Business of Cloud, Datacentre & Hosting Summit Returns to London this April

Business of Cloud, Datacentre & Hosting Summit Returns to London this April
451 Research will host its 2nd annual Business of Cloud, Datacentre & Hosting Summit on 6 April in London. In order to find out more about how BCDH has developed and what you can look forward to, we sat down with Rory Duncan, Conference Chair and Research Director, European Services, at 451 Research.

@451Research: Hi Rory, thanks for chatting with us today. As this is the second time around, how has the event evolved, and what can attendees expect?

@RoryD451: We covered a lot of topics during the inaugural event last year, and this helped us get some great input from attendees about what they would like to see more of. While 451 analysts will continue to provide insights into the implications of changes in the market, this year, we will be taking a focused 'how to' approach – both in our keynotes and panel sessions. We plan to show where demand is coming from, and what service providers can do to respond. Investment firms will also get more insight into what decisions need to be made and how this will affect service provider business models.

@451Research: What are the major issues and challenges currently facing the service provider community? How will BCDH explore and address these?

@RoryD451: Something that has probably become more acute is the differentiation challenge. Service convergence and bundling continues to confuse many potential clients. How do service providers stand out from the crowd? What can they do to keep customers loyal? How do they attract new ones? What kinds of investments should they make in their core business, as well as in the cloud ecosystem around them? These challenges do not exist in isolation, though: the context is all-important, particularly so in Europe. Data protection and compliance is a significant issue for many service providers following the nullification of the EU/US Safe Harbor agreement. The conservative nature of business investment can also be a limiting factor, particularly given the static economic growth across much of the EU. BCDH will explore and quantify these challenges, providing an analysis of risk vs. reward, organic vs. inorganic growth, and internal vs. external investment.

@451Research: Who would find the greatest value in attending?

@RoryD451: C-level executives will definitely benefit the most from BCDH. The MTDC, hosting, managed services and cloud service provider sectors will gain a lot from the sessions, as well as from the interactions with members of the investment and legal community who will be present. While BCDH does not have specific technical content, we will be outlining key trends, hot technology topics and what implications their introduction will have.

@451Research: Can you give us a preview of your keynote and the other sessions?

@RoryD451: This year, we are calling out the importance of cloud ecosystem development, and this forms the framework for the entire day. We will offer suggested strategies for partnering, portfolio development and go-to-market activities that service providers can use to plan their cloud business. We are not seeking to be prescriptive. The 'one size fits all' approach does not work. We will reflect on the fact that we are still in the early stages of cloud service adoption on a massive scale, and there is a lot to be learnt from the experiences of panelists and attendees alike.

@451Research: Anything else that you think potential attendees should be aware of?

@RoryD451: Yes – this is a great opportunity to take advantage of some 1:1 time with a 451 analyst. An informal meeting can be scheduled in advance, providing an opportunity to have a chat about some of the challenges you have faced and the kinds of insights you may be looking for. Our 451 Advisors team will also be on hand if you have a specific business challenge you are seeking to get input on.

@451Research: Rory, thanks again for taking the time to speak with us. It sounds like there is a lot to explore and discuss in April.

If you are interested in attending BCDH, please find more information on our event website, and apply online today!
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