Livestream: Highlights from VotE Digital Pulse: Coronavirus Flash Survey October 2020

As the pandemic persists and enterprises adjust their expectations for an end to altered working conditions, much of the focus is on accommodating the need to safely operate workspaces, including permanent commitments to work-from-home practices, various approaches to in-office distancing and additional consideration for employees with children in school. Since March, we've conducted surveys with mid-level and senior IT professionals to gage how enterprises are adapting to and planning for the future in the face of COVID-19. Liam Eagle and Melanie Posey dove into the key findings from the third Voice of the Enterprise: Digital Pulse, Coronavirus Flash Survey (October 2020) in this recent livestream. Watch the video to get the insights about:

• How the shift to remote work impacted business’ operations and IT resources since March
• How enterprises perceive the outcome of the US presidential election in November could impact operating conditions
• How dealing with the pandemic has led to some positive operational changes for many
• And more

It’s time for businesses to get on the front foot ...

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