What to Expect at the Infrastructure Executive Summit

Simon Robinson, Research Vice President, Voice of the Enterprise Infrastructure and Storage, and Conference Chair for the inaugural 451 Research Infrastructure Executive Summit, takes an in-depth look at what you can expect to learn, discuss and explore by joining us on May 24th in New York. 

The IT industry is experiencing the most fundamental shift in its short history; as every organization moves to the digital era, the relationship between the business and the IT organization is being fundamentally redefined. In particular, the emergence of the public cloud model has presented the industry with a new operating model for IT. Increasingly, the question is not whether the organization will embrace the public cloud but, rather, when, and to what degree? An increasing number of organizations now have a strategy of ‘cloud first.’

This, inevitably, presents some profound questions with regard to the future of traditional, on-premises IT. In an era when a growing number of increasingly critical workloads and applications are moving to off-premises cloud and SaaS-based services, is the incumbent on-premises IT model in terminal decline? Isn’t this an inevitable consequence of the industrialization of the technology market?

These are the core questions driving the agenda and discussion at the forthcoming 451 Research Infrastructure Executive Summit, to be held at the Harvard Club of New York on May 24. This one-day event affords senior IT executives with an opportunity to discuss the critical role that core IT infrastructure must play in order for the on-premises IT model to stay relevant in the cloud era.

Unsurprisingly, there are many that believe that the demise of the on-premise technology market is, to paraphrase Mark Twain, greatly exaggerated. Let’s not forget that total cloud adoption is still tiny compared to the on-premises IT market, and that many organizations, some industries and even entire countries, continue to eschew public cloud models for a variety of reasons.

At the same time, the on-premises tech market is fighting back. With no little irony, much of its strategy is built on the technology principles first harnessed by the cloud giants. Concepts such as web-scale, aggressive hardware standardization and ‘software-defined everything’ that were pioneered by Amazon, Google and others are beginning to creep into the enterprise IT mainstream. Other new operating models and approaches are also being developed for on-premises IT in the era of cloud. The idea of converged infrastructure models is not new, but new ‘hyperconverged’ and ‘composable’ infrastructure models are presenting a real alternative to the incumbent models of technology silos, while new models around DevOps and ‘infrastructure as code’ are presenting application developers with fundamentally new ways of building and consuming infrastructure.

On-premises IT organizations looking to stay relevant in this new era need to bear two things in mind. The first is to look at harnessing infrastructure in new ways. Amid all the hype around software-defined infrastructure, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the fact that hardware-level innovation remains the fundamental enabler of everything from faster processing to lightning-fast storage and interconnects. Initiatives such as cloud, IoT and big-data analytics don't go anywhere without next-generation hardware, and the emergence of technologies such as flash storage, storage-class memory and silicon photonics present us with the chance to move to new deployment models for core infrastructure.

The second consideration is don't deny the role of the public cloud. It's becoming increasingly clear that, for some applications and workloads, public cloud and SaaS models are simply better. So if the future is hybrid, then it becomes increasingly important for on-premises IT to integrate seamlessly with off-premises resources.

The 451 Research Infrastructure Executive summit is designed to help equip senior IT decision-makers with ideas and strategies to navigate this brave new IT world. Whether you are in the process of making the initial decision or currently in the midst of IT transformation, the summit will give you an opportunity to explore the different directions of evolution across the infrastructure domain.

Attendees will learn about the following topics:
- Software-defined infrastructure – how real is it, what are the benefits, and where to start?
- Converged and composable infrastructure ‚Äì understanding these new models for deploying both physical and virtual infrastructure.
- Private and hybrid cloud strategies – what is the optimal combination of on-premises and off-premises infrastructure?
- The emergence of DevOps ‚Äì infrastructure as code, PaaS and the role of containers. 

First and foremost, the summit is structured to foster debate. This interaction will be encouraged by presentations from senior 451 analysts – including Chief Analyst Eric Hanselman and Research Director Donnie Berkholtz – who will present their ideas and opinions on the future of infrastructure. They will also present the latest data from 451’s panel of more than 30,000 IT decision-makers globally. Delegates will get the chance to hear from senior IT decision-maker peers, including the CIO of Tribune Media, David Giambruno, as well as our sponsors, which include Ericsson and SimpliVity. Additionally, delegates will get to dive deeper into the debate with analyst-led Think-Tank discussions, as well as numerous sponsor-led boardroom breakouts. The day will end with a networking reception.

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