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Peak 10 reveals two-part expansion plan in Nashville
HITS Insight - November, 2014
Peak 10 seeks to maintain its dominance in the Nashville market with plans to expand an existing campus and develop a new one. Until Windstream Hosted Solutions entered the region, Peak 10 accumulated market share unfettered; we expect fierce competition between the two.
TeraGo acquires former BlackBerry facility for its fourth datacenter
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The company has evened out its datacenter portfolio now, with two facilities in Vancouver and two in Toronto. This latest pickup is of much higher quality than its previous facility acquisitions.
451 Research publishes North American MTDC Supply: Emerging Major Markets 2014 report
HITS Insight - October, 2014
We have released a new report, our fifth look at emerging major markets in North America, which provides readers with a detailed look at 10 emerging major datacenter markets, including five new ones.
Growing by leaps and bounds, TierPoint plans to X a deal with Xand
HITS Insight - October, 2014
With the stroke of a pen, TierPoint will double in size, gaining six East Coast facilities, room to expand and a proprietary cloud platform. Gaining scale benefits while still providing hands-on local support is tricky, but there seems to be strong demand for these services if the firm can balance automation with kid-glove treatment.
MTDC player 4Degrees takes advantage of Quebec climate and Tier III design certification
HITS Insight - October, 2014
At last, a high-quality multi-tenant datacenter offering arises in Quebec City. With a strong pipeline of expected development in Montreal, the province is seeing a healthy stream of activity.
DuPont Fabros Technology officially opens ACC7 in Northern Virginia
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Contributing to a flurry of development in this still-strong multi-tenant datacenter market, the provider opens the first phase of the newest datacenter on its Ashburn campus. Even with many providers introducing capacity, we expect the supply and demand balance in the market to remain stable.
365 Data Centers unifies its 17 facilities with new cloud storage service
HITS Insight - September, 2014
MTDC provider 365 Data Centers has embarked on a steady climb up the stack. Armed with 17 datacenters, the provider will roll out services to unify its facilities under a single platform. The first managed service offered across its geographically diverse footprint is cloud storage.
IO reemphasizes colocation and continues to build channel as UK launch draws near
HITS Insight - September, 2014
The company has developed many business lines over the past couple of years, but after a comprehensive internal reassessment of its capabilities this year, IO executives have decided to embark on a new campaign that focuses on its integrated colocation and cloud offering.
CentriLogic takes acquisition spree to the Caribbean with Adveniat purchase
HITS Insight - September, 2014
In order to better serve a growing Latin American customer base, CentriLogic has reached for a datacenter service provider on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. This is the company's third acquisition in the past 18 months.
Cologix completes ninth acquisition: Florida's Colo5
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Doubling down on the major emerging multi-tenant datacenter market in Jacksonville, Cologix acquired Colo5 to complement last year's acquisition of the Jax Meet Me Room. It inherits two locations from Colo5, both of which represent expansion opportunities on-site.
PCCW Solutions' Kowloon datacenter experiences rush of mainland business
HITS Insight - August, 2014
Many datacenter service providers are racing to serve as the gateway between China and Hong Kong (and essentially the rest of the world). PCCW Solutions continues to mobilize a comprehensive cross-border practice.
Kelowna, an alternative multi-tenant datacenter destination in British Columbia
HITS Insight - August, 2014
Given that Canadian multi-tenant datacenter customers are more willing to consider remote locations, we look at why providers ought to put Kelowna on their short list. Rackforce is the only enterprise-quality provider in Kelowna, and we see opportunity for at least one other entrant.
Net Access shapes service-centric platform for midsized enterprises
HITS Insight - August, 2014
This local New Jersey provider has devoted serious effort into clearly delineating its menu of services, which has resulted in an approachable hybrid-colocation platform. Such initiatives are necessary when just having a 'good datacenter' isn't enough to compete.
