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Stefanie Beaubien Williams
Research Analyst

Stefanie Beaubien Williams joined 451 Research in April 2011. She brings a diverse background, including experience in the customer service, hospitality and business management arenas. Stefanie's past work includes small network administration, HTML, FTP, SEO and several technical writing projects.

Stefanie holds a BA in English-Technical Writing from the University of North Texas, and is a member of both the Society for Technical Communications and the IEEE Professional Communicators Society.

Reports by this Analyst

MTDC Customer wins for FORTRUST, Level 3, NYI
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
Demand for multi-tenant datacenter services continues, with customers from multiple industries looking for primary and disaster-recovery datacenter options in a variety of key geographic locations.
Carefully constructing capacity, Carrier-1 opens in Dallas
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
Braving the sometimes-cutthroat Dallas wholesale market, new provider Carrier-1 is launching a facility that will be tethered via fiber to the network-dense Infomart, targeting customers that have large footprints but want maximum connectivity options.
MTDC customer wins for Vantage, ViaWest
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
This week sees a well-known Internet security firm and a cloud-based service provider transition to multi-tenant datacenter services, leveraging Vantage and ViaWest for location and flexibility.
Cologix's growth strategy carries over into 2015 - in Minneapolis
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company expands at the 511 11th Avenue carrier hotel in Minneapolis to address demand for enterprise-quality datacenter space for customers seeking carrier density in the Midwest.
MTDC customer wins for Equinix, Interxion
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
Two interconnection wins this week: cloud services provider WHOA heads to Equinix in Ashburn, while McMillan Williams Solicitors chooses Interxion in London.
Expedient Data Centers evolves services with UCG partnership; carries on Midwest growth
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
Continuing its steady growth in the Midwest, Expedient Data Centers is opening a third datacenter in Cleveland, as well as planning ongoing new builds and forming a strategic partnership to expand its cloud offering.
ByteGrid buys Sidus BioData, scales compliant managed hosting and cloud services
TDM Deal Analysis - March, 2015
ByteGrid Holdings continues to move up the services stack with the acquisition of Sidus BioData. The target should significantly enhance ByteGrid's capabilities by providing a suite of vertically targeted compliant managed hosting and cloud services.
MTDC customer wins for Colo Atl, Datum, OneNeck
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
Global demand for multi-tenant datacenter services continues this week, with Colo Atl, Datum, and OneNeck seeing wins from government, IT services and carriers seeking secure services in quality facilities.
MTDC customer wins for Data Foundry, EvoSwitch
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
In last week's wins, cloud and IT service providers Vintage IT and Code 42 selected Data Foundry and EvoSwitch, respectively. The wins highlight the ongoing importance of security in multi-datacenter facilities.
MTDC customer wins for Datum, Digital Realty, Telecity and Vaninga
HITS Insight - February, 2015
Demand for connectivity, data availability and security, and proximity to key markets has attracted the cloud, hosting and communications industries to key multi-tenant facilities operated by Datum Datacentres, Digital Realty Trust, TelecityGroup, Vaninga.
QTS Realty Trust wraps up 2014 with record revenue, continued expansion
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company closed out 2014 with record revenue and nearly one million square feet of built-out raised floor space. It continues to see demand in all of its markets, and maintains the ability to more than double its existing capacity through acquisition of properties in new markets.
MTDC customer wins for Equinix, QTS, Telx
HITS Insight - February, 2015
Demand for connectivity, data availability and security, as well as proximity to key markets, has attracted the cloud, hosting, and oil and gas industries to key multi-tenant facilities operated by Equinix, QTS and Telx in top global markets.
CoreSite closes 2014 with solid finish and continued expansions
HITS Insight - February, 2015
After a year of rebuilding and reorganization, CoreSite delivered additional capacity and slightly higher-than-anticipated revenue for Q4 and full-year 2014. The company saw growth in most revenue segments, including its more profitable interconnection services.
MTDC customer wins for 1547, IronGate
HITS Insight - February, 2015
Demand for multi-tenant datacenter services continues, with providers reporting strong pipelines globally. This week, two providers are selected for security and location, with available incentives driving the deals.
Cavern Technologies doubles capacity in Kansas City
HITS Insight - February, 2015
As part of its plan to invest $10m to open a total of 100,000 gross square feet of additional capacity, Cavern Technologies has nearly doubled its Kansas City datacenter with the opening of a 60,000-square-foot expansion.
Forsythe Technology partners with T5 Facilities Management in Chicago
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company will provide facilities management services at Forsythe's new Data Centers Retail+ colocation facility. The services include staffing, training programs, operational policies and site-specific procedures. The purpose-built greenfield datacenter will be available in May.
Dallas providers you should know: TierPoint positioned to serve local demand
HITS Insight - February, 2015
TierPoint continues to see strong demand from new and existing customers in the Dallas market as it contemplates future expansion while growing its national footprint and service portfolio through acquisition and expansion.
451 Research publishes Multi-Tenant Datacenter North American Providers report
HITS Insight - January, 2015
Our new report provides the overall size, scope and growth of the multi-tenant datacenter market in North America. It spotlights various prominent North American MTDC providers and offers a market outlook for each.
MTDC customer wins for FORTRUST, NYI, Vantage
HITS Insight - January, 2015
This week's wins highlight security and reliability for FORTRUST and New York Internet, while Vantage Data Centers deploys a custom power configuration to land an R&D lab. Colocation is not a one-size-fits-all service; it's important to be able to deliver on unique requests.
IO plans Asia MTDC invasion as it breaks free of datacenter products division
HITS Insight - December, 2014
