' Focus on Internal Clouds Could Stall Public Cloud Adoption
TIP Thursday / Cloud - September, 2012
Despite the hype surrounding the public cloud, the majority of enterprise workloads remain in-house. Our current data results show that 90% of applications and workloads reside within the four walls of their organization.
Public Cloud Takes a Back Seat As End Users Continue to Invest in Virtualization
TIP Thursday / Cloud - September, 2012
Outside of a few outliers or those on the bleeding edge of IT adoption, most of the end users that we speak to, appear focused on streamlining their internal environments through investments in virtualization and automation.
The Key Ingredients of Trust: Transparency, Security and Availability
TIP Thursday / Cloud - August, 2012
As we have highlighted previously, cloud-computing adoption has remained, in relative terms, quite low. Our research shows that what is inhibiting adoption is a function of issues associated with trust and confidence.
VCE Shines as Enterprises' Private Cloud Efforts Mature
TIP Thursday / Cloud - August, 2012
The vast majority of enterprises are currently in the process of building internal private clouds, according to results from our Wave 3 Cloud Study.
Moving to the Cloud
TIP Thursday / Cloud - July, 2012
Although in its infancy, the move to the cloud is certainly under way. Most enterprises are busy assessing their application portfolios and identifying those that are viable candidates for movement into the external public cloud.
Enterprise End Users Continue to Assess the Public Cloud
TIP Thursday / Cloud - July, 2012
In our Wave 3 Cloud Study, 27% of respondents said that assessing the public cloud was among their top two cloud-related projects in 2012. Only 8% of respondents said implementing the public cloud was among their top two cloud-related projects in 2012.
Terremark launches private cloud for the enterprise
MIS Impact Report - April, 2012
The company recently announced the launch of its Enterprise Cloud Private Edition, a move aimed at giving end users a product that takes advantage of the public cloud while addressing their need for privacy, security and control.
Verizon Analyst Day highlights
HITS Insight - April, 2011
IT heavyweights zero in on the cloud
HITS Insight - April, 2011
Verizon launches SAP CRM on its cloud
HITS Insight - March, 2011
CSC placing the public cloud on the doorstep of the enterprise
MIS Impact Report - February, 2011
The company has expanded its Trusted Cloud portfolio with new hosted IaaS and private cloud offerings.
Cloud is at the heart of federal government's IT plans
MIS Market Development - January, 2011
The cornerstone of the federal government's new IT plan is its 'cloud first' policy, providing another validation point for the cloud-computing market.
Microsoft wins cloud email deal with US federal government
MIS Market Development - December, 2010
The cloud email market continues to heat up as service providers battle for share. The US Department of Agriculture has selected Microsoft as its Web-based email service provider.
2011 preview – Cloud computing
HITS Insight - December, 2010
2011 preview – Cloud computing
MIS Reviews / Previews - December, 2010
Here we highlight the major areas in cloud computing that we expect to be driving industry innovation in 2011.
Fujitsu moving to the cloud - slowly
HITS Insight - November, 2010
IBM continues to evolve its cloud offerings
MIS Market Development - October, 2010
The company, with its latest announcements, is out to prove that it is very serious about the cloud.
Quest for the cloud
HITS Insight - October, 2010
ERP deployed in a truly multi-tenant external private cloud: Here's an example
MIS User Deployment Report - October, 2010
Domino Foods has leveraged Virtustream to host what just might be the largest SAP deployment into a truly multi-tenant external private cloud to date.
Quest for the cloud
MIS Impact Report - October, 2010
Quest Software faces a long hard road because competition is intense, but it appears to be off to a good start.
HP enables mobile device management in the cloud
MIS Market Development - September, 2010
The company is seeking new customers by enabling carriers to cost-effectively target SMBs. We discuss the offering, why it is important, and how cloudy other players are in this space.
Cloud usage patterns emerge
HITS Insight - September, 2010
Cloud usage patterns emerge
MIS Spotlight - September, 2010
We take a look at new patterns in cloud usage and how they affect internal IT departments.
salesforce.com and the power of the platform
MIS Market Development - August, 2010
The company is moving beyond SaaS CRM to become a broader IT solutions provider, and Force.com is at the centerpiece of its strategy.
Business process clouds: the next frontier?
MIS Market Development - July, 2010
It\'s a return to the future for many BPO providers. The new frontier will leverage the cloud to lower the cost of service delivery and increase business value by embedding intelligence into the platform.