To the Cloud and Beyond! One CIO shares his journey

We are excited to announce that Scott Strickland will present our “CIO Best Practice Case Study” at the Cloud Computing Executive Summit in New York next month. As Global CIO for Denon + Marantz Group, a producer of consumer electronics, Scott has led the charge on the company’s almost four-year path to reach their current cloud solution. We spoke with Scott recently for a preview of what he’ll share on March 8.

@451Research: Hi Scott, thanks for joining us. I found a profile you did a few years where you laid out the “challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013.” Three years later, do you think the same challenges still exist and what new ones have come about?

SS: Two of the main challenges have been addressed: the social space has matured so that businesses can see use cases for it and we have found good vendors who do not just sell us services but can partner with us. The biggest new challenge is the continuing increase in expectations of our user base – the “consumerization of IT” if you will. Users expect enterprise IT applications to work like applications on their iPhone or Android and grow increasingly frustrated when they do not.

@451Research: How has your role evolved in the age of cloud?

SS: My role – and my team’s responsibilities – have become more business centric. Leveraging the cloud has allowed me to change some of the roles in my organization from a technology focus to more of a business analyst or business partner responsibility. In addition, it has allowed us to “keep up” with Marketing and Engineering by offering cloud based solutions that are faster to deploy and easier to maintain.

@451Research: Without giving away too much of your presentation, why did you decide on a hybrid cloud solution?

SS: The types of applications and business processes we are supporting necessitated a bi-modal solution (public and private clouds). Over the course of the next three years, I believe the applications in the private cloud will become public cloud enabled and we will migrate to a completely public cloud – or find applications that enable us to do so.

@451Research: Can you describe how the cloud (and other innovations in technology) has helped to shape your new product offerings? Anything on the horizon you can share with us?

SS: Our newest products – HEOS – are networked enabled speakers that connect to cloud. Hundreds of thousands of these units have been deployed and our back end infrastructure has scaled flawlessly to support the deployment.

@451Research: What are you most looking forward to about presenting and attending the Summit?

SS: I am looking forward to hearing how what has “driven” other companies to the cloud – is it flexibility? Cost? Scalability? Security? Each company has their own reason.

@451Research: Thanks again Scott, we look forward to learning about your “journey to the cloud” on March 8!

Want to hear more from Scott and other industry speakers? A limited number of seats are still remaining to join a high-level group of IT professionals at the Cloud Computing Executive Summit on March 8. Apply for your place today! 



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