1-Net Singapore opens new datacenter, pursues Uptime Tier III certification
HITS Insight - August, 2014
A torrent of new datacenter capacity will enter the Singapore market in Q4 this year, which will likely loosen market conditions. 1-Net could only hope for a stabilized market by the time its new facility opens a year later.
1547 opens Cheyenne datacenter, develops Hawaii campus
HITS Insight - August, 2014
The company is bringing a refreshingly diverse portfolio of datacenters to market. Pioneering is not easy; 1547 is therefore carefully shaping value propositions for each asset.
WireIE provides connectivity where Canadian networks don't go
HITS Insight - August, 2014
Multi-tenant datacenter providers serving Canada ought to know WireIE – a wholesale network developer that may bring connectivity to hard-to-reach locations in Canada. Securing dark fiber to cost-effective datacenter locations outside major Canadian cities is often a challenge and WireIE offers a solution.
Canadian telco Shaw Communications buys ViaWest for $1.2bn
HITS Insight - July, 2014
In a surprise move (at least to us), Shaw has arranged to buy ViaWest from Oak Hill Capital Partners for roughly 17x EBITDA. ViaWest will contribute almost $200m in estimated 2014 revenue to Shaw and about $80m in EBITDA, but will also give Shaw an immediate substantial presence in the growing US datacenter/cloud market and provide expertise for Shaw to apply to the Canadian market.
Verizon follows a prudent datacenter development strategy in the Asia-Pacific region
HITS Insight - July, 2014
In general, demand in the Asia-Pacific MTDC markets is on the rise due to an ever-growing influx of multinational corporations looking to establish a business in the region, a circumstance Verizon has already benefited from greatly. According to the company, conscientious capacity planning is imperative.
NexxCom builds wireless alternatives to fiber in and between major global metros
HITS Insight - July, 2014
The company is deploying its wireless technology well beyond NYC, serving multiple metro and rural markets. It is now building long-haul, wireless-aided networks between key financial markets.
iAdvantage takes advantage in Hong Kong, breaks ground on new TKO facility
HITS Insight - July, 2014
The company was clearly missing from the lineup of providers huddled together in the government-designated datacenter park in Hong Kong. It was inevitable that the largest Hong Kong multi-tenant datacenter provider would make a play in TKO.
Emerging market watch: datacenter potential within Nashville's thriving economy
HITS Insight - July, 2014
The booming economy in Nashville, Tennessee, supports not just healthcare and music, but also datacenters. We discuss datacenter incumbents and the benefits/drawbacks of operating in this major emerging market.
New York Internet adds new services, increases datacenter efficiencies
HITS Insight - July, 2014
The local datacenter provider believes New York City is a one- to three-rack town, and is cultivating its stack to attract such deployments. In addition to expanding its stack, New York Internet is making improvements to its datacenter.
QTS purchases McGraw Hill datacenter in New Jersey, partners with Atos
HITS Insight - July, 2014
A suburban New Jersey facility was a missing link in QTS's portfolio. The company took a prudent path into this competitive market by engaging in a sale-leaseback arrangement to ensure immediate return on investment.
A tale of two cities: CenturyLink's latest datacenters in Singapore and Hong Kong
HITS Insight - July, 2014
CenturyLink Technology Services has decided to focus its efforts in the Asia-Pacific region on these two financial hubs as their contrasting competitive dynamics mature. Singapore and Hong Kong present vastly different landscapes for CenturyLink and require equally distinct strategies.
JS&A sees highest number of infrastructure leaders at 4th Telecom Exchange East
HITS Insight - June, 2014
Telecom Exchange does a lot more than foster peering agreements between telcos. The yearly event has become quite the meeting of the minds in the telecom and datacenter industries.
Peak 10 breaks ground on second Tampa campus after months of regulatory delay
HITS Insight - June, 2014
The company is enjoying new capacity in one of its top markets. The Tampa, Florida market presents little in the way of competition, and has seen an uptick in local outsourcing.
