The Digital Infrastructure Summit kicks off in Santa Clara

The Digital Infrastructure Summit kicks off in Santa Clara
This morning, our Chairman & CEO Martin McCarthy kicked off the inaugural Digital Infrastructure Summit in Santa Clara, CA, gathering IT leaders to discuss the critical technology transformations that will define your business for years to come. Designed for IT infrastructure and operations professionals, the Digital Infrastructure Summit brings IT leaders from a variety of industries together with the cloud service providers and the technology suppliers that all play a pivotal role in helping enterprises build a Digital Infrastructure strategy.

Why are we hosting the Digital Infrastructure Summit now? We believe that the transformational journey that our clients are on is by far the most challenging one for IT to date. This time, the drivers for change are business-led -- create sustainable competitive advantage, get to market faster, convert opportunity to profit more effectively, and build lasting, engaged relationships with customers. Technology is the enabler of these goals, not just a tool to support them. IT has the chance to go from being the “slow or no” department to the “go and grow” people. The Summit is built on the back of three tenets:

1. Every business is a digital business and depends on its digital infrastructure backbone. Every company needs a digital infrastructure strategy but must overcome organizational and technical silos to get there. What do we mean by digital infrastructure? We think of Digital Infrastructure as analogous to physical infrastructure – the network of roads and trains, facilities that maintain operations and the control points that manage and optimize flow. In the same vein, Digital Infrastructure incorporates internal datacenter facilities, IT hardware and software stacks, and external third-party cloud and service providers. The goal of a Digital Infrastructure strategy is to align these assets with business consumption requirements to ensure optimal performance.

2. Every digital business is on a journey to the cloud. Firms tell us that within two years almost three-quarters of their workloads will use one form of cloud deployment or another – 47% in a private cloud, 9% in hybrid and 19% in public cloud IaaS or SaaS. Despite C-level imperatives to move to the cloud, it’s not that easy. It’s the speed of the journey that varies. Which workloads would benefit most from cloud deployment? How much re-writing, modernization and re-platforming is needed? How do you integrate and manage this new environment with limited disruption and maximum return-on-investment. The Summit will help you understand how to do a workload-by-workload Best Execution Venue assessment for a consistent and reasoned approach to deployment options.

3. The IT service delivery model is being rewritten to support it. Everyone’s talking about IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), a competitive business model where IT creates services for the business and competes against external providers. A major part of the cloud journey is assembling the internal technical capabilities – cloud-enabled management platforms and integration tooling across and between cloud environments – and the service delivery model – the skills, metrics that the IT team brings.

If you're at the Digital Infrastructure Summit or interested in what's going on here, follow along on Twitter with #451DIsummit. If you'd like to learn more about the event, visit the event website.
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