451 Research Shines as a “Go To” Analyst Firm as We Start our 20th Year

Over the past 19 years, 451 Research has worked hard to deliver unique and impactful insight and data about innovation in the technology industry, and we are thankful for the recognition that our clients give us. However, it is always special when your work is recognized by the tech industry and the analyst relations community more broadly. In just the past year, 451 Research and our analysts have been acknowledged as “highly valued” by three different analyst relations communities – further cementing our reputation as one of the technology industry’s premier firms.

At the end of last year, the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) announced their 2018 Analyst of the Year awards where 451 Research was again highlighted as a 2018 Analyst Firm of the Year. The IIAR also named Owen Rogers, PhD, as Innovative Analyst of the Year.

451 Research was also highlighted as one of the most valued analyst firms in the Kea Company's 2018 Analyst Firm Awards (AFA), gaining recognition for our research and influence in all major categories, including the Americas region, Services & Cloud, Marketing & Policy, Enterprise and Global (i.e. EMEA and APAC). In explaining 451 Research’s strong showing in this year’s awards, Kea Company cited our new research platform and our Voice of the Enterprise survey research as some of the key value-adds we deliver to our clients.

More recently, 451 Research analysts feature prominently in the most recent ARInsights’ ARchitect Analyst Power 100 list, with around a quarter of the list given to 451 Research analysts. In particular, we were extremely proud to see company co-founder William “Wif” Fellows claiming the #1 spot* as the analyst with the most sustained ‘buzz’ in the industry. We’ve always believed that we punch above our weight as an analyst firm, and this latest list offers confirmation; clients across the industry come to 451 Research to understand where the technology market is heading next.

According to our Chief Research Officer Brett Azuma, these accolades acknowledge the progress and growing influence of our firm over recent years. “Our entire team has put great effort into maintaining and building on our reputation for delivering powerful, actionable insight and data around emerging and disruptive technologies. Such recognitions reinforce that the broader community sees the value in what we deliver and how we deliver it to clients.”

As a final note, as we continue our mission to deliver value to clients, we are happy to announce the following promotions within our research team:

  • Dr. Owen Rogers is promoted to Research Vice President and will co-lead the Cloud Transformation channel alongside Melanie Posey, Research Vice President and General Manager of Voice of the Enterprise. Owen will also continue to lead the Digital Economics unit and bring his innovative thinking and contributions help ensure 451 Research remains at the forefront of aiding clients in understanding and successfully navigating disruptive innovation in the technology market.

    The changes to the Cloud Transformation channel mean Research Vice President and Co-founder William Fellows, the aforementioned industry-ranked #1 analyst by ARinsights, will be stepping up to work with the broader analyst team on providing insight on overall digital innovation and helping lead the charge in dissecting the evolution of Cloud Native technology.

  • Liam Eagle is promoted to Research Director, Cloud, Hosting and Managed Services, and his channel will now work more closely with the Cloud Transformation channel as hosting and managed services research continues to overlap with the cloud market as a whole. Liam will also welcome Analyst Nicole Henderson to his team in July.

  • Scott Crawford is promoted to Research Vice President, Security. Scott has taken an already-strong security practice to the next level, creating the industry’s most capable and insightful security analyst team. This well-deserved promotion recognizes this and future contributions toward building the depth and breadth of our security-related data and insight.

  • Fernando Montenegro is promoted to Principal Analyst within the Information Security team. Since Fernando has joined 451 Research, he has tackled endpoint security and cloud security coverage areas and has become one of the most visible speakers and social media voices for the security practice.

  • Stephanie Turner is promoted to Manager, M&A Research, managing the flow and quality of deal information into the M&A KnowledgeBase and the M&A Daily newsletter. Stephanie has just passed her 11th-year anniversary working on the front lines of deal collection, deal entry and QC for the KnowledgeBase.

  • Stefanie Williams is promoted to Analyst within the Datacenter Service and Infrastructure team. She has been instrumental in helping us grow our datacenter coverage, particularly of smaller US markets as well those in Australia and the Philippines.

  • Cameron O’Shaughnessy is promoted to Associate Analyst II in the Customer Experience & Commerce channel. Cam is leading the development of the team's digital wallet and P2P payment VoCUL deliverables, deepening coverage of the e-commerce market and supporting a multitude of Advisors projects.

  • Liam Rogers is promoted to Associate Analyst III in the Applied Infrastructure & DevOps channel. Liam has become a pivotal link in the VotE Storage process in particular.

Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to our entire analyst team for their hard work, determination and dedication to guiding 451 Research toward another 20 years of success. Want to find out why our research and insight is valued for yourselves? Apply for Trial access to our research dashboard. You can also register for our Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit to hear directly from many of our analysts listed here and on the ARInsights' ARchitect Analyst Power 100 list. 

*Note: the ARInsights’ ARchitect Analyst Power 100 is a daily updated list and all information featured from said list is true at the time this blog was posted. Please reference the list for the most up to date information.
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