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For cloud provider choice, is it 'Que Sera, Sera'? Will you be happy or will you be sad?
TIP Thursday / Cloud - March, 2015
For most organizations, 'The Day of the Cloud' will soon be upon us, and selecting cloud enabling technology or cloud service providers will be among the most important decisions to be made in the next two years.
Enterprise adoption of public cloud IaaS is growing, but slowly
TIP Thursday / Cloud - March, 2015
Cloud budgets increased from 2013 to 2014, and 87% reported an increase from 2014 to 2015. However, from the overall IT budget perspective, spending remains relatively low in large enterprises, with 58% citing less than 5% spent on cloud.
Data privacy tops the list of security concerns for cloud consumers
TIP Thursday / Cloud - February, 2015
Security remains the paramount concern for enterprises dealing with the transition to cloud-based computing services, whether they are private on-premises or public off-premises offerings.
The 10 'hottest' cloud technologies that matter to 'us' in the next two years
TIP Thursday / Cloud - February, 2015
From the enterprise perspective, it's clear that the top five opportunities are related to private, on-premises cloud adoption, and that off-premises public cloud offerings, with the exception of cloud storage services, don't even register on the top 10.
In the cloud, it's interesting who you think is hot and who you choose to date
TIP Thursday / Cloud - January, 2015
For enterprise cloud consumers and for cloud technology and service providers, the news is mostly positive. From the cloud computing consumer perspective, the good news is that there are lots of vendors to choose from.
With public cloud top of mind, where do enterprises go for additional capacity?
TIP Thursday / Cloud - January, 2015
According to marketing rhetoric, public cloud computing offerings far exceed the agility, capability and cost benefits of growing your own IT offerings and will inevitably dominate the digital infrastructure world.
Cloud platform choice is the most strategic enterprise IT decision in the next two years
TIP Insight / Servers - December, 2014
As competing factions vie for position in the upcoming cloud wars, enterprises need to choose the platform to deploy their workloads. Contenders such as Amazon, Google, VMware, Microsoft and the OpenStack community are all vying for the prize.
Cloud platform choice is the most strategic enterprise IT decision in the next two years
TIP Insight / Cloud - December, 2014
As competing factions vie for position in the upcoming cloud wars, enterprises need to choose the platform to deploy their workloads. Contenders such as Amazon, Google, VMware, Microsoft and the OpenStack community are all vying for the prize.
The Converged Infrastructure Ball: May I have the next dance?
TIP Thursday / Servers - December, 2014
Although some kind of software-defined infrastructure is the architectural vision of the future, the underlying hardware platforms – servers, network and storage – need to be able to support the required integration and cooperate seamlessly.
Enterprises express mixed reactions to Amazon Web Services
TIP Thursday / Cloud - November, 2014
Despite the excellent results achieved by AWS in the market window, this only represents a part of all of the attributes required to establish long-term success at the enterprise level.
The cloud software appliance market will be soft until cloud platforms firm up
TIP Insight / Cloud - November, 2014
Technology vendors love to sell solutions, but their offerings usually come with dependencies. Any software 'solution,' especially those positioned as appliances, need a solid platform. For the cloud, this is where the rubber meets the sky.
The top 10 new opportunities for software-defined infrastructure technology
TIP Thursday / Servers - November, 2014
As enterprise customers prepare for a cloudy future, there is significant greenfield opportunity for cloud-enabling technology vendors in the next two-plus years.
Enterprise cloud platforms gather momentum: Watch OpenStack and 'don't blink!'
TIP Thursday / Servers - October, 2014
With the IT industry experiencing the biggest transformation seen since the introduction of the IBM PC in the early 1980s, it is not surprising to see some tectonic scale shifts happening.
For policy-based provisioning, there is a changing of the guard
TIP Thursday / Servers - October, 2014
The journey to the cloud, in terms of evolving internal IT infrastructure, is a long one. The majority of organizations have moved beyond standardization and consolidation, while 32%, the largest individual group, are still engaged with virtualization.
OpenStack gathers momentum: Don't blink!
TIP Insight / Cloud - October, 2014
The market opportunity for cloud platforms is accelerating. The clans are gathering and it is challenging to identify the contenders, let alone the potential victors. As big vendors rally around OpenStack, the game is afoot and the day is far from won.
Top considerations when selecting workload execution venues
TIP Thursday / Cloud - October, 2014
Cloud study respondents were asked about their 'likely primary' execution venues for a wide range of workload categories in the next two years, and their reasons for those choices.
For public cloud vendors, the road to enterprise growth is a steep and rugged path
TIP Thursday / Cloud - September, 2014
While cloud is generally accepted to be the way of the future for the delivery of the majority of IT services, the transition from traditional IT architectures to a cloud-based future is a complicated one that will be executed over multiple years.
The Intel 'industry standard' server evolves into the 'software-defined infrastructure'
TIP Thursday / Servers - September, 2014
A long time ago, in a datacenter far, far away, there were no x86-based servers. Two decades later, the x86 architecture, now more generally promoted as IA, dominates general-purpose server deployments.
Enterprise IT and HPC converge: common workloads, specialized datacenters - Part 1
MIS Spotlight - September, 2014
The differences between high-performance computing and enterprise IT are becoming less distinct, but the datacenters to support them will be more specialized. It is not clear how this will all turn out, but it is a fair bet that the days of single-density, generalist enterprise datacenters are numbered.
Is VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger really a Time Lord?
TIP Thursday / Servers - September, 2014
VMware's current CEO, Pat Gelsinger, 'regenerated' from the previous incumbent Paul Maritz two years ago. Gelsinger has put his stamp on that position over the past couple of years, but the story arc hasn't changed that much.
