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Stefanie Beaubien Williams
Research Analyst

Stefanie Beaubien Williams joined 451 Research in April 2011. She brings a diverse background, including experience in the customer service, hospitality and business management arenas. Stefanie's past work includes small network administration, HTML, FTP, SEO and several technical writing projects.

Stefanie holds a BA in English-Technical Writing from the University of North Texas, and is a member of both the Society for Technical Communications and the IEEE Professional Communicators Society.

Reports by this Analyst

Infomart Data Centers expands, connects in Dallas
MIS Impact Report - July, 2015
The Dallas Infomart building is beginning another new redevelopment under the ownership of Infomart Data Centers, which will include expanded services, centralized interconnection, multi-tenant suites for larger enterprises, and upgraded security.
MTDC customer wins for Canberra Data Centres, DataSite, Interxion
MIS Spotlight - July, 2015
We continue to see strong wins from a variety of industries, including IT services and government, as illustrated by Canberra Data Centres, DataSite and Interxion. These wins were primarily driven by the location, stability and connectivity offered by multi-tenant datacenters.
TierPoint heads south with acquisition of Jacksonville-based CxP Data Centers
TDM Deal Analysis - July, 2015
TierPoint continues to expand aggressively with the purchase of CxP Data Centers, gaining another facility and a new market for its extensive portfolio. The company will eventually roll out its complete portfolio of services at the site.
CoreSite Q2 results: revenue growth drives facility expansions
MIS Impact Report - July, 2015
The company continues to see positive results attributed to its work over the last year, with datacenter expansions completed and begun across multiple key markets. If CoreSite remains focused on its current strategy, it should continue to see increases in overall revenue in the coming years.
Executives on the move: ByteGrid, QTS, Involta and 1547
MIS Spotlight - July, 2015
We continue to see multi-tenant datacenter providers adding experienced executives to support shifts in business strategies, acquisitions and new services.
Servers in caves: a look at Iron Mountain's Kansas City datacenter
MIS Impact Report - July, 2015
As Iron Mountain continues to build its datacenter footprint, the company remains focused on serving demand for its secure underground datacenters in strategic locations, including Kansas City, where it controls more than 400,000 square feet and has 5MW of power for wholesale and colocation services.
MTDC customer wins for Ascenty, Cologix, Equinix, Rack Centre
MIS Spotlight - July, 2015
This week's customer wins include Unisys expanding its Brazil operations inside Ascenty, CloudOps launching a new service in Cologix, Clarizen expanding to Europe in Equinix, and Coollink making good use of Rack Centre. These wins were primarily driven by the location, stability and connectivity offered by multi-tenant datacenters.
MTDC customer wins for 365 Data Centers, NEXTDC, Digital Realty and PTCL
MIS Spotlight - July, 2015
This week's customer wins include IntelliNet and MOD Mission Critical leveraging 365 Data Centers, SunGard expanding in Digital Realty, NEXTDC continuing growth with one of its large enterprise customers and Samba Bank moving to PTCL.
MTDC customer wins for Cologix, DataSite, Equinix, Interxion
MIS Spotlight - July, 2015
Multi-tenant datacenter wins remain steady with Cologix, DataSite, Equinix and Interxion landing strategic wins from vendors in the finance, technology and communications sectors after demonstrating security, flexibility and customer focus.
MTDC customer wins for Ark, CyrusOne, NYI
MIS Spotlight - June, 2015
In this week's wins, we see a continued push with three cloud service providers selecting Ark Data Centres, CyrusOne and NYI for services based on location, efficiency, services, security and cost savings.
Online Tech and Carter Validus partner on sale/leaseback deal in Indianapolis
MIS Impact Report - June, 2015
Carter Validus REIT II negotiated a sale/leaseback deal with Online Tech in Indianapolis. The REIT acquires its first datacenter and Online Tech frees up capex to bolster its private and hybrid cloud in the market.
ByteGrid supports Cleveland demand with additional capacity, services
MIS Impact Report - June, 2015
The company continues its national multi-tenant datacenter expansion strategy with the commissioning of 45,000 square feet of datacenter and office space at its Cleveland Technology Center facility. This will support local and national demand in the underserved emerging market.
