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The Cloud Computing Executive Summit on March 8 in NYC is rapidly approaching, and we recently spoke with Jon Kissane from NetApp, our event’s Platinum sponsor. As SVP, Chief Strategy Officer & General Manager, Cloud Business, Jon has many observations and experiences that he is looking forward to discussing with other attendees next week. Jon and other NetApp staff will be available at the event to meet with delegates, as well as present and facilitate group discussion.

@451Research: Hi, Jon. Thanks so much for speaking with us today. As you know, the overarching theme of our summit is looking at Digital Transformation ‚Äì in your experience, how does transformation improve the user experience? 

JK: Ultimately, I think that transformation is about three things. It is empowering end users to be more agile and quicker to achieve their goals, for both business and the consumer. That‚Äôs a huge piece of what digital transformation is ‚Äì being better and faster. In the end, this helps the customer move with greater agility and reduce downtime. 

It’s also internal-facing, something the customer may not even see, but it’s still providing valuable ROI. Lastly, it opens up new market opportunities to put together technology business blocks, including the cloud, which can open up new areas.

Cloud’s role is to empower businesses to provide end users with superior experiences, greater performance and improved services. We have seen this across industries: automobiles, media, financial services – for example, we have seen that banks and other organizations can come up with new services and offerings quickly.

@451Research: Which option do you see the most movement in – public, private or hybrid cloud? Has this changed in the past few years, and do you foresee any shifts on the horizon?

JK: The rise of public cloud offerings has definitely created a paradigm shift. The options were either to adopt a public cloud or to adopt the private cloud by using a public cloud model. Today, we live in a hybrid IT world, where existing IT assets are running on-premises or in hosted environments, and many new systems are being developed and running from the cloud. Hybrid cloud is going to be here for the foreseeable future.

@451Research: What advice would you give to a company that is just beginning to actualize a cloud solution?

JK: There are two pieces here. One, if you’re new to the cloud, you need to find an easy onramp that provides value. We suggest you start your journey with backing up to the cloud, replacing old tape drives with products such as AltaVault. The next step would be to build on that by moving some dev/test workloads to the cloud, using products such as Cloud ONTAP to 'SnapMirror' your data into the cloud, to keep copies both on-prem and on-cloud synchronized. This also allows you to 'cloud burst' up into the cloud.

You also need to make sure that you have a data fabric, which allows a seamless transition of your data. True fabric will allow people to make the best decisions for the ecosystem that they want to take advantage of, as well as the ability to change. The combination of multiple clouds on-prem will empower them to have continued innovation as the industry shifts and evolves.

A true data fabric gives IT the flexibility to choose the right set of resources and the freedom to change them whenever needed.

@451Research: What are you most looking forward to about attending and presenting at the Summit?

JK: It‚Äôs a great crowd of people and great thinking. Ultimately, it‚Äôs the forward application of new thinking, and we want to stay in the mix of that. I‚Äôm enthusiastic to meet everyone in person in the city. 

@451Research: How does participation in industry events like the Executive Summits enrich your business and expand your connections?

JK: The really great thing is direct interactions with customers, being able to share our practices that have been successful and hear their challenges and solutions, as well. That sharing is instrumental. Hearing from industry experts and their latest findings is icing on the cake.

@451Research: Thanks again. We’re looking forward to your interview session with William Fellows next week.
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