Introducing the 451 Firestarters Award Recipients for Q1 2019

In October 2018, we announced our first set of 451 Firestarters award winners, recognizing exceptional innovation in the technology industry.  Today, we are excited to announce the next group of 451 Firestarters; our Q1 2019 award recipients.

The 451 Firestarters program is exclusively analyst-led, providing our team of industry technology experts with the opportunity to recognize exceptional innovation in the technology industry, regardless of its origin, and based on the simple, yet rigorous, criterion of impressing our team of analysts. This is no mean feat considering our analysts speak to several hundreds of companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation and disruption every year. There are no quotas to fill, and this is in no way a ‘pay to play.’ Any company or technology that we believe could substantially disrupt an existing market – or even create a new market category – has the potential to become a 451 Firestarter.

Each 451 Firestarter awardee falls into one of the four major ‘megatrends’ outlined in the 4SIGHT research framework: Contextual Experience, Invisible Infrastructure, Pervasive Intelligence and Universal Risk.

Below, we are delighted to announce the Q1 2019 451 Firestarters. (in alphabetical order):

BigID – Universal Risk
BigID works to change how companies can protect and manage the privacy of personal data in the face of new breaches and new regulations on data protection.

Concertio – Invisible Infrastructure
Concertio’s suite of tools allow hardware and software systems to work together as seamlessly as possible.

Dragos – Universal Risk
Dragos offers a comprehensive ICS cybersecurity solution to ensure its customers have the tools and knowledge to establish a resilient and adaptable security posture.

Filament – Pervasive Intelligence
Filament offers complete solutions that include hardware, software and services that integrate blockchain technology into an enterprise.

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems – Pervasive Intelligence
HPE’s Edgeline Converged Edge System converges operational technology like data acquisition systems, control systems and industrial networks already in play at the edge which should result in lower operating and energy expenses.

Immuta – Pervasive Intelligence
Immuta has created a data management platform for data science. Data scientists connect your tools to their solution and the company has governance professionals work on policies for you to help comply with industry regulations.

Itential – Invisible Infrastructure
The Itential software helps accelerate the move to software-driven networks as a portion of an enterprise’s digital transformation.

OSIsoft – Pervasive Intelligence
OSIsoft provides an open enterprise infrastructure that connects sensor data and systems with the people who need to leverage that information to better the business.

Terminus – Contextual Experience
Terminus aims to be the end-to-end solution for marketing and sales departments to identify and prioritize key accounts and engage with them across multiple channels through targeted outreach.

Vonage Technologies – Contextual Experience
Cloud communications provider that has redefined unified communications as an open platform built on APIs that enable organizations to customize their own applications.

Weaveworks – Invisible Infrastructure
Weaveworks’ cloud-based solution simplifies the deployment and management of containers and microservices as companies move to be more cloud-native.

Please join us in congratulating our Q1 2019 451 Firestarters! Of course, we hope you will agree with our selections, and will use this as an opportunity to find out more about them. We welcome, and encourage, feedback; this is an opportunity for you to engage with a world-class analyst team whose coverage spans the emerging digital technology landscape. If your organization is actively engaged with our analyst team, then that is your chance to impress us, and potentially become a 451 Firestarter, too!

More detailed insight around all the 451 Firestarter award winners is available to clients via our Research Dashboard. Not a client? Apply for Trial access.

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