QTS sees steady growth in Richmond with emphasis on compliance
HITS Insight - June, 2014
The company continues to roll out capacity at its giant Richmond campus, and positions it as an ideal location to meet various compliance standards. QTS currently has more than 80,000 square feet of operational capacity.
Recovery Point competes in the BCDR big league by blending recovery offerings
HITS Insight - June, 2014
Traditional disaster recovery that requires redundant hot site mainframe and midrange systems is still alive. This relatively new entrant in the seasoned space is posing serious competition for the historic leaders.
Xand goes big on services and builds on three fronts
HITS Insight - June, 2014
This Northeast datacenter provider has the right priorities. Concentrating on services, compliance and network are what hybrid multi-tenant datacenter providers should be preoccupied with in the battle to differentiate. At least one geographically diverse location would also round out the Xand platform, improving its disaster-recovery capabilities.
Cervalis growing steadily in the New York metro region
HITS Insight - June, 2014
With a new facility in Norwalk, Connecticut, Cervalis' business continuity/disaster-recovery-centric approach continues to find success. Going forward, the provider will make efforts to diversify its customer base beyond its core verticals.
DBT-DATA nearing capacity with only one powered shell remaining in Ashburn, Virginia
HITS Insight - May, 2014
This powered-shell provider is still in the running for large deals in the hyper-competitive northern Virginia market. With a few more large contracts, DBT-DATA's facilities will be filled to capacity.
Internap – outage at Google's 111 8th Avenue just months before planned move
HITS Insight - May, 2014
The provider suffered from a three-hour early morning outage at 111 8th Avenue, a facility that the company plans to vacate by year-end. Internap is in the midst of migrating its customers to its new datacenter in New Jersey.
MTS subsidiary EPIC to build Tier III design-certified datacenter in Winnipeg
HITS Insight - May, 2014
The Canadian telco has always dabbled in the multi-tenant datacenter space through partners and subsidiaries. It seems MTS is making some unprecedentedly serious moves through its acquired subsidiary EPIC Information Solutions.
Zayo reports Q1 2014 earnings with its acquisition machine still running
HITS Insight - May, 2014
In its Q1 2014 earnings, the Zayo Group reorganized its reporting structure into two groups: Physical Services and Lit Services. Inevitability, this means less visibility into each segment.
TeraGo Q1 earnings: some turbulence expected on journey to year-end gains
HITS Insight - May, 2014
The company saw mixed results this quarter; it expects growing pains as it transitions from a pure-play network service provider to a multi-service datacenter player. Acquiring a cloud service provider might give TeraGo a better chance of success.
TeraGo Networks acquires second datacenter in Vancouver
HITS Insight - May, 2014
The company continues to build up its arsenal of SMB-facing datacenters. Within two months of the purchase of its first datacenter in Vancouver, TeraGo Networks picked up a second datacenter that essentially doubled its capacity in the market.
AOL selling prime real estate – one of Ashburn's original datacenters
HITS Insight - May, 2014
Amid a land grab in the Ashburn, Virginia, datacenter hub, this excellently maintained legacy datacenter presents a strategic expansion opportunity for multi-tenant datacenter providers.
iM reveals full-service offering armed with four datacenters and modular product
HITS Insight - April, 2014
This Miami provider enters the market with a full stack of datacenter services and a turnkey full-service modular datacenter offering. iM intends to initially target small North American companies with global-facing connectivity needs.
The art (and science) of colocation pricing, Part 2 – high density and services
HITS Insight - April, 2014
In the second part of this report, we discuss how the bundling of additional services with colocation affects an already-complex pricing structure, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the prevailing three pricing models.
365 Main rebrands as 365 Data Centers with SMB, carrier and channel focus
HITS Insight - April, 2014
After a healthy quiet period, 365 Main has finally left stealth mode and rebranded as 365 Data Centers. Over the last year, it has formulated its strategy, and it now plans to bring the facilities that had taken a back seat at Equinix into the spotlight.


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