Prepping for HCTS – Q&A with Research Director Owen Rogers

You may recognize our next speaker from when he sported a cloud print suit last year. Owen Rogers is Research Director of the Digital Economics Unit at 451 Research, which helps customers understand the economics behind digital and cloud technologies, so they can make informed choices.

Q: What did you discuss last year?
A: Last year I discussed how cloud pricing was coming down, but cheaper providers weren’t necessarily winning market share as a result. For me, this indicated a value-driven market where enterprises are willing to pay more for products that better suit their needs, but naturally want to squeeze every penny once their requirements are met.

Q: What was your biggest take away from last year’s HCTS?
A: My biggest take away from last year is that service providers need to be better at adding and communicating value, as infrastructure becomes increasingly commoditized and enterprises look up the stack.

Q: What will you be discussing in this session?
A: In my session, “Winning at Every Stage of the Cloud Journey,” I will be looking at how services providers can add value at every step of the enterprise cloud journey. One way they can is through managed services, particularly when clients are leveraging a multi-cloud environment. According to our Voice of the Service Provider survey, in addition to the services being offered like backup/dr, security and managed hosting, many customers revealed several pain points they are looking to service providers to solve (see Figure 3 from the survey results). Additionally, being able to address these pain points could be a key differentiator between the service providers and their competition.
Voice of the Service Provider Figure 3 2018Any attendee can also ask me about my expert sunburn avoidance techniques at any time during the Summit.

Q: Why should HCTS attendees find this session valuable/what can they hope to gain?
A: I’d like to think attendees will leave my session with ideas for new products to add to their portfolios and new opportunities to add value. My session will identify which of products are most likely to derive greater margins.

Q: Why are you excited to attend this year’s HCTS?
A: The Crabcake Benedict in Café Bellagio is exquisite. Also, the lounge at the airport has a fantastic gruyere-based soup.

We are excited to have Owen back to Las Vegas for HCTS, which will be held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, September 24-26. Register for HCTS 2018 to hear all the speakers you have met thus far in our ongoing series, including the previous Q&A with Andy Lawrence.
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