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Carl Brooks
Analyst, Service Providers

Carl Brooks covers cloud computing and the next generation of IT infrastructure for 451 Research. Previously, he spent several years researching and reporting on the emerging cloud market for TechTarget. Carl has also spent more than 10 years supporting small and medium-sized businesses as an IT consultant, network and systems integrator, and IT outsourcer.

He specialized in server and desktop operations, Linux and Microsoft products, and security, and has thorough knowledge of hardware platforms and networking technologies, as well as significant experience working with the channel market.

Carl holds BA degrees in English and History from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and has cheerfully let a small variety of basically useless IT certifications lapse.

Reports by this Analyst

Cloud 2.0: Why cloud is now mainstream and what that means
MIS Spotlight - April, 2015
New data from 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud Computing study makes a strong case for cloud market maturity, and this means the game is changing: 'Cloud 2.0' is here.
VMware's vCloud Air now generally available Down Under
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
The company's hybrid cloud strategy requires globally deployed datacenters. VMware's expansion to an Australian datacenter not only enables customers to seamlessly extend private environments into the public cloud with the same management tools, it provides the ability to have customer data stored under Australian compliance and data protection regulations.
Newly renamed Faction will continue to drive IaaS growth exclusively via the channel
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
The white-label IaaS provider - formerly known as Peak and, before that, PeakColo - cites competition disambiguation (there are a lot of 'Peak' companies out there) as the major reason for the name change, as well as an opportunity to freshen up marketing materials. There's enough new activity in the cloud channel that differentiation is becoming a need.
Connectria's broad spectrum of managed services spans from mainframe to AWS
MIS Impact Report - April, 2015
The company continues to generate growth by bridging diverse types of infrastructure and services. Connectria can be best thought of as part of an emerging category of managed hosting and cloud providers that are both highly automated and offer high-touch customer services.
Microsoft's next-generation performance environment: Catapult
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The company has successfully deployed a hardware-accelerated compute fabric based on FPGAs that has disruptive potential. Catapult is a new way to push systems performance forward. In the long term, this will have a profound impact on how enterprises create and consume IT.
Why SolidFire remains interesting, and the challenges it faces
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
Solid-state-storage startup SolidFire has great technology, good buzz and customer love, but it faces an uphill climb to make a dent in enterprise storage, even with new enterprise business coming in.
Bluelock works to productize the cloud experience
MIS Impact Report - March, 2015
The midsized cloud and managed infrastructure provider, and vCloud Air partner, is working to use its experience to help automate and productize services that customers like.
Wheeler's Internet: what the new FCC regulation means for the cloud
MIS Spotlight - March, 2015
Under the new rules, Internet traffic across cable and wireless services is classified as a telecommunications service, and therefore falls under stricter controls around fair pricing and access to Internet-supporting networks.
SingleHop broadens its cloud game with the pickup of Server Intellect
TDM Deal Analysis - March, 2015
Managed infrastructure and cloud vendor SingleHop has joined the trend of strategic acquisitions in the hosting space by buying Server Intellect, a fellow managed service and infrastructure provider that specializes in Microsoft and Hyper-V.
Rackspace Q4 2014: continued growth in revenue, capex down
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company intends 2015 to be a year of business productivity improvements, more profitability and ongoing growth. It has made profound changes to its brand and go-to-market messaging, which coincided with a technology refresh, several new product lines, and a lot of behind-the-scenes reorganization – including a potential buyout.
VMware's ambitious reach with vCloud Air: hybrid, Rackspace, Google and more
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The company has begun to deliver on a strategy of hybrid software, service delivery and partnership to reassert its claim to the enterprise datacenter, and to the dominant trends in enterprise IT that point toward a hybrid of external and internal IT service delivery.
Cloud provider startup Packet: premium bare-metal cloud for containers
HITS Insight - February, 2015
The IaaS startup was launched in 2014 by cloud veterans, and has focused on two major strategies: supporting high-performance containers and providing a deliberately stripped-down user interface and service line.
For FireHost, CaaS means 'compliance as a service' and elevates its value proposition
MIS Impact Report - January, 2015
Following a new injection of funding and leadership additions, FireHost is taking an important next step in corporate development, elevating its value proposition from secure hosting to compliance as a service for HIPAA and PCI.
Green Cloud Technologies wants as much of the MSP market as it can get
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The IaaS provider is part of a developing channel market and ecosystem for cloud computing services that both mirrors and replaces parts of the existing IT goods and services channel market.
Verizon's Seamless Upgrade maintenance outage provides a lesson in the public cloud
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The company suffered in the public square for its outage. But in the long term, the effect will be minimal if handled right, and have essentially no impact on Verizon's IaaS prospects – just as outages have had minimal impact on other large providers that have had to learn the hard way.
Appcore to bridge OpenStack, CloudStack and public clouds
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The cloud platform management vendor started with open source CloudStack, but it is broadening its reach to the other major open source infrastructure-as-a-service platform: OpenStack.
Zayo leaps into the cloud(s) by acquiring Latisys
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The company has agreed to acquire Latisys for $675m, gaining seven datacenters in four markets across the US, plus a facility in the UK. It also gains capabilities around complex managed services, which we expect Zayo would like to roll out across its other facilities eventually.
QTS is first to achieve FedRAMP via the Cloud Service Providers Supply Path
HITS Insight - January, 2015
The datacenter and infrastructure provider says the process of achieving certification represents significant investment and opportunity; it also proves that FedRAMP is doable for cloud providers that don't have an existing federal business.
TriCore Solutions picked up by BV for services higher up the stack
HITS Insight - December, 2014
BV Investment Partners has has acquired a majority share of TriCore Solutions, a 16-year-old IT service provider with a full suite of managed infrastructure services. TriCore is a classic large enterprise IT infrastructure and services play with a good outlook.
Microsoft's Azure storage outage: what the cloud can still teach us
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The company's thorough root-cause analysis of the outage that affected the Azure Blob storage service has revealed important truths about the state of the cloud, in addition to offering a peek into DevOps at scale.
Microsoft RemoteApp brings Windows full circle in the cloud
HITS Insight - December, 2014
RemoteApp is a significant upgrade to Azure's general utility across hosted cloud environments and desktop end users, and is worth examining because it denotes execution by Microsoft across several significant trends in infrastructure services.
HP pushes forward on complex infrastructure services in the cloud with Haven OnDemand
HITS Insight - December, 2014
The company has pushed its considerable informatics and 'big data' assets into a pile with Haven OnDemand. Packing up complex technologies and delivering them in true as-a-service fashion is a sign of a vendor getting its ducks in a row. Will it bring enterprises into the cloud?
RunAbove: first to market with a Power 8 cloud
HITS Insight - November, 2014
OVH spinoff RunAbove is betting $10m that it can make a better cloud with Power 8, but developers will need to adjust. If RunAbove can facilitate users onto the platform and come up with some convincing examples of its latent superiority, it could have a hit.
Verizon Cloud Marketplace is now live, along with expanded security
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The company is ticking off one of the must-haves on the cloud provider list these days: an automated self-service dispensary for third-party applications and technologies to use on its cloud infrastructure.
AWS re:Invent 2014: enterprise-class business development on parade
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The undisputed cloud leader is marching to the beat of its enterprise clientele, but still has major new services to launch. It will close out 2014 with a long list of new services and features that outlines its strategy to attract traditional enterprise IT shops.
INetU continues partner and product development
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The midsized hoster has a strategic partnership with AWS and continued feature development. We view it as an excellent example of a managed infrastructure provider balancing the shifting trends in demand and styles of service delivery to stay on pace to grow with the overall rate of market demand.
Rackspace Q3 2014: continued growth, new partnerships
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The company is embracing vendor cloud after streamlining its own message; the combination appears to be working. Rackspace's earnings numbers should be no surprise because the company is doing what it's done for quite some time, which is grow a profitable business sensibly.
Google Cloud Platform: a direct stab at the AWS value proposition
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The company has updated its cloud infrastructure services, tying them even more tightly with its developer PaaS offerings, and has announced some major strategic directions. It all boils down to an attempt to take the helm of the cloud computing narrative away from Amazon Web Services, and help Google sell itself as the be-all and end-all of cloud ecosystems.
AWS prepares for the next phase of growth
HITS Insight - November, 2014
On the eve of re:Invent, where is Amazon Web Services headed from here? We provide an overview of the company's competitive outlook and strategic needs.
The growing trend of baremetalcloud in service delivery
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The small dedicated hosting provider finds itself on top of a growing trend in IaaS – the mainstream popularity of individual physical servers provisioned and consumed as IaaS instead of traditional hosted servers.
Continuum banks growth on MSPs and the inevitability of the cloud
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The remote monitoring and management software vendor is taking the premise of cloud computing – access to technology can be standardized, automated and delivered ever more cheaply – and targeting IT professionals that don't have the resources to invent or invest in their own technology. A tight ship and clear strategy appear to spell growth.
Microsoft Azure ends 2014 by broadening reach, ecosystem and developer appeal
HITS Insight - November, 2014
The end of 2014 sees the methodical Microsoft machine stack up improvements to Azure. The company claims more than 300 upgrades or announcements to the service this year – this kind of statistic has become a standard of the marketing lexicon for IaaS these days.
IBM and SAP: uncertainty is the new normal
HITS Insight - October, 2014
IBM has merged mainstream IT needs with IaaS and managed services in a new mode that will be the default for future services. This will be a telling year for IBM in general, but it's clear that the company has made a strategic decision and is sticking to it.
VMware says vCloud Air and partners are the way forward
HITS Insight - October, 2014
Enterprises are coming aboard VMware's IaaS, and it needs help. Providers need to get aboard the best they can, and resellers may need to do some soul searching.
Rackspace updates its Private Cloud services and OpenStack distribution
HITS Insight - October, 2014
The company's Private Cloud 9 incorporates the OpenStack Icehouse changes and lays out a new architecture that addresses scale issues. Rackspace also updated its offering to include its Developer+ service package and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
Microsoft pushes to modernize with its Next Generation Volume Licensing portal
HITS Insight - September, 2014
On-ramp infrastructure for software licensing in the cloud: Microsoft's major overhaul to its licensing approach is now rolling up Software Assurance.
Why the opportunity for managed infrastructure persists
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Cloud is the new normal, but services on top of infrastructure remain the differentiator. Fundamentally, IT infrastructure customers still want their providers to handle more of the day-to-day IT operations tasks for them and that is the heart of the opportunity for managed infrastructure.
LeaseWeb adds to its partner programs to court international business
HITS Insight - September, 2014
Referral and reseller programs are a time-honored way for companies to expand their audience without expanding their sales forces. European dedicated hoster and colocation provider LeaseWeb wants low-friction customer intake from referrers as well as resellers.
Why Rackspace will fly solo: the market is evolving
HITS Insight - September, 2014
The largest independent hosting and cloud provider will not change its ownership. Time will tell if its strategic direction of targeting customers that value managed services tightly wrapped into public and private cloud services will deliver.
HP buys Eucalyptus: it's all about Amazon and hybrid clouds
TDM Deal Analysis - September, 2014
Seeking to broaden its private and hybrid cloud story beyond OpenStack and capture more of the enterprise market as organizations make their way beyond Amazon and build out their private and hybrid cloud deployments, HP has announced plans to acquire Eucalyptus.


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