Celebrating the 15th Annual Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit – Presenter Q&A with Carl Lehmann

Interview with Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst

Automation remains one of the hottest topics in IT. Principal Analyst Carl Lehmann knows this all too well, and will bring his insight to the “Automation Effectiveness – Are you Prepared to Compete for the Future?” session at the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS), which will be on September 24 at 4:20pm PDT, in the Orovada Breakout Room 2 at the Aria in Las Vegas.

Q: What will you be discussing in this session?
A: Aggressive digital business strategies and the scarcity of IT expertise on the open market have made the automation of IT processes a high priority. There are several fundamental levels of automation available to enterprise IT organizations. In general, they include infrastructure and cloud services provisioning, continuous deployments as part of DevOps strategy, and IT services management automation. All require new approaches to enable IT toolchain interoperability across what is now a highly distributed and diverse hybrid IT architecture. New approaches to IT automation will be the topic of this moderated discussion panel.

Q: Why is this topic significant?
A: To compete effectively in the modern digital business era, enterprises must seek new competitive advantages. While there are many ways to achieve this, common to nearly all enterprises is the need to improve business and IT process efficiencies, and to automate these improvements so they execute reliably and consistently.

In a recent 451 Research survey, we asked business and IT decision-makers about their current and expected future automation efforts. Of the 881 respondents, 50% stated that automation in their IT environment is mostly manual, with some automated processes; 75% say they expect this to change, citing IT automation to increase in the next 12 months.
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Q: We are celebrating 15 years of our Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit. What do you believe is the most valuable aspect of HCTS?
A: The cloud era has accelerated the rate of IT innovation in technology and the pace of business change in enterprises to a point where, if you blink, you might miss something that could come back to bite you. The best way to stay ahead is to stay engaged with analysts and practitioners of cloud-enabling technologies and services, and how they are best applied to run the modern digital business. HCTS plays a central role in such engagement.

Q: Many of our attendees return to this event annually. What do you think brings them back every year?
A: In my view, HCTS isn’t an event, per se. Rather, it’s a continuous education process – one that systematically examines highly dynamic and often unpredictable markets on an annual basis, and shares such findings. It brings order through data-driven research by tracking the progression (or lack thereof) of earlier trends, and revealing new trends that warrant the attention of business and IT leaders, as well as the IT vendors and service providers charged with turning vision into reality.

Q: What are you excited to see/experience at this year’s Summit?
A: I’m most interested in learning how business and IT leaders practice the art of technology triage. With so many innovations and emerging technologies in the fields of hybrid IT architecture, containerized applications, microservice architecture, converged infrastructure, edge computing and the Internet of Things (among so many others), how do they structure their education, and how do they prioritize their efforts and investments? Such understanding goes a long way to help determine where various markets are headed and whether or not they are likely to succeed.

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Celebrating the 15th Annual Hosting & Cloud Transf...
Celebrating the 15th Annual Hosting & Cloud Transf...

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