Webinar - The Future of Work: The Liquid Enterprise, WorkOps and Workforce Intelligence

The Future of Work: The Liquid Enterprise, WorkOps and Workforce Intelligence webinar will be held October 30, 2018, at 12:00 pm ET. After that date, the recording will be available below.

The nature of work is being entirely transformed by innovative new technologies. Catalyzed by businesses looking for greater strategic and operational agility and by the techno-empowerment of individuals, ownership over work execution is decentralizing away from IT and other centralized teams of specialists. This shift requires new understanding and new language.

At 451 Research, we use the term ‘liquid enterprise’ to describe the massive responsiveness to changing market, customer and user requirements that the most innovative enterprises are looking to give affect to. ‘WorkOps’ describes how the nature of work is changing to make this possible – with intelligence, workflow automation, collaboration and reporting embedded and flexibly tessellating across the work execution lifecycle. WorkOps is opening up new possibilities for collective and connected yet highly personalized experiences that will supercharge work execution and drive employee engagement. It’s also giving rise to what we believe is a new enterprise software archetype we call the Workforce Intelligence Platform.

This radically different future for work is significant enough for us to have to rethink the archetypes we use to understand and describe work.

In this webinar, 451 Research analysts Chris Marsh, Raul Castanon-Martinez and Rosanna Jimenez will help you understand how to plan for the future for work that is unfurling:

  • What does the future of work look like?
  • What are the technology trends underpinning how work is changing?
  • How should you be thinking about employee engagement?
  • How do you leverage AI to improve work execution?
  • How can you become ‘liquid’ and put in place for WorkOps practices?
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