Webinar April 27th: Inside Server Evolution and Spending

As workload migration to public cloud continues, IT organizations face a wealth of challenges as they determine the most effective compute ecosystem for their needs. Server technologies are evolving quickly—from converged to hyperconverged to composable—and finding the right fit for on-premises workloads is now a critical component of infrastructure strategies. This webinar will explore the drivers behind enterprise server purchases and how they are planning for the future.

During the webinar, learn:

  • Drivers of today‚Äôs purchases of servers and converged infrastructure
  • Key customer pain points and objectives for servers and converged infrastructure
  • How cloud migration is impacting spending on servers and converged infrastructure
  • Where hyperconverged fits into new infrastructure deployments
  • How vendors are positioning themselves to win in this evolving compute market

You'll be able to submit your questions directly to Christian during our interactive Q&A session.

About Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and Converged Infrastructure
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