Founder and CEO George Slessman's emphasis will be on unchartered territories for the new colocation-only business, and spinoff BASELAYER will play an important part in delivering his strategy. IO will focus on selling multi-tenant and cloud datacenter services, and BASELAYER on datacenter hardware and software.
451 Research publishes Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply: Key Asia-Pacific Markets report
HITS Insight - December, 2014
451 Research has released a new MTDC report that gives readers a detailed look at six key datacenter markets in the Asia-Pacific region, including Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.
MTDC wins: Equinix, Globe, Iron Mountain, Telx
HITS Insight - December, 2014
Customer wins for multi-tenant datacenter providers remain steady as we near the end of 2014. Financial services, government, education and cloud services organizations have opted to migrate data to support global operations.
Banking on success in Kansas City, DataBank expands its facility
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The company has settled into its new home in Kansas City by adding 4,500 square feet of space and boosting power capacity. Given its usual method of buying-expanding-building, we would expect the firm to announce a new build in KC too, if all goes well.
Colo and managed hosting provider Expedient grows throughout Midwest, Northeast
HITS Insight - November, 2014
Expedient Data Centers has expanded to meet strong demand for colo and managed hosting services. The company has nine datacenters across six markets, and it plans to add new datacenters in Memphis, Columbus and Cleveland.
Digital Realty's Digital Dallas Campus benefits from leasing momentum
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The company is well underway in executing its master plan for the datacenter campus, which will provide roughly 1,000,000 gross square feet of space spread across 10 buildings with 70-75MW of critical IT load, with perimeter security fencing and guard stations at main entries.
CoreSite wraps up Q3 with continued growth
HITS Insight - October, 2014
The company continues to focus on rebuilding its sales force, delivering capacity in-line with demand and increasing its more profitable interconnection services. The result is a continued increase in overall revenue for Q3 and increased projection for 2014.
QTS closes Q3 with strong revenue growth, more space in Dallas
HITS Insight - October, 2014
The company continues its growth momentum with expansions, new builds, and property acquisitions. In this quarter, QTS Realty Trust commenced new and changed leases representing roughly $17.7m of annualized revenue; renewals represented $5.2m.
451 Research publishes North American MTDC Supply: Emerging Major Markets 2014 report
HITS Insight - October, 2014
We have released a new report, our fifth look at emerging major markets in North America, which provides readers with a detailed look at 10 emerging major datacenter markets, including five new ones.
Growing by leaps and bounds, TierPoint plans to X a deal with Xand
HITS Insight - October, 2014
With the stroke of a pen, TierPoint will double in size, gaining six East Coast facilities, room to expand and a proprietary cloud platform. Gaining scale benefits while still providing hands-on local support is tricky, but there seems to be strong demand for these services if the firm can balance automation with kid-glove treatment.
MTDC customer wins for Telehouse, QTS, Latisys, LDeX, Colo Atl
HITS Insight - October, 2014
Global customer wins keep coming as providers continue with strong pipelines. The key industries this week include communications, colocation and retail.
Fortune favors Dallas and Ashburn, becomes Infomart Data Centers
HITS Insight - October, 2014
We were at HCTS last week and didn't have the chance to comment on Fortune Data Centers' change in fortune (or at least change in name). It has not gone unnoticed: the firm is now a national contender and will likely continue to add to its portfolio.
Cosentry acquires Red Anvil to enter Milwaukee market
HITS Insight - October, 2014
Cosentry has acquired Milwaukee's Red Anvil. Cosentry's datacenter footprint now includes nine datacenters located in five markets including Kansas City, Milwaukee, Omaha, St. Louis and Sioux Falls.
MTDC customer wins for Equinix, Q9 Networks, Vantage, CME
HITS Insight - October, 2014
Multi-tenant datacenter customer wins continue, with new customers representing media, cloud services, financial services and IT services leveraging facilities to reduce costs and improve accessibility and performance.
MTDC customer wins for Equinix, Verne Global, Latisys, Ascent/Carter Validus, AIS
HITS Insight - October, 2014
Multi-tenant datacenter wins continue with global wins from diverse industries including communications, government, cloud, financial services and software, each of which recognized the advantages of embracing the MTDC model rather than owning and operating their own datacenters.
MTDC customer wins for Colt, Interxion, Q9 Networks
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Multi-tenant datacenter customer wins continue, with providers reporting global wins from cloud services and self-storage providers. We expect providers serving a variety of niche market customers will continue to see steady wins throughout the year.
Money in the DataBank: MTDC provider opens third hall in North Dallas facility
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Multiple large-scale customer deployments in DataBank's second 10,000-square-foot pod led the firm to build its third 10,000-square-foot pod sooner than expected. The new data hall is now available for customer deployments.
MTDC customer wins for Digital Realty Trust, QTS, ViaWest, Latisys
HITS Insight - September, 2014
We continue to see strong demand for multi-tenant datacenter services in global top and emerging markets, with customers spanning diverse industries, including healthcare, social media and entertainment.
MTDC customer wins for Interxion, CyrusOne, Tata Communications, Level 3, Iron Mountain
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Multi-tenant datacenter customer wins continue, with providers reporting global wins from the software, financial, managed services and pharmaceutical industries.
Executive changes for DuPont, Compass, DataBank, T5, Windstream
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Executive changes continue for multi-tenant datacenter and infrastructure providers, as companies compete for qualified and seasoned professionals to support growing operations.
MTDC customer wins for 1547, Stream, Cologix
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Multi-tenant datacenter customer wins continue with new customers, representing colocation, communications and restaurant industries, leveraging facilities to reduce costs and improve accessibility and performance.


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