Calling all analyst relations professionals in London!

Do you work in analyst relations? Will you be in London this week? If yes to both, you're in luck!

We're joining the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) on Tuesday, October 4th for a casual meetup of analyst relations professionals from the greater London area. Our head of marketing, James Stanton, will be joined by analysts William Fellows and Penny Jones to provide a general overview of our research practice and a closer look at individual analyst coverage areas. The discussion will be moderated by IIAR board member Ludovic Leforestier. 

IIAR members can RSVP for the live event hereIf you are not a member of IIAR and want to attend, please contact Maria Ashton, IIAR community manager, at

For those of you who AREN'T in London but want to tune in, IIAR is broadcasting the discussion via a live webinar! Register for the webinar session here.
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