Does Microsoft have a hunting license for hypervisors this year?
TIP Thursday / Servers - August, 2014
With VMworld San Francisco on the immediate horizon, it seems a reasonable time to question whether the foundations of VMware's software-defined datacenter fortress are solid as a rock or potentially being eroded by waves of competitive assault.
D-Wave commercializes quantum computing: who should care, and why?
MIS Impact Report - August, 2014
And now for something completely different: the company has built a computation system that actually performs meaningful quantum computing and is accessible to programmers and algorithm designers, not just experimental physicists. Is D-Wave's Quantum Computer an expensive curiosity or the harbinger of interesting things to come?
Budgeting for the transition to cloud computing
TIP Thursday / Cloud - August, 2014
From the budget perspective, enterprise IT organizations are increasingly focusing on the transformation to cloud computing in one form or another as being the IT delivery model of the future.
Cloud creates exciting opportunities for vendors large and small
TIP Thursday / Cloud - July, 2014
As enterprises of all sizes select the best execution venues for their varying categories of workloads, we expect to see a spread of deployments across on-premises private, hosted private, hybrid and public clouds.
Cloud Platforms: Will Juno become the ruler of the cloud gods?
TIP Thursday / Servers - July, 2014
If the state we are headed toward is some form of cloud computing, then the role that OpenStack Juno will play becomes an important consideration.
In the software-defined datacenter battle, will Microsoft and VMware divide the spoils?
TIP Insight / Servers - July, 2014
The software-defined datacenter promises to reshape the IT industry with significant implications for vendors large and small. As the balance of power shifts to software, which technologies and vendors can be expected to prosper?
Is it time for IBM to say 'Goodbye to the Machine'?
TIP Thursday / Servers - July, 2014
Unless IBM can achieve a dramatic turnaround in its hardware-related businesses, it might be appropriate for the company to consider a rebranding exercise to position itself as something that more closely relates to its future direction.
Fifty Shades of Cloud: The impact of best execution venue on cloud provider selection
TIP Insight / Cloud - June, 2014
The transformation of IT to cloud delivery models has created an open field for myriad provider types and vendors. This report highlights the execution venues being considered by enterprises and the vendors they are considering as future providers.
Dell's road to the future is private and full of cloudy promise
TIP Thursday / Servers - June, 2014
Despite the fact that we concluded our previous server study prior to Michael Dell's successful privatization of the company he founded, the results of the survey were generally positive for Dell's future prospects.
Explosive growth for cloud computing drives feeding frenzy among aspiring providers
TIP Thursday / Cloud - June, 2014
Whichever way you look at it, the market for cloud computing services is poised for explosive growth. With so much potential opportunity ahead, it is not surprising to see vendors across the industry spectrum positioning to get a piece of the pie.
HP brings high-end computing, liquid cooling, to the datacenter masses
MIS Impact Report - June, 2014
Launched in Q2 2014, a new range of high-performance compute systems, including a new water-cooled supercomputer, mark HP's latest foray into the field of HPC. HP says the systems are applicable to enterprise deployments such as big data applications as well as traditional HPC (scientific and research use).
Unified cloud management consoles inspire plenty of interest but little confidence
TIP Thursday / Cloud - June, 2014
As enterprises steadily evolve their IT strategies to embrace cloud computing, it is clear that the domain of systems management also needs to evolve in parallel.
Server infrastructure: Little interest in micro-servers, and there's no ARM in that
TIP Thursday / Servers - May, 2014
Many vendors promote micro-server architectures as a workload-optimized, high-density, energy-efficient alternative to conventional server designs. While the concept has potential, there are misconceptions about micro-servers in the marketplace.
Enterprise customers raise their voices about cloud security and regulatory compliance
TIP Insight / Cloud - May, 2014
Security, regulation and compliance are understood as major hurdles to be overcome by cloud service providers. In this report, we highlight recommendations from TheInfoPro's respondent community about how cloud service providers can address those issues.
The OpenStack tipping point - will it go over the edge?
TIP Thursday / Cloud - May, 2014
For many organizations, the choice of cloud platform will be the biggest single strategic choice that enterprise customers make in the next two years, setting the directional choice for their future IT direction and investment.
'Shadow IT' begins to wane as cloud computing goes mainstream
TIP Thursday / Cloud - May, 2014
In the Wave 4 Cloud Study, 50% of respondents had no formal process of on-boarding users of external cloud services in accordance with IT policies, creating the threatening specter of 'shadow IT.'
For new server provisioning and configuration tools, the window of opportunity is closing
TIP Thursday / Servers - May, 2014
The future of IT is widely accepted to be in the cloud, in one or several of its many forms. At a meta level, our research supports the thesis that hybrid cloud is the end game for many organizations and that 'the road to hybrid cloud is private.'
Still early days for usage-based reporting and accounting
TIP Thursday / Servers - April, 2014
While charge-back is the obvious choice for public cloud services, the choice for private clouds is not so clear-cut. As with many things that are cloud related, cultural issues far outweigh technology concerns.
If the road to hybrid cloud is private, how do the public get access?
TIP Insight / Servers - April, 2014
Enterprises are continuing the journey to cloud-based architectures, but concerns of data privacy and sensitivity are causing many to consider private clouds for some workloads, leaving other categories as better opportunities for public cloud providers.
Converged infrastructure: the enterprise platform of the future?
TIP Thursday / Servers - April, 2014
Although initially received with skepticism by some vendors, Cisco's move into the world of x86-based 'industry standard servers' was a harbinger of change in the transformation of IT toward the software-defined datacenter and a cloudy future.