Featured Data: Enterprise mobility management revenue set for 25% CAGR through 2021

Fueled by increasing budgets for mobile applications and the proliferation of both company-issued and employee-owned BYOD devices in the workplace, the overall enterprise mobility management (EMM) market will nearly triple in revenue from $5.5bn in 2016 to $16.69bn by year-end 2021.


Among the individual markets under the EMM umbrella, the mobile-back-end-as-a-service (MBaaS) sector will experience the fastest growth, nearly doubling its share of the total EMM market from 4% in 2016 to 7% in 2021. With increasing demands on companies to engage with clients and employees through mobile applications, MBaaS growth will be driven by an increasing need for enterprises to move to more agile development methods that shorten the application development lifecycle, as well as a growing demand for back-end connectivity for IoT devices and applications.

The mobile application platform (MAP) market and mobile device management (MDM) market combined make up 70% of total EMM revenue in 2016. By 2021, mobile application management (MAM), is expected to overtake MDM as the second-largest segment of EMM in revenue terms.

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