451 Research Takes on the Internet of Things

451 Research Takes on the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained a tremendous amount of momentum over the past few years, with a definition that varies greatly based on the source. As defined by 451 Research, IoT is the interconnected set of intelligent devices, objects and wearables designed specifically to enable the virtualization of the physical world. These devices create new value, services and perspectives through sharing and deep analysis of machine to machine (M2M) data. In support of our in-depth coverage of IoT, 451 Research is launching its latest Market Map‚Ñ¢, which offers a comprehensive view of the multitude of vendors within the IoT ecosystem. Download the IoT Market Map now.

“The Internet of Things has become arguably the most hyped concept in the history of IT,” said Brian Partridge, Vice President of Mobility, 451 Research. “While the buzz is understandable, the reality is that we stand at the very early days of a long journey. Today, most companies aren’t yet ready for the massive transformation to the business process that IoT implies. Fully embracing the Internet of Things is a fundamental shift that brings significant risk that must be managed, and it requires data skills that are in short supply.”

Interested in learning more and joining 451 in the discussion on IoT? We recently held a webinar, Navigating the Internet of Everything, to discuss key developments across the IoT ecosystem, including areas of innovation in IoT security, connectivity architecture, and the role of cloud, APIs, middleware and data management platforms. Click here to view a replay of the webinar.

Head over to 451 Research’s IoT coverage to access free reports and the IoT Market Map, and to learn more about our take on the IoT landscape!
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