As intelligence becomes pervasive, data becomes the ultimate asset

Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data Platforms & Analytics
John Abbott, Founder & Distinguished Analyst

'Intelligence' is the ability to capture, analyze, understand and act on information, including the ability to recognize patterns, comprehend ideas, plan, predict, problem-solve, identify actions and make faster decisions. Traditionally, business intelligence has almost exclusively involved humans analyzing data generated by enterprise applications. But we are now in the midst of a revolution toward 'Pervasive Intelligence,' fueled by self-service analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning, and business process automation tools and techniques – and enabled by the new economics of generating, storing and processing data.

Pervasive Intelligence has the potential to rapidly change the technology product and services landscape. Vendors that are able to translate data into value will survive and thrive. Those that do not will be left behind. We expect Pervasive Intelligence to be a significant catalyst for the rapid evolution of products and services. Those applications and services with the analytics and AI capabilities to translate data into intelligence will succeed, while those without will fall by the wayside. However, incumbent data platforms and analytics vendors hold the best cards due to their established installed customer bases and their substantial cash reserves, enabling them to acquire potential challengers and invest in research and development.

Pervasive Intelligence Data As The Ultimate Asset
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Gaining 4Sight into the future

The following is an introduction to 4Sight, 451 Research's newly-released research framework. In the coming months, we'll be releasing a series of Spotlights on 4Sight and its major themes--Invisible Infrastructure, Pervasive Intelligence, Universal Risk and Contextual Experience.

Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst
John Abbott, Founder & Distinguished Analyst

It may seem trite to state that the world is changing faster than ever before. That's a natural product of the progression of modern society. But the change that is happening in information technology today has taken on a different character, which requires a different kind of conversation in sorting out its impacts. There are opportunities that necessitate something more than what we've used in the past. There are also existential threats for those that misstep. The 451 Research team has distilled research data, client conversations, and market and technology insight to produce a framework that offers a new way to assess technology's more distant outcomes.

There have to be deeper conversations around where IT is heading, and they have to reflect changes in expectations and perceptions. The old models and ideas leave too much out. The intrusion of cloud services continues to bend plans and buying patterns. Security concerns spur protections, while users try to push them aside. Greater perspective has to be put to work to effectively guide investment and thinking. 451 Research's 4Sight framework can guide thinking around what the future holds and how to make plans for it.

45ight 2018
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