Session Preview: #datacentresummit

In less than two weeks, a select group of executives will meet in London to discuss the current issues and best practices surrounding the datacentre industry in Europe. The day’s interactive schedule will feature a number of moderated panel discussions, small group collaboration, as well as topical presentations from 451 Research analysts. Two of our featured analysts, Rhonda Ascierto and Penny Jones, have provided previews of what you will learn and discuss on October 21.

DCIM: Datacentre Management in a Software-Driven Age – Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director, Datacenter Technologies & Eco-Efficient IT

Information about the physical datacentre – space, power, cooling and IT equipment – is coming from many places: the equipment, IT systems, CMDBs, DCIM software, building management systems, power strips, sensors, meters, and so on. All of this data is being combined with other data, including about the logical (equipment location and network status) and the virtual (the hypervisor and applications of a virtualized server), as well as IT service and business criteria, and even the weather and power prices.

How are companies collecting data, what are they using it for, and why?

During an interactive discussion, we will explore the ways in which data from DCIM systems is being used as a foundational layer for a number of optimization, service and business-oriented products and functions that are not generally part of core DCIM software. DCIM suppliers, as well as specialists that are developing new types of datacentre management software and features, will also be discussed.

Connectivity in a Cloud-Enabled World – Penny Jones, Senior Analyst – European Services

Connectivity has already been labeled a ‘bottleneck,’ and as end users increasingly adopt hybrid IT and cloud strategies we expect to see connectivity labeled as a minefield, in particular for enterprise users. Peering, interconnection, direct and cross connects, and cloud ecosystems – services and product sets offered around these are increasingly becoming a dime a dozen, but what does each mean? More importantly, what benefit can they bring to those who adopt these ways of using the network, and where do the risks in each strategy lie?

In the European Services presentation on Connectivity in a Cloud-Enabled World, we will provide a look at the meaning behind each term and offer some guidance on the risks and rewards. We will also highlight some of the trends being seen across the hosting and colocation market today that place connectivity in the limelight in terms of service provision and how new technologies and approaches could affect the delivery of network services in the future.

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