Upcoming Webinar: Getting to Cloud 2.0

Upcoming Webinar: Getting to Cloud 2.0
Organizations have been working hard to get to new levels of IT innovation, but it’s been tough going. Budget challenges, technology transitions and operational limitations have held many back from what they’d like to achieve. To really gain the upper hand, enterprises have to rethink approaches and move forward to what we’re calling the Business of Cloud 2.0.

Join us as we dig into the technology and organizational issues that are being addressed on this journey. We’ll discuss our insights and perspectives on topics such as:

- What do organizations need to do to get to greater IT service efficiency?

- Is it hyper-convergence or cloud or both?

- My cloud or your cloud? On- and off-premises technologies

- The truth about containers

- Hybrid cloud and multiple execution venue realities

- Peer benchmarking data on which workloads have made it to cloud

We’ll explore each of these, and present Voice of the Enterprise (VotE) study results of what your peers have accomplished and where they’re headed. We’ll discuss enterprise maturity, and how it affects what your organization can do and how you can make progress.

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