Celebrating the 15th Annual Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit – Presenter Q&A with Craig Matsumoto

Interview with Craig Matsumoto, Senior Analyst

Last year, we welcomed Senior Analyst Craig Matsumoto to the 451 family – and we are so excited to have him back on stage at the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS). Craig will lead the “Building the Datacenter Fabric – Networking Opportunities in the Datacenter World” session on September 24 at 1:15pm PDT, in the Orovada Breakout Room 2 at the Aria in Las Vegas.

Q: What will you be discussing in this session?
A: Something I've been calling 'the new enterprise network.' As enterprises have reached out to the cloud, they've often been content to use broadband internet or SD-WAN to connect there. Datacenters would like to present an alternative, aided by the agility of software-defined networking – we're calling it software-programmable interconnection.

Q: Why is this topic significant?
A: I think the element of cloud dependency is underappreciated. As more mission-critical work moves to remote places – clouds, SaaS providers, even edge computing – I would expect some enterprises to find internet connectivity insufficient. We're going to discuss colocation as an alternative, but many enterprises don't think of colocation that strategically. About 30% use colocation, and of those, 53% use it for disaster recovery. It suggests a slim, tactical view of colocation. Is there a richer role that third-party datacenters can play for enterprises? I want to start some discussion on that.

Q: We are celebrating 15 years of our Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit. What do you believe is the most valuable aspect of HCTS?
A: The caliber of attendees. As with any conference, you want to put in the effort to start conversations and absorb a range of perspectives, and HCTS sets you up well to do that. Of course, the analyst presentations are riveting, too.

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from last year’s HCTS?
A: Owen Rogers' presentation on the cloud adoption cycle – how enterprises overdo the cloud, then fall into a temporary backlash – sticks with me even a year later. I bring it up a lot in briefings. He also managed to name the cloud-adoption phases after classic novels, which was far too clever, and I'm still seething with envy over it.

Q: Many of our attendees return to this event annually. What do you think brings them back every year?
A: Since I haven't been here all 15 years, it can't be my smiling face. Must be Christian's.

Seriously, this event is like an annual report on cloud transformation – a State of the Enterprise address, from an IT perspective. This year, there's more networking thrown into the mix – not just my session, but also Brian Partridge talking about the edge and William Fellows leading a discussion on invisible infrastructure.

Q: What are you excited to see/experience at this year’s Summit?
A: Selfishly, HCTS is a chance to spend face time with my 451 colleagues, especially those in the Datacenter Services & Infrastructure group. Like the cloud, we're highly distributed. I've never even met Dan Thompson in person, so I'm looking forward to that.

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