Peak 10 continues to find growth in emerging Louisville market
MIS Impact Report - June, 2015
The company is thriving in the small emerging market of Louisville, Kentucky, winning local and national customers. This has resulted in continued incremental buildout of operational capacity. Once the company's next datacenter build completes this fall, Peak 10 will have four datacenters in the city.
MTDC customer wins for Cologix, Internap and IronGate Data Centers
MIS Spotlight - May, 2015
This week's customer wins include ThinkOn leveraging more space from Cologix, Scanline VFX moving its datacenter operations to Internap, and two undisclosed companies taking advantage of IronGate Data Centers.
MTDC customer wins for DuPont Fabros Technology, IO, Vantage, ViaWest
MIS Spotlight - May, 2015
This week's customer wins for DuPont Fabros, IO, Vantage and ViaWest were primarily driven by key selection criteria of reliability, scalability and quality of service provided by multi-tenant datacenters.
CenturyLink heads down under, aligns with NEXTDC for next big adventure
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
As the company continues to expand geographically, it has turned to acquisition and now partnership to extend its reach. Under its partnership with Australia-based NEXTDC, CenturyLink will leverage NEXTDC's facilities to offer its colocation and managed services under a single SLA.
CyrusOne Q1 earnings: best quarter for leasing ever, plus continued expansion
MIS Impact Report - May, 2015
The company continues to see strong leasing activity across its footprint, including key Fortune 1000 wins, and continues to expand. CyrusOne also will further diversify its customer base when it acquires Cervalis.
QTS Realty reaches for Carpathia Hosting to move further up the stack
TDM Deal Analysis - May, 2015
With the purchase of Carpathia, QTS is going beyond anything it has done in the past. For one, the security- and compliance-focused managed services provider is four times more expensive than any of the company's prior targets.
QTS Q1 results: continued growth on the horizon and datacenter expansion to support it
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
Revenue was up 25% Y/Y, with record backlog to start off the year. QTS Realty Trust will continue to expand in several key markets, where it is likely to acquire large facilities that are in line with its current growth strategy.
CoreSite Q1 results: revenue climb continues, growth of portfolio
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
The company has continued its upward climb, with significant increases in revenue and steady uptake in its portfolio of facilities.
MTDC customer wins for CyrusOne, Manx Telecom, Venyu
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
Long-term customer care is paying off for Manx Telecom and Venyu as each has landed a customer expansion for colocation services to support growing datacenter requirements. Meanwhile, CyrusOne continues to attract new customers with its national footprint.
OneNeck follows smooth transition with continued growth nationwide
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
After spending 2014 transitioning customers to its unified brand and expanded service and facility portfolios, OneNeck is poised to address demand for hybrid IT services and continued growth through builds and acquisitions.
MTDC and cloud executives on the move: BT, 1547, Immedion, TierPoint, Zscaler
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
As multi-tenant datacenter and cloud services heat up, the competition has become fierce for qualified and experienced executives to support growing operations and shifting strategies.
MTDC Customer wins for FORTRUST, Level 3, NYI
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
Demand for multi-tenant datacenter services continues, with customers from multiple industries looking for primary and disaster-recovery datacenter options in a variety of key geographic locations.
Carefully constructing capacity, Carrier-1 opens in Dallas
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
Braving the sometimes-cutthroat Dallas wholesale market, new provider Carrier-1 is launching a facility that will be tethered via fiber to the network-dense Infomart, targeting customers that have large footprints but want maximum connectivity options.
MTDC customer wins for Vantage, ViaWest
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
This week sees a well-known Internet security firm and a cloud-based service provider transition to multi-tenant datacenter services, leveraging Vantage and ViaWest for location and flexibility.
