Brett Azuma, SVP of Research, discusses our upcoming Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit

Brett Azuma, SVP of Research, discusses our upcoming Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit
Brett Azuma, Senior Vice President, Research, is serving as the Conference Chair for this year’s Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit. We sat down with Brett to gain a little more insight on the people you will encounter at HCTS and some of the current issues that will be discussed.
#451HCTS: Hi Brett, thank you for taking some time to speak with us. As this year’s conference chair, you are closely involved with the HCTS audience, format and agenda. Who are the attendees you expect to see at the event?

BA: HCTS draws a more senior group, driven much more toward business executives. We’ll have a mix of hosting and colo companies, security, IoT, and service providers of all types. [451 Research was] early in covering the cloud market. We continue to really stress our emphasis on the service provider market.

#451HCTS: What are some of the current challenges facing these service providers that will be explored at HCTS?

BA: There are two key things for them – how to grow revenue and how to increase their valuation. The overwhelming majority of service providers will at some point be bought out, but it’s still an incredibly fragmented industry. Most of the 'smaller guys' are looking at exit factors, but in the meantime, they're focused on how to compete effectively. The challenge for many providers is to figure out how to successfully compete in that market where big players dominate.

#451HCTS: This year’s HCTS program has been designed to explore the business of service provision in the Cloud 2.0 era. Can you delve deeper into the two tracks at this year’s Summit – Business of Cloud 2.0 and Technology of Cloud 2.0?

BA: On one side, we will run a business-focused track, looking at business models and the finance side of things. One featured session is a panel discussion with [451 Analysts] Al Sadowski, Liam Eagle and Dan Thompson, and what they’re hearing from service providers.

The technology track will focus on all the technologies people should know something about – running a datacenter, running a hosting company, IoT, containers, how to manage workloads – things you should know about and you don’t, or don’t know enough. Everyone feels they could know more about these things, since they have the potential to be game-changers.

#451HCTS: In your opinion, who should come to this year’s Summit, and what makes it different from all the other technology events out there?

BA: HCTS is known for a lot of deals getting done. This is the place where everyone tends to coalesce. We’ll provide dynamic content and ways to think differently about your business – based on our own analysis, plus insights from other relevant companies. HCTS is a great platform for networking as well. It really is the Who’s Who for the cloud and colo business.

#451HCTS: Thanks again, Brett. We look forward to learning more about the Summit in the coming weeks. One last question – how can interested attendees register for HCTS?

BA: All information can be found on our event website. Looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas next month!
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