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Brett Azuma, SVP of Research, will serve as the conference chair for the 2016 Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit. Recently, Brett took some time to examine both the strategic and technical aspects of transformation, which will be central to this year‚Äôs theme of Business Disruption in the Age of Cloud. Below, we‚Äôve paraphrased some of his discussion points and the potential this holds for the service provider community. For more, watch the webinar in full, and register today to be a part of HCTS.  

Disruption has been growing in frequency over the past few years to the point where organizations can be divided into two buckets: those being disrupted and those about to be disrupted. Several factors have led to this change including, but not limited to, lower barriers of entry, improved flow of information, divergent competitive business models and accelerating customer-adoption rates.

Which new technologies have accelerated disruption?

¬∑         Cloud has increased the ability to move and evolve more quickly. The question for enterprises is no longer why should I put it in cloud, but why shouldn‚Äôt I?

¬∑         DevOps has added agility, speed and flexibility to the deployment scheme, allowing for changes to be made more quickly.

¬∑         Internet of Things (IoT) is far more visible than some of what we‚Äôve seen with cloud; however, it wouldn‚Äôt be possible without cloud. IoT allows us to gather more information and could also be referred to as the ‚Äúintelligence of things.‚Äù

Amid this disruption is a huge opportunity and obligation for service providers. Enterprises are starving for guidance on how to go through this transformation and need service providers to provide it. It becomes their responsibility to help enterprises move forward in order to usher in this new age.

To hear more about the impact of transformation in this new business environment, watch Brett‚Äôs webinar in full, and register today to be a part of HCTS. 
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