The 2015 Storage Executive Summit – What can you expect?

With fall just around the corner, that means it’s just a few weeks until 451 Research be holding our third annual Storage Executive Summit, located at the prestigious Harvard Club of New York, in Manhattan. As in previous years, we expect the event to provide a combination of thought-provoking commentary and practical insight for senior infrastructure and storage decision makers looking to plan the next stage in their IT transformation journey. As chair of the summit, I’m very much looking forward to another engaging, interactive and enjoyable event.

My keynote this year will be titled “Preparing Storage for the IT SMACdown.” Don’t worry; we’re not going to be engaging in any on-stage wrestling (and I certainly will not be dressing up for the occasion in any sort of crime against fashion). In this case, SMAC is an acronym that stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would disagree that all four of these areas are fundamentally reshaping the IT landscape around us.

In this context, the challenge for IT decision makers is to prepare their environments for the world of SMAC, and in particular, to ensure that they have a modern, agile infrastructure that can best take advantage of these technologies.  In order to take advantage of the SMAC opportunity ‚Äì be that deploying a real-time analytics solution such as SAP HANA, building a cloud-scale application, embracing ‚ÄòDevOps,‚Äô or moving to an ‚Äòas-a-service‚Äô IT delivery model ‚Äì we must also consider moving from the ‚Äòold style‚Äô of IT, to a ‚Äònew style,‚Äô in terms of both approach and technology. As we know, storage is a critical part of the infrastructure, and so any broader infrastructure transformation project must have a storage component in order to truly deliver on its goals.

Thankfully, many new storage technologies are emerging to help. Indeed, this is a period of tremendous innovation in storage, so the opportunity to get a better handle on those age-old problems of dealing with data growth, improving efficiency and delivering new levels of performance has never been better. During the Summit, you’ll get to hear from the 451 Research analyst team on how we think transformational technologies such as flash and solid-state memory, hyper-convergence, storage-as-a-service, and cloud-enabling technologies such as object storage, are heading, and how they – individually and collectively – help us get our arms around the SMAC challenge. We’ve also put together a great lineup of speakers and sponsors, who will share their perspectives on each of these areas, and more.

Of course, one ongoing challenge for all senior IT professionals is how to make the infrastructure transition to a SMAC-enabled future, while also meeting the needs of the business today; although some traditional applications may be moving to the cloud or to SaaS, many key business applications are deemed too critical to move to the cloud, and will remain very much ‘on-premises’ for the foreseeable future. Hence (as is so often the case in IT), the real challenge comes down to changing the wings of the 747 while the proverbial jumbo is still airborne. Thankfully, we’ll have plenty of seasoned IT professionals on stage to share their experiences (both the home runs and the horror stories!) in managing this transition.

In summary, then, you can expect another busy but rewarding day at this year’s event. Previous attendees tell us that 451 Executive Summits are an exceedingly good use of that most scare of commodities – their time – and a very worthwhile investment:

  • ‚ÄúOn the leading edge of the business in terms of content and quality of presentations.‚Äù
  • ‚ÄúHigh quality speakers and breakout sessions.‚Äù
  • ‚ÄúGreat chance to hear about trends, views and outlook.‚Äù

If you’re interested in hearing more, please contact Colby Shine at or 646.915.0327. Or, if you’re ready to apply now, please complete the online form.

I look forward to seeing you in New York in November where, mercifully, I won't be dressed in Spandex.

Simon Robinson

Storage Executive Summit Conference Chair

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