Cologix's growth strategy carries over into 2015 - in Minneapolis
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company expands at the 511 11th Avenue carrier hotel in Minneapolis to address demand for enterprise-quality datacenter space for customers seeking carrier density in the Midwest.
MTDC customer wins for Equinix, Interxion
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
Two interconnection wins this week: cloud services provider WHOA heads to Equinix in Ashburn, while McMillan Williams Solicitors chooses Interxion in London.
Expedient Data Centers evolves services with UCG partnership; carries on Midwest growth
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
Continuing its steady growth in the Midwest, Expedient Data Centers is opening a third datacenter in Cleveland, as well as planning ongoing new builds and forming a strategic partnership to expand its cloud offering.
ByteGrid buys Sidus BioData, scales compliant managed hosting and cloud services
TDM Deal Analysis - March, 2015
ByteGrid Holdings continues to move up the services stack with the acquisition of Sidus BioData. The target should significantly enhance ByteGrid's capabilities by providing a suite of vertically targeted compliant managed hosting and cloud services.
MTDC customer wins for Colo Atl, Datum, OneNeck
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
Global demand for multi-tenant datacenter services continues this week, with Colo Atl, Datum, and OneNeck seeing wins from government, IT services and carriers seeking secure services in quality facilities.
MTDC customer wins for Data Foundry, EvoSwitch
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
In last week's wins, cloud and IT service providers Vintage IT and Code 42 selected Data Foundry and EvoSwitch, respectively. The wins highlight the ongoing importance of security in multi-datacenter facilities.
MTDC customer wins for Datum, Digital Realty, Telecity and Vaninga
HITS Insight - February, 2015
Demand for connectivity, data availability and security, and proximity to key markets has attracted the cloud, hosting and communications industries to key multi-tenant facilities operated by Datum Datacentres, Digital Realty Trust, TelecityGroup, Vaninga.
QTS Realty Trust wraps up 2014 with record revenue, continued expansion
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company closed out 2014 with record revenue and nearly one million square feet of built-out raised floor space. It continues to see demand in all of its markets, and maintains the ability to more than double its existing capacity through acquisition of properties in new markets.
MTDC customer wins for Equinix, QTS, Telx
HITS Insight - February, 2015
Demand for connectivity, data availability and security, as well as proximity to key markets, has attracted the cloud, hosting, and oil and gas industries to key multi-tenant facilities operated by Equinix, QTS and Telx in top global markets.
CoreSite closes 2014 with solid finish and continued expansions
HITS Insight - February, 2015
After a year of rebuilding and reorganization, CoreSite delivered additional capacity and slightly higher-than-anticipated revenue for Q4 and full-year 2014. The company saw growth in most revenue segments, including its more profitable interconnection services.
MTDC customer wins for 1547, IronGate
HITS Insight - February, 2015
Demand for multi-tenant datacenter services continues, with providers reporting strong pipelines globally. This week, two providers are selected for security and location, with available incentives driving the deals.
Cavern Technologies doubles capacity in Kansas City
HITS Insight - February, 2015
As part of its plan to invest $10m to open a total of 100,000 gross square feet of additional capacity, Cavern Technologies has nearly doubled its Kansas City datacenter with the opening of a 60,000-square-foot expansion.
Forsythe Technology partners with T5 Facilities Management in Chicago
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company will provide facilities management services at Forsythe's new Data Centers Retail+ colocation facility. The services include staffing, training programs, operational policies and site-specific procedures. The purpose-built greenfield datacenter will be available in May.
Dallas providers you should know: TierPoint positioned to serve local demand
HITS Insight - February, 2015
TierPoint continues to see strong demand from new and existing customers in the Dallas market as it contemplates future expansion while growing its national footprint and service portfolio through acquisition and expansion.


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