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Carl Brooks
Analyst, Service Providers

Carl Brooks covers cloud computing and the next generation of IT infrastructure for 451 Research. Previously, he spent several years researching and reporting on the emerging cloud market for TechTarget. Carl has also spent more than 10 years supporting small and medium-sized businesses as an IT consultant, network and systems integrator, and IT outsourcer.

He specialized in server and desktop operations, Linux and Microsoft products, and security, and has thorough knowledge of hardware platforms and networking technologies, as well as significant experience working with the channel market.

Carl holds BA degrees in English and History from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and has cheerfully let a small variety of basically useless IT certifications lapse.

Reports by this Analyst

Moving to the cloud: What are the speed bumps?
MIS Spotlight - October, 2016
While 451 Research data finds that 'cloud first' is becoming the 'new normal' for many organizations, significant challenges remain for organizations making this shift, especially those in regulated industries.
Tech Data snaps up Avnet's Technology Solutions business
TDM Deal Analysis - September, 2016
The $2.6bn deal transforms Tech Data from a company that primarily sells general technoloy products to one that generates almost half of its revenue from datacenter services and the distribution of offerings such as servers, storage and networking.
HotLink launches Cloud-Attach for hybrid cloud, new managed services
MIS Impact Report - September, 2016
Cloud-Attach is piggybacking on open cloud APIs and improving native capabilities for VMware as HotLink moves into the broader cloud platform and cloud broker space.
Expedient improves DRaaS on the back of wide-area NSX implementation
MIS Impact Report - August, 2016
NSX is becoming a viable option for providers, and Expedient is using it to remove a longstanding headache in disaster recovery.
Rackspace and the push to agnostic services
MIS Impact Report - August, 2016
Rackspace is transitioning from cloud infrastructure provider to cloud services provider due to slowing growth, while looking to hybrid cloud, hosted private cloud and managed services as a cure. The company has a history of providing cloud and customer 'outcome focused' services, which is valuable as enterprise IT evolves to the cloud.
In a bid to broaden its appeal, Peak 10 launches tiered disaster-recovery service
MIS Impact Report - August, 2016
Citing competitive pressure and expanding customer consciousness, Peak 10 has added different tiers of disaster-recovery services to lure new customers and additional revenue from existing ones.
Channel markets are the next major avenue for change in the cloud
MIS Spotlight - August, 2016
451 Research has published a new long-form report that assesses the rapid proliferation of distributors and resellers into the cloud computing marketplace.
iland updates DRaaS with automated domain name system
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
Managed infrastructure services firm iland has announced version 7 of its DRaaS platform, including updates to its network management capability, user capabilities around monitoring and managing infrastructure controls, and DNS management.
Faction builds virtual interconnection service through networking, partnerships
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The channel-focused cloud provider has pulled together a series of networking and cloud service-provider partnerships, along with software automation, to give it a route to an interesting and innovative way of tackling the ever-evolving landscape of the cloud.
Peak 10 launches encryption as a service based on customer feedback
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
Mid-Atlantic MTDC and managed infrastructure and cloud provider Peak 10 has launched an automated, user-configurable data-encryption service. It based product development on internal customer research.
CyrusOne woos providers with open halls, fast buildouts and networking partnerships
MIS Impact Report - July, 2016
The North American MTDC provider just completed what it says is its fastest datacenter rollout to date, and is increasingly turning its marketing pitch toward the next generation of MTDC consumers: cloud service providers.
Microsoft's message to partners: Use Azure, please
MIS Impact Report - June, 2016
Redmond has a clear and wide-reaching pitch for its partner community, which it showed off at its annual Microsoft Hosting Summit 2016: You should be using Azure as the basis for your Windows business, or heading that way with all deliberate haste.
Automate or die: a cautionary tale for infrastructure service providers
MIS Spotlight - May, 2016
A midsized hosting and cloud provider's rapid rise and fall highlights the importance of automation at every level of the infrastructure and cloud provider business.
Hypernium launches with a niche software-defined WAN optimization offering
MIS Impact Report - May, 2016
The semi-stealth Nitrosphere spinoff wants to take its existing SQL optimization software further and sell an appliance-free WAN optimization tool. Hypernium will initially target managed service and application providers and partners, as well as existing customers.
CenturyLink launches updated Managed Security Services Suite
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
The provider has been climbing the services stack through both acquisition and organic growth since 2011. It kicked off 2016 by adding new capabilities to its managed security services portfolio and providing a roadmap for additional service releases into 2017.
Equinix lays a bet with Open Compute, containers and Mesosphere
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
The MTDC giant has taken concrete steps to facilitate what it sees as the technologies best positioned for cloud service providers and customers in its datacenters. It will support Open Compute infrastructure, and is attempting to move interconnection abilities up into the IT infrastructure layer.
Expedient to offer private cloud in customer facilities
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
The multi-tenant datacenter provider is piloting a relatively novel new product: private cloud for customers. It consists of hardware configured, operated and owned by Expedient, but located inside customer facilities.
Can Google Cloud Platform beat out AWS and Microsoft for future enterprise wallet share?
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
At its GCP NEXT 2016 user conference, the company spent a few days highlighting its technology prowess in an effort to attract traditional enterprises to its cloud platform as it seeks to claim a larger share of the IaaS market.
Rackspace touts major update to OnMetal
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
The independent managed infrastructure provider has made a major upgrade to its OnMetal service, which provides physical bare-metal servers as a service.
How cloud provider data storage strategies are evolving
MIS Spotlight - March, 2016
Data storage is the foundation of cloud computing services. It is where all cloud services - defined as elastic, scalable, on-demand, self-service and programmatically accessible - begin. Almost universally, cloud storage services are virtualized, highly redundant, built from totally fungible storage media and highly automated.
Google says its cloud is just better
MIS Impact Report - March, 2016
The search and advertising giant claims that it has core advantages in providing interconnected compute infrastructure, which could be true - but how much does that matter right now?
Microsoft previews full-fledged Azure Stack
MIS Impact Report - February, 2016
A core part of Microsoft's strategy to marry online consumption of its cloud services and on-premises operations, Azure Stack is now available in technical preview. Yet resistance to change may prove a bigger impediment for Azure Stack than competition with other software vendors.
AWS gains crucial certification for China region
MIS Impact Report - January, 2016
AWS has made another step forward at the increasingly critical intersection of cloud and compliance, gaining the MLPS Level 3 certification required to do cloud business in China.
FINRA goes 'all in' on AWS, and challenges existing IT practices and infrastructure
MIS User Deployment Report - January, 2016
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is a nonprofit organization central to the current system of finance in the US. It is also a prominent AWS customer, having declared itself 'all in' on the cloud.
Secure-24 looks to compliance and security to bring enterprises to its managed cloud
MIS Impact Report - December, 2015
The midsized managed hosting and application service provider is in transition from a traditional delivery model to one based in the cloud - with automation, access and on-demand consumption - across a range of its services.
ByteGrid expands healthcare compliance capabilities
MIS Impact Report - December, 2015
Following its acquisition of Sidus Biodata at the beginning of the year, ByteGrid is looking to stand out with healthcare compliance as a cloud service.
What Oracle must do to compete in the public cloud market
MIS Impact Report - December, 2015
Oracle has now definitively entered the cloud-provider market. Cloud providers are successful largely based on how long they've been in the market, so Oracle doesn't have much time to play catch-up.
Increased focus on managed services bearing fruit for Rackspace
MIS Impact Report - November, 2015
After years of positioning itself as the alternative to AWS, Rackspace's pivot to emphasize managed services combined with IaaS, neatly removing itself from that head-to-head battle, has continued to pay off throughout 2015.
ViaWest snares INetU to further scale its hosting services
TDM Deal Analysis - November, 2015
Inking its second cloud hosting and security deal in the past six months, ViaWest has acquired INetU. The move bolsters the company's managed and cloud services and expands its geographic footprint to the US East Coast and Europe.
NTT pushes disaster recovery as a service in Europe
MIS Impact Report - November, 2015
The global telecom and IT services provider is riding the trend of using cloud techniques for advanced infrastructure services, and has expanded its DRaaS operations to Europe.
Breaking up is (not) hard to do: a new twist in cloud consolidation
MIS Spotlight - November, 2015
Virtustream has received a major boost to its business, and Windstream has strategically relocated Hosted Solutions. Shedding your cloud is the new way to make better use of your cloud.
With a raft of new services, the party goes on at AWS
MIS Impact Report - November, 2015
Amazon's cloud business continues to crush it, and customers continue to press for improvements. This fast growth is possible because AWS pioneered commercial cloud computing, starting with IaaS and building from there.
Provider responsibility: Is there a potential Clinton in your customer base?
MIS Spotlight - October, 2015
A political controversy and some customer choices put an unfair media spotlight on two providers, Platte River Networks and Datto.
VMware doubles down on hybrid cloud, platform updates, partners
MIS Impact Report - October, 2015
Despite a high-profile change in ownership, the vendor continues pushing forward, revealing a raft of major updates at its recent flagship events. VMware should also continue to look at partners as the key to further growth.
When disaster recovery goes too well: unique snags in virtualized DRaaS
MIS Spotlight - October, 2015
Easy, fast disaster recovery as a service is changing the game for big IT shops, but providers are learning lessons, too.
Rackspace extends managed services to former rival Amazon Web Services
MIS Impact Report - October, 2015
The company continues its evolution into a managed cloud provider by adding managed services for AWS customers. This was an anticipated move after its recent addition of the Microsoft Azure portfolio.
Cirrity well positioned in the growing channel-based cloud market
MIS Impact Report - September, 2015
Atlanta-based cloud wholesaler Cirrity is part of a small, but growing, cadre of pure-channel cloud suppliers that do not sell directly to end customers, but rely on intercessors to go the 'last mile' to the enterprise user.
Managed infrastructure market 2015 preview: cloud is normalized, services are the key
MIS Impact Report - September, 2015
This report takes a global view of the managed infrastructure market, analyzing the state of the market by technology and region and highlighting vendors working in the space.
Datapipe picks up DualSpark for AWS experience, migration capabilities
MIS Impact Report - September, 2015
The acquisition of cloud consulting firm DualSpark shows the currency of Amazon Web Services expertise even for major partners like Datapipe. More hosting providers and MSPs are finding it desirable to explicitly support AWS and other cloud services as well as their own operations.
CentriLogic continues growth on the back of expanding services and cloud
MIS Impact Report - August, 2015
Following the 2014 acquisition of Adveniat, which allowed CentriLogic into new overseas territory in the US Virgin Islands, the company has continued to grow its fleet of managed infrastructure services and customers.