Transforming Enterprise IT from Technology Silos to Everything as a Service

How can global organizations like yours transform their IT to meet the ever-changing demands of the cloud age?

Join us on February 18 at 1pm ET to hear how two enterprises changed the way their IT was designed, developed and delivered to adopt a truly digital infrastructure - and demonstrate how it can be applied in your organization!

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IoT: A Look Back at 2015, a Look Forward into 2016 and Beyond

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnected set of intelligent devices and objects designed specifically to enable the virtualization of the physical world. The devices can create new value, services and perspectives from the sharing and analysis of their observations of the world around them. Nearly every type of business that exists today can employ IoT systems to create cost savings and efficiencies or support new business models.

In this webinar, we look into how the Internet of Things market is evolving, with major developments in 2015 and our predictions for 2016. We review the considerable M&A activity in the sector, as well as initial findings of enterprise IoT adoption from 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise. The webinar also previews the key focus areas of 451 Research's Internet of Things research channel for 2016.

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Tech M&A Outlook for 2016

Will 2016 produce more unicorns or unicorpses? Our latest M&A Leaders Survey, conducted jointly between 451 Research & Morrison Foerster, has uncovered a number of tech M&A and valuation trends.  Join us on Thursday, November 12 for insight into today‚Äôs high stakes marketplace, and learn what‚Äôs in store for 2016.

>> Learn more about our tech M&A research here <<

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Upcoming Webinar: Getting to Cloud 2.0

Upcoming Webinar: Getting to Cloud 2.0
Organizations have been working hard to get to new levels of IT innovation, but it’s been tough going. Budget challenges, technology transitions and operational limitations have held many back from what they’d like to achieve. To really gain the upper hand, enterprises have to rethink approaches and move forward to what we’re calling the Business of Cloud 2.0.
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