China, India set to emerge as cloud powerhouses: The why, how, and when

The competitive landscape of cloud computing in China and India looks very different today than it did a few years ago. Aside from gaining wholehearted support from local governments, positive investment climate has a role to play to ignite market interest and vendor support. While early cloud leaders like Amazon and Salesforce have helped define the evolving marketplace and invited further competition, local players, which used to be hampered by process oversights, are now turning to cloud-based business models and service delivery to reinvent themselves and stay agile as technology innovation collides with reality.

Join Research Director Agatha Poon for a webinar at 11am ET on September 28th as she addresses questions such as:

  • -How does the cloud market shape up in China and India so far?  
  • -What types of cloud services will be important in near future?  
  • -What does it mean for you